Meet 2Baba’s Children and His Baby Mamas

2Baba has seven children from three women: Sumbo Ajaba, Pero Adeniyi, and Annie Idibia. His children include Isabella, Olivia, Rose, Zion, Justin, Nino, and Innocent.

2Baba is not just a successful Nigerian artist but also among celebrities that long joined the baby mama trend. Before he finally settled down with his wife, Annie, the sensational singer seemed to have enjoyed raising children from different women just like some other entertainers in the music industry (Davido, Wizkid, Olamide, and many others). Here is everything you would love to know about 2Baba’s children, baby mamas, and wife.

How Many Children does 2face Have?

Best known as 2face or 2Baba, Nigerian singer and record producer Innocent Ujah Idibia currently has seven children – 4 boys and three girls. The 43-year-old singer fathered his children from three women: Sumbo Adeoye, Pero Adeniyi, and Annie Macauley. Outside the confines of marriage, 2Baba had six of his children before he finally went down the aisle with Annie.

Among 2Baba’s children, the only one that was not born out of wedlock is the last child Olivia whom he had with Annie. The couple had their first daughter Isabella before they tied the nuptial knot. However, worthy to note is that 2Baba makes out time for his children and shares an equal cordial relationship with all of them.

Nino Idibia

  • Full Name: Nino Idibia
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 15th January 2006
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Parents: 2Baba and Sumbo Adeoye
  • Education: Chrisland School Lagos
  • Occupation: Student

Nino Idibia is a 18-year-old first son and first child of 2Baba born on 15th January 2006. His mother is Sumbo Adeoye. According to Sumbo, she fell pregnant with Nino at the age of 24. At 18, Nino is a secondary school student at Chrisland School Lagos.

It is interesting to know that the young boy is already following in his father’s footsteps, having mastered the use of musical instruments like a saxophone. In 2016, he was opportune to show off his skills in playing the trumpet in one of his stepfather’s church programs, and in the same year, his school inducted him as The Music Prefect.

In 2017, the young star emerged as the winner of the Best Music Prefect on his school’s graduation day. As a music prefect, Nino has made a lot of presentations on bigger platforms. He is also a soccer enthusiast, model, and Instagram brand influencer.

Zion Idibia

  • Full Name: Zion Idibia
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 29th April 2008
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Parents: 2Baba and Sumbo Adeoye
  • Occupation: Student

Zion is the second son and third child of 2Baba, whom he had with his first baby mama Sumbo Adeoye. Though the internet is not versed with many details about Zion, we know that he was born on 29th April 2008. He lives with his mother and brother in the US and would probably attend the same school as his brother.

After Sumbo had his first child with 2face, his mother persuaded her to live with him to prevent the singer from having more baby mamas. It was during those years of living with him that she took in for the second time and gave birth to Zion.

However, in 2019, Sumbo had to pack out alongside her baby after she realized that 2Baba had already got another woman, Pero Adeniyi as a baby mama. It became apparent that his baby daddy wasn’t ready to change, so she had to return to her parent’s home.

Ehibenzy Rose Idibia

  • Full Name: Ehibenzy Rose Idibia
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 27th April 2006
  • Age: 18 years old
  • Parents: 2Baba and Pero Adeniyi
  • Occupation: Student

Ehibenzy is 2Baba’s first daughter, second child, and first child with Pero Adeniyi. She was born on 27th April 2006, making her 18 years old. Her English name Rose indicates that she is the one named after the singer’s mother, Mrs. Rose Idibia. Going by Ehi’s date of birth, it is obvious that the girl was born while 2baba was still involved with his first baby mama, Sumbo.

Nothing much is known about 2Baba’s first daughter Ehibenzy but considering that she is still a teenager, one can conclude she is still pursuing her academics. The young girl has an Instagram account with the handle @ehi.benzy, where she has uploaded a few of her photos. In 2020, her father took to Instagram to celebrate his daughter on her 14th birthday. He shared cute pictures of the girl alongside a heartwarming caption:

Just like yesterday o. It’s like I just blinked, and My little princess is 14. Wow. The Almighty shall continue 2 guides and protect u, my princess. I’m super proud of u, young woman. Special happy birthday to u, my princess @ehi.benzyy u will do great things, the music star penned.

Justin Agaba Idibia

  • Full Name: Justin Agaba Idibia
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 7th May 2008
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Place of Birth: USA
  • Parents: 2Baba and Pero Adeniyi
  • Education: Howard County USA
  • Occupation: Student

It has since become public knowledge that Pero’s three children are schooling abroad, and Justin is schooling in Howard County, USA. Born on 7th May 2008, Justin Agaba Idibia is 2Baba’s third son and fourth child whom he had with Pero.

The little boy who is in middle school recently made his parents proud when he won an award for academic brilliance from his school. He received The Black Student Achievement Award. On his 13th birthday in 2021, the two parents took to their Instagram pages individually to celebrate their son.

The father of seven described his son as a genius who has made him proud in many ways. On her part, Pero described Justin as her favorite child because of his mature attitude and determination. 2Baba and Pero see their son Justin as one who is destined to be great, and they do the most to lend him all the support he needs.

Innocent Idibia

  • Full Name: Innocent Ejeh Oluwakitan Idibia
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 8th April 2013
  • Age: 11 years old
  • Parents: 2Baba and Pero Adeniyi
  • Occupation: Student

Innocent Ejeh Oluwakitan Idibia is 2Baba’s sixth child, fourth son, and last child with Pero. The boy was named after the singer. The conception of Innocent happened amidst rumors that 2Baba was about to rekindle his love affairs with his old sweetheart, Annie Macauley. During the time, the singer made it clear that Annie was the one he would marry out of his baby mamas.

