Top 10 Kannywood Richest Actors

Among the richest Kannywood actors are Ali Nuhu, Adam Zango, and Sani Musa Danja. Kannywood is one larger part of the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, that has continued to soar high when it comes to producing some of the best movies in the country. Over the years, this Hausa-language cinema industry has groomed quite a number of talents that could now stand among the most beautiful and wealthiest in the country. This article brings you a list of the top 10 Kannywood richest actors of the year

The Richest Kannywood Actors

1. Ali Nuhu

  • Net Worth: $1 million
  • Age : 54 years old
  • Active years: 1999- present
  • Other sources of Income: Acting, Movie production, Endorsements
  • Famous for: King of Kannywood

Ali Nuhu Mohammed tops the list of Kannywood’s richest actors with a net worth of $1 million. Ali Nuhu who hails from Maiduguri, Borno State, in north-eastern Nigeria, joined the movie industry in 1999, after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from the University of Jos. His passion for acting made him travel to California where he obtained a college degree in film production and cinematic arts. He also partook in a filming program at the Asian School of Media Studies, New Delhi.

Making his film debut in the Hausa movie Abin Sirri Ne, Ali Nuhu broke boundaries by appearing in both English and Hausa-language movies. He eventually made his big break to the limelight with the drama Sangaya, which became one of the highest-grossing Hausa films at the time.

However, his best movie would be Sitanda, a 2006 Nigerian adventure drama. The drama received 9 nominations and won 5 awards at the 3rd Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2007. His best movies to date also include Banana Island Ghost, Last Flight to Abuja, One Lagos Night, and Dear Affy. The Kannywood actor accumulates much of his net worth from his roles in these movies with his pay per movie role being nowhere below N500,000.

Aside from making huge income from acting, Ali Nuhu also makes income from directing movies. Some of the movies he’s directed include Tsakanin mu, Hauwa Kulu, Karki Manta da ni, Hadima(1&2), and Rabuwa. Stars like him also make meaningful income from brand endorsements. Some of the brands he has endorsed include Glo Nigeria, So Easy Wash detergent, and Ayoola foods, to mention a few. All these aid his accumulation of a jaw-dropping net worth of $1 million, making him the richest Kannywood actor.

2. Adam Zango

  • Net Worth: $900,000
  • Age : 54 years old
  • Active years:  2001- present
  • Other sources of Income: Music, Movie Directing/Producing
  • Famous for: King of Kannywood

Born on August 1, 1985, Adam Abdullahi Zango is the second-richest Kannywood actor and musician.  The Kaduna State-born actor started off as a music composer. Luckily, his career in the music industry brought him to the limelight.

Like his counterparts in the music industry, Zango generates income as a musician from advances, merchandise sales, royalties, licensing fees, and playing live music. He is also believed to make meaningful income from sales, YouTube, Twitch tips, ad revenue, and streaming.

Some of his popular songs include Asin da Asin, Labara, and Soyaya, and some of his latest songs include Kano Dabo, Mamaye, and Wazobia.

Joining Kannywood to become an actor, Adam has seen himself rise in the industry, thanks to his amazing acting talent. His acting talent has seen him appear in films like Yarima, Karamin Sani, Yanayi, and Hurum.

With his appearance in tons of Hausa films, Zango has become a household name in the northern region. He also has won a few awards, including an African Movie Award in London, United Kingdom. The 38 years old musician and actor from Kaduna state also won City People Movie Award for Best Kannywood Hip-Hop Artists of the Year.

Aside from making huge income from acting and singing, Adam Zango also generates income from scriptwriting and as a producer. He also dances and has endorsement deals with companies like MTN and Glo Nigeria.

3. Sani Musa Danja  

  • Net Worth: $800,000
  • Age : 54 years old
  • Active years:  1999 – present
  • Other sources of Income: Acting, Music, Movie Directing/Producing
  • Famous for: King of Kannywood

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Also known as just Sani Danja or Danja, Sani Musa Abdullahi is a popular Nigerian film actor, producer, director, singer, and dancer. He is known for his acting roles in both Kannywood and Nollywood films.

