Is Teni Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Teni is not married, nor does she have a husband. She is known for teasing her fans with relationship or marriage pictures and videos on her social media handles.

Teni, whose real name is Teniola Apata, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter famous for her song Case, which shot her to global fame. The musician started her professional music career in 2016 but gained fame in 2018 for her singles Askamaya, Case, and Uyo Meyo.

Since her rise to stardom, she has been climbing the ladder of success in her music career. Having gained fame, her love life has become a center of attraction as many people want to know who the lucky guy is.

Who Is Teni’s Husband?

Teni has never been married, nor does she have a husband. The singer is known for teasing her fans with wedding pictures or romantic pictures. In July 2022, the singer set the internet in a frenzy with a picture where she was putting on an engagement ring, stating in her caption that she couldn’t keep it anymore. She shared another photo of her hand locked with the man’s hand, showing off their engagement ring.

The singer further uploaded a picture where she was waiting on a make-up chair to be glammed. In addition, she made tongues wag and jaws drop on Instagram with a picture where she was dressed up in a beautiful wedding gown. Many took to her Instagram page to congratulate her, while others speculated that it might be a preparation for one of her music videos.

According to reports, she once talked about being in a relationship in 2019. She stressed that she would not reveal who the lucky guy was to avoid unnecessary drama. It remains unknown if they are still an item as she has kept mute about her relationship since after her revelation.

In 2020, she made another revelation via her Twitter handle, stating that she has been with her boyfriend for seven years, yet he hasn’t proposed. She made this statement days after posting that her mother asked when she would get married. This got the attention of many fans as they wondered if she was talking about her imaginary boyfriend or the King of Afrobeats.

Men That Teni Has Been Allegedly Linked To

For someone like the Case crooner who has gained fame in her career, rumors are not bound to come. Below are the men she has been reportedly linked to:


Speculations once came up that Teni and the King of Afrobeats, Wizkid, were an item. These claims came up after she had a sit down with Falz on Flytime Promotions’ The Journey. During the chat, the rapper asked her who her manfriend was. Teni stated that she has been dating her boyfriend for some time and doesn’t want to come out publicly.

She further stated that she was dating Wizkid, but he was unaware they were dating. After the rapper persuaded her to be serious with her response, she stood firm and added that they were dating in real life and in the dream. However, even with the answer, one can see that it is one of her big jokes about her relationship. Nevertheless, her revelations still raised dust.

At some point, when the rumors were at their peak, the singer came out to joke about Wizkid taking her virginity. Another scenario that made people spread rumors about them occurred in December 2019, after Wizkid attended and performed at her concert in Lagos.

The King of Afrobeats took to his Twitter handle to praise him, stating that the previous night he was at his baby’s live concert. Teni, on her part, thanked him via her Twitter, calling him baby. She later revealed that the claims about dating were a prank and that she wasn’t serious about it.

Since the rumors of the musician dating Teni have been circulating the internet, Wizkid has not made any comments to accept or deny the claims. The singer has collaborated with Wizkid in releasing songs. The King of Afroberts once teased his fans with a video of himself vibing to his collaboration with her. Teni has also performed at concerts hosted by him.

She Has Been Linked To A Mystery Man

Teni is one of the few Nigerian female artists that doesn’t enjoy making her private life known to the public. Reports have it that the singer is dating a man whose identity was not revealed. In 2020, she seemed to be over her alleged boyfriend after setting the internet buzzing as she uploaded pictures and videos of herself with him.

She seems to be trying her best to make him happy, as seen in her videos and pictures. In one of the pictures, the singer was seen in a romantic position with him, and the scene made it look like they were kissing. She further uploaded videos that showed her dancing, twerking, and giving him a lapdance while he played a game.

In another video, she was in a cozy position with him and stated that 30 minutes wasn’t enough for her, which fans translated to sex time. Since it was the time of the Covid-19 lockdown, she looked like she had found it all as she spent quality time with him. Despite the pictures that are seen as proof, the singer never confirmed or denied that she was actually in a relationship with the mystery man or one of her antics.

The Singer Declared That She Is Single For The Summer in 2022

It is no doubt that Teni is someone who loves to pull stunts on people. A few days before she uploaded pictures on her Instagram that showed her fully dressed in wedding attire with a ring on her finger, she made a shocking revelation. On July 22, 2022, the singer took to her Instagram handle to state that she was single for the summer.

This statement came as a shock to many fans who never knew what her relationship status had been. It has also kept fans wondering if it’s just for the summer or if she doesn’t want to go into any relationship. The singer being someone that loves to tease her fans makes it impossible for one to pin down her relationship status.

Though some people have taken her word to heart, some see it as one of her antics to tease her fans and get their attention. However, the singer is not married, nor is her relationship status certain, as it is unknown if she is dating.


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