Innocent was born on 8th April 2013, some months after 2Baba exchanged marital vows with Annie. Pero and 2Baba made headlines following the birth of Innocent because being a newlywed and at the same time having a child outside wedlock is not a trend. Innocent is currently 11 years old and would still be receiving his basic education in one of the best schools in the US.

Isabella Idibia

  • Full Name: Isabella Idibia
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 10th December 2008
  • Age: 15 years old
  • Parents: 2Baba and Annie
  • Occupation: Student, Model, Actress

Born on 10th December 2008, Isabella Ididbia is 2Baba’s second daughter and fifth child who he had with Annie. The duo gave birth to Bella four years before they tied the nuptial knot. At the age of 10, Isabella has already gathered decent fame for herself; she is the most famous of all 2Baba’s children.

The youngster follows in her mother’s footsteps as an actress and model. She made her debut appearance on the set of Mr. X Family Show, starring Nollywood legends like RMD, Chibuike Anyanwu, and Ego Boyo. Isabella has also been bagging endorsement deals. In 2018, an annual charity event, Walk4kids signed her as her brand ambassador.

Moreso, she has won many academic awards like Star Speaker of the Year, Best Diction and Spelling Student, Best Sport Student, three bronze medals in swimming, and a couple of gold medals also in swimming. Her parents are always proud of her and never fail to celebrate every achievement she bags on social media.

Olivia Idibia

  • Full Name: Olivia Idibia
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 3rd January 2014
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Parents: 2Baba and Annie

Olivia Idibia was born on 3rd January 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Currently 10 years old, the little girl is receiving her basic education in one of the prestigious schools in Lagos, Nigeria.

She is 2Baba’s last child and third daughter. Olivia made headlines some time ago after she was admitted to a hospital in Dubai to undergo leg surgery. The surgery was successful, and the girl has since recovered. According to her mother, Annie, Olivia has passed through a lot but is a brave fighter.

She described her as 10 boys in one girl who keeps smiling even while fighting a serious battle. Thanks to their father, who always brings all his children together, they all share a cordial relationship

2Baba Has Three Baby Mamas, Meet Them

Since its already well known that 2Baba’s seven children came from three different women, let’s see who they are below:

Sumbo Adeoye, nee Ajaba

Adesumbo Ajaba was the very first woman that gave 2Baba a child. She prefers to keep a low profile after her affair with the music icon, given that she is now happily married to pastor David Olatunde Adeoye, a General Overseer of Roy Christian Center Lagos, and they together have two children.

Sumbo moved on with her life when it became glaring to her that the singer was not ready to marry her. Meanwhile, Sumbo and 2Baba met while she was an undergraduate at Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH). She became pregnant for him but pinned it to another man who made the man get married to her.

At the baby’s arrival, the child was simply 2Baba’s carbon copy, which immediately led to the crash of the marriage. Sumbo had to return to 2baba’s house, and they started living together. During that time, she gave birth to their second son Zion, but his birth saw the end of their relationship.

Their relationship ended in 2009 after she learned that the music maker had impregnated another woman, Pero. Since then, she has kept a very low profile about her connection with the singer but focuses more on her family with the Lagos pastor.

Pero Adeniyi

Pero Adeniyi is the daughter of Chief Jide Adeniyi, a billionaire businessman and CEO of Poatson Group of Companies. Her father is said to be the first man to own a musical jamboree business in the country. Reports say that Pero was married to a New York-based businessman before she met and fell in love with 2face Idibia.

She abandoned her then-husband and started dating the singer, who, after all, resulted in three children. Pero’s relationship with 2face, which lasted for all seven years, was best described as tumultuous due to the singer’s involvement with other women. Finally, their relationship ended after 2Baba decided to take Annie as his lawfully wedded wife.

But till today, Pero seems to be the one who has a hold on 2face, which had consistently caused brouhaha between the two women. Annie has a problem with 2Baba visiting the children he had with Pero. She once indirectly called Pero out when she made a suggestive post on social media about women who use their children against their fathers.

However, the two women who were always at war with public exhibitions of beef seemingly reconciled in 2018 at an event held at Crescendo Lounge, Ikeja Lagos. Pero has since moved on with her life, living in the US with her three children.

2Baba Finally Married His Third Baby Mama, Annie Macauley

Annie’s involvement with the Afropop singer first became public knowledge in 2004 when he featured her in his hit song African Queen. Going by reports, however, the couple had known themselves far before the singer became popular. But their relationship was going off and on and off again all through the time the two other baby mamas were in the picture.

The two would later begin a romantic relationship, and in 2008, Annie bore him a daughter Isabella. For the reasons best known to him, even though there are three baby mamas standing, 2Baba decided to legally marry Annie Macauley. On 14th February 2012, he popped the big question at Jay Jay Okocha‘s now-defunct club 10, Victoria Island Lagos.

On 23rd March 2013, they got married in a star-studded wedding ceremony in Dubai. The wedding had in attendance many celebrities from Nigeria and Ghana who came to witness the two long-term lovers finally say I do to each other. The couple has since been holding it up on the home front regardless of challenges that occasionally come between them, especially baby mama issues.

For Annie, marrying a man who has kids from other women is not easy, but she tries to maintain a good relationship between her children and their half-siblings.


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