Following his contribution to the growth of the entertainment industry in the north, Danja was in April 2018, turbaned as Zakin Arewa (meaning “lion of the north”), by the Etsu Nupe, Yahaya Abubakar.

Born and raised in Kano State, Danja has an NCE certificate which he obtained from the Federal College of Education Kano. He started acting in the late 90s and is regarded as one of the pioneers of Kannywood. The actor has appeared in numerous films, including Manakisa, Kwarya tabi Kwarya, Jaheed, Nagari, Wasiyya, Harsashi, Gidauniya, Daham, Jarida, Matashiya, and others.

However, he is said to have debuted with the movie students (Dalibai), a film he produced and directed alongside his business partner Yakubu Muhammad. He was responsible for producing `Yaki-taho-yaki’ – largely considered a best-selling Hausa song in the early nineties.

Although the exact amount Sani Musa Abdullahi makes per movie role has not been revealed, it is said that the Kannywood movie industry pays its workers anywhere from half a million to a million; depending on the nature of the movie. This is huge enough to influence his net worth, making him one of Kannywood’s richest actors

4. Aminu Momoh

  • Net Worth: $500,000
  • Age : 54 years old
  • Active years:  1999- present
  • Other sources of Income: Scriptwriting, Movie Directing/Producing
  • Famous for: Ukuba’

Also known as Aminu Aliyu Shariff, Aminu Momoh is a Kannywood actor, filmmaker, director, TV personality, and magazine editor. He hails from Galadanci in Kano state and he began his journey into the movie industry in 2009. Some of his notable movies include Guguwa, Tuwon Kasa, Kishiya ko ‘Yar Uwa, Ana Wata Ga Wata, Kayar Ruwa, and Rumana, to mention a few.

Aminu’s efforts in the movie industry have earned him notable awards as well as financial income. While the exact amount he receives per movie role has not been communicated to the public, we know it’s enough to influence his current net worth of about $500,000.

Some of the awards the actor has won in his acting career of over one decade include the Arewa Film Award for best actor; Afro-Hollywood Award, Kano State Censorship Award, and City People Entertainment Awards, all for the best actor in the Hausa films category.

5. Sadiq Sani Sadiq 

  • Net Worth: $400,000
  • Age : 54 years old
  • Active years:  2001- present
  • Other sources of Income: Music, Movie Directing/Producing
  • Famous for: ‘Beats of pain’

Also considered as one of  Nigeria’s best-dressed celebrities, the multiple award-winning actor Sadiq makes it on our list of Kannywood’s richest actors with his net worth estimated at $400,000 which is roughly ₦185 million.

Sadiq Sani is a talented actor whose success is a source of inspiration to many young Hausa actors.  Born on February 2, 1981, the Nigerian actor grew up in Jos, Plateau state capital and he is lauded as one of the pioneers of Kannywood.

The actor had a diploma in journalism before venturing into film acting. He made his break to the limelight in 2012 when he was cast in Blood and Henna, a Nigerian film that narrates the ordeal of the 1996 Pfizer Clinical Test in Kano state.

The film which was directed by Kenneth Gyang along with Nafisat Abdullahi, has Sadiq sharing the screen with some of the industry’s best actors. The film received six nominations and one win at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards, giving Sadiq and his colleagues a major boost to their acting career

Sadiq’s first film was ‘Nas’; his second was an English film, ‘Beats of Pain’. Other films featuring him include ‘Masarufi’, ‘Haraba’, ‘Su’al’, ‘Haula’, ‘Sarki’, ‘Ga Zara Ga Wata’, ‘Maryam Diyana’, ‘Yan Uwan Juna’, ‘Dan Marayan Zaki’, ‘Adamsy’, and ‘Hadarin Gabas’.

He has also received a number of awards and nominations including the best actor in the Juror’s award category at the 2015 Kannywood Awards organized by MTN Nigeria. In 2014 and 2017, he was nominated as the best actor at the City People Entertainment Awards.

