Umar M. Shareef’s Wife and Family

Maryam Shareef is the wife of Umar M. Shareef, a Nigerian music artist, Kannywood actor, and scriptwriter who has been singing for over a decade and has acted in movies regarded as some of the top Hausa movies to watch. The couple have two children – son Aliyu and daughter Hafsat. 

Shareef’s wit, charisma, and the entertaining presentation of roles in movies and music make him prominent. Yet, his career could easily fit as part of his family. This is because his brothers Abdul M. Shareef and Mustapha M. Shareef are both in the entertainment industry, claiming individual fame in movies and music. Here is more about his wife, children, and other famous family members.

Who is Umar Shareef’s Wife and How Did They Meet?

Umar M. Shareef’s wife is Maryam Shareef. She is from the Northern region of Nigeria and practices Islam. She keeps a private profile despite the fame that surrounds her husband.

Maryam has been married to her famous husband for no fewer than 5 years. She may not end up a typical northern or Islamic wife, as Umar has shared that he does not intend to take another wife but to keep their little family together.

There are claims that Umar’s vow to be with only Maryam is related to the heartbreaks he suffered before he met his wife. The music crooner confirmed having been in love with a lady, but because he did not have the confidence to get her attention, he lost all chances with her.

Luckily for him, years down the line, it became favorable to him as he channeled his feelings into his music and songwriting. While he built up his career, he waited for his chance to meet his now wife, Maryam, and did not let her go as he did the previous lady.

Umar Shareef’s Wife Has Been in His Life Before His Fame

For Maryam M. Shareef, getting married to Umar M. Shareef while he was cascading and testing the waters of both music and the movie scenes must not have been an easy fit. Nevertheless, they have held a peaceful and united homefront as far as the public is aware.

Although Umar was exposed to entrainment before he was married to his wife, he became a renowned music and movie sensation after their union. He started to gain recognition for his music in 2017. Over time, he secured his space and became a very popular artist around Nigeria with over 10 albums to his name.

What many do not know is that Umar M. Shareef has collaborated with stars like M.I. Abaga, Teni, Waje, 2Baba, Cobhams Asuquo, and Chidinma. The collaboration was on a song in 2019 under the Independent National Electoral Commission titled “NOT FOR SALE”.

The song further brought Umar Shafeef’s popularity on a national scale and came in handy during the 2019 elections when they encouraged Nigerians to secure their votes and shun violence.

Still part of his life and definitely being a driving force to his success, Maryam again saw her husband rise to start his acting career in 2017. This was shortly after the couple’s wedding and the birth of their son, Aliyu. His first movie was a Hausa film called Mansoor, which was directed by Ali Nuhu and produced by Naziru Danhajiya.

Umar Shareef has acted in several movies since his debut in the Kannywood movie industry with notable English and Hausa star actors such as Rahama Sadau, Yakubu Mohammed, Paul Sambo, Sani Mu, Patrick Doyle, Mofe Duncan, Ali Jita, Adam A. Zango, Ado Gwanja, Nura M. Inuwa and Rabiu Rikadawa among others.

Umar Shareef Has Two Children With His Wife

Umar M. Shareef is the father of two children: Aliyu Irfan Shareef and Hafsat Meenal Shareef. The children were born to the actor and his wife Maryam.

The first child is a son named Aliyu Irfan. He was born around 2014/2015. The boy seems to share a good relationship with his father and graces his social media page often. The second child is a daughter, Hafsat Meenal Shareef. Like her older brother, her privacy is kept in check by their famous father, but she is no visitor to his social media pages.

Umar M. Shareef’s Wife is not the Only Woman the Actor Has Been Linked to

Maryam may have enjoyed a fair share of attention as Umar Shareef’s wife. However, like most celebrities, her husband has had his fair share of fan and media attention, linking him to another woman.

Since Umar started his career, he has been featured in numerous movies with Maryam Yahaya, a Hausa movie actress. Allegations had it that the stars were involved romantically.

Umar M. Shareef shares a certain chemistry with Maryam Yahaya, leading both actors to be featured severally in the same movie. Moreover, it is no secret that he has had a peculiar onset rhythm since his emergence into the movie industry with Maryam, the actress. His first film, Mansoor, featured Maryam Yahaya as a lead actress and other numerous subsequent movies such as Sareena, Hafeez, and Halimatu Sadiya.

Despite the fact that the rumor has been reoccurring and seems to hightail after every movie the actors feature in together, there has been no public reaction from Umar M. Shareef’s wife, Maryam.

Also, Shareef denied the allegations. According to Umar M. Shareef’s account, there was only ever a professional relationship between them.

While the rumor keeps itself alive, it cannot be overruled that both the actress, Maryam Yahaya, and Umar M. Shareef’s wife bear the same name, possibly leading to confusion about their status in his life.

Umar Shareef’s Other Family Members

Umar M. Shareef was born in Kaduna State in the town of Unguwar Yan Kifi, Rigasa LGA, on 18 November 1987. The singer was born into a Muslim family of six children alongside his father and mother.

As in the case of his wife, the actor cum singer keeps his family out of the public’s eye. Yet, it is notable that Umar M. Shareef lost his father in March 2020. His mother, on the other hand, is still alive and living in Kaduna State at the time of this report.

Moving to Umar’s siblings, the actor grew up in the company of his 5 siblings. Interestingly, some of his siblings are also famous and are involved in both the movie and music industries.

Among his famous siblings is his brother Abdul M. Shareef, a Kannywood actor, model, musician, scriptwriter, and producer. He has featured in films such as Mujadala (2018), Izzatu (2020), and Wuff!! (2021).

Umar’s other brothers are Mustapha M. Shareef, an actor, scriptwriter, and producer, and Mukhtar Muhammed Shareef.


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