Also known as Gambo Uban-Tani, Sadiq in 2012, created a niche for himself and registered his name among the A-list stars after earning HENNA-BALL awards as Kannywood’s best actor. His appearance in over 50 films along with the numerous brand endorsement deals from giant companies has helped him build an enviable net worth

6. Nuhu Abdullahi 

  • Net Worth: $400,000
  • Age : 54 years old
  • Active years:  2009 – present
  • Other sources of Income: Movie Production, Politics
  • Famous for: ‘Labarina’

Next on our list of the wealthiest Kannywood actors is Nuhu Abdullahi Balarabe, a renowned actor, and movie producer whose skills in the film industry earned him the City People Entertainment Awards for best-supporting actor in Kannywood in 2015. Nuhu has proven his acting skills not only in Hausa-language films but also in Nollywood movies.

The 54 years old filmmaker from Kano state, started off as a film producer in 2009, and in a short period of time he was already carving a niche for himself in the industry as one of its finest producers

Some of his movies as a producer include Ta leko ta koma, Baya da Kura, Mafarin Tafiya, Mugun Zama, Rana Tara, Fulanin Asali, Kuskurena, Ana Wata ga Wata, Mujarrabi, and many more. Some of the English-speaking movies featuring him include ‘Thorny’, ‘There is a Way’ and ‘Light and Darkness’.

When Nuhu decided to diversify his talent to include acting, he then made his first movie appearance in a Hausa movie Ashabul Kahfi. He, however, gained fame and possibly a better financial income after playing a role in one of the blockbuster movies call Kanin Miji.

Aside from acting and film production, Nuhu Abdullahi also generates income from his political career. Although he is yet to take any known political position, the actor claims that he joined politics to support candidates whom he believes have what the people need. For instance, in 2019, he was the convener of ‘Kannywood for PMB 2019,’ a Buhari ‐ Oshinbajo Presidential Campaign Support Group consisting of actors and actresses in the Hausa movie industry.  This, of course, could have generated much income to boost his net worth.

7. Dauda Kahutu Rarara 

  • Net Worth: $200,000
  • Age : 54 years old
  • Active years:  2012 – present
  • Other sources of Income: Music, Politics, and social media influencing
  • Famous for: Leading President Muhammad Buhari’s 2015 music campaign

Dauda Kahutu, also known as Rarara, is one of the richest and very influential actors in Kannywood. He was born in Kano on September 13, 1986, and hails from Katsina. He is more recognized as a singer than an actor. However, his contribution to movie-making is still significant.

While making a meaningful income from movies, the Kannywood talent often sings for politicians during events and he has showcased his talent on many political platforms, including for Nigeria’s All Progressive Congress (APC) party members in the 2015 Nigerian general election.

Rarara has been singing for many years. His songs are mostly used in Hausa films some of which he features, though in minor characters. His big break, however, came in 2015 after singing for Nigeria’s President Muhammad Buhari upon his victory in the presidential election that year.

He was later appointed as the National Director of Music for the Buhari 2019 Presidential Support Committee. Some of Dauda’s famous songs include; Buhari Ya Dawo, Baba Buhari Dodar, Masu Gudu-su-Gudu, and Kano to Gandujace.

Also considered a strong social media influencer, Dauda has leveraged his large social media popularity to land significant gigs in the political space and in turn, earned lots of money amounting to millions. In September 2020, he caused a stir on the internet when he solicited funds from his fans for the release of a praise song he made for President Buhari.

This simple move reportedly earned him a whopping 50 million naira or more within 48 hours. This, of course, makes a huge impact on his financial growth, landing him on the list of Kannywood’s richest

8. Yakubu Mohammed

  • Net Worth: $43000
  • Age :54 years old
  • Active years:  1998- present
  • Other sources of Income: Music, scriptwriting, and Brand Endorsements
  • Famous for: Hosting ‘The Noble Icon’

Mr. Yakubu Mohammed is undoubtedly one of Kannywood’s best. Although he is not included in the list of the top five Kannywood richest actors, he is sure one of the seasoned actors of repute and a household name in both Kannywood and Nollywood.

Yakubu Mohammed has made huge amounts of money in the course of his acting career which he began in 1998. The 54 years old actor from  Bauchi state has appeared in over 50 films in both Hausa and English languages. He started off as a scriptwriter and while working with various movie producers, he discovered his passion for acting.

Mohammed made his first movie appearance in 2013, with the Hausa movie ‘Gabar Cikin Gida’, sharing the screen with the industry’s famous actor Sani Musa Danja. His debut English-speaking film is Sons of the Caliphate  – a political thriller drama television series that also features actors like Mofe Duncan, Rahama Sadau, and Patrick Doyle.

Mohammed was also featured in MTV’s Shuga and Genevieve Nnaji‘s Lionheart –  both of which earned him several nominations and awards such as the City People Entertainment Awards and Nigeria Entertainment Awards.  Some of Mohammed’s best movies also include 4th Republic, My Village Bride, Make Room, Da Kai Zan Gana, Soyayya Da Shakuwa, and Shu’uma (The Evil Woman), to mention a few.

Aside from making huge incomes from acting and filmmaking,  Yahaya Mohammed also generates income from brand endorsements from giant companies like Glo Nigeria. He is also a United Nations SDG Ambassador and the host of a popular TV show, The Noble Icon.

9. Umar Shereef

  • Net Worth: $40,000
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Active Years: 2007 till date
  • Other Sources of Income: Music, Adverts
  • Famous for: Love songs

Umar Shereef makes it on our list of Kannywood’s richest actors with a net worth estimated at $40,000 or N18 million. The 42 years old Kaduna state native was born on February 10, 1982, and he began his career as a singer in the early 2000s. He then rose to prominence in 2007 following his roles in many notable Kannywood movies.

Being one of the richest musicians in Kannywood, he makes most of
his money from acting as well as his music career.  Some of his songs include Ta Kamani, Odo, Kina Nesa, Saina, Maryana, and more. The actor also makes meaningful income from his Youtube channel where he posts his songs and garners millions of views.

In 2019, he collaborated with other music stars like 2face Idibia, Waje, Teni, and Cobhams, to release a song that sensitized the public against selling their votes. Though the exact amount he generated from the musical collaboration with the Independence Electoral Commission, INEC, is unknown, it is sure enough to influence his current net worth.

10. Lilin Baba

  • Net Worth: $33,000
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Active Years: 2016 to date
  • Other Sources of Income: Music, Adverts
  • Famous for: Hauwa Kulu

Professionally known as LilinBaba, Shu’aibu Ahmed Abbas born (born 1 January 1992), is a professional actor best known for his debut movie Hauwa Kulu, for which he was nominated for Arewa Most Promising Music Act of the Year at the 2018 City People Entertainment Awards.

Lili only joined the movie world in 2016 and it is surprising how far he has come to be associated with the richest in the industry. No doubt, his outstanding skills in interpreting every role given to him enabled him to excel in the Hausa Entertainment industry.

Lili made his big break to the limelight in 2021, when he produced a movie titled “WUFF”. The movie had him sharing the screens with Ummi Rahab, Ali Nuhu, Sani Musa Danja, and other actors in Kannywood.

Lilin Baba who is also a singer, songwriter, record executive, film actor, and entrepreneur is also known for his role in his debut movie titled Hauwa Kulu. His work in the industry has earned him awards including the 2019 Arewa Best RnB Music Act of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards. His acting, singing, and other entrepreneurial activities in the entertainment industry have also helped to elevate his net worth.

A recap of the top 10 Kannywood Richest Actors

  1. Ali Nuhu  – $1 million
  2. Adam Zango – $900,000
  3. Sani Musa Danja  – $800,000
  4. Aminu Momo – $500,000
  5. Sadiq Sani Sadiq – $400,000
  6. Nuhu Abdullahi – $400, 000 dollars
  7. Dauda Kahutu Rarara -$200,000
  8. Yakubu Yahaya – $43 000
  9. Umar Sherif $40,000
  10. Lilin Baba



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