Who Was Murphy Afolabi’s Wife and Where Is His Family?

Deenat Animashaun was Murphy Afolabi’s wife. He had more than one woman who bore him children, but the names of the other women aren’t known. The late actor has three children who do not share the same mother.

Murphy Afolabi was a Nigerian actor, producer, and director born in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. Unfortunately, Murphy Afolabi passed away on May 14, 2023. He had three children: two boys named Afolabi Olamilekan and Okikiola Afolabi, and a girl named Afolabi Fathia Moyosore. He may have been married but he kept his wife and family away from social media. This is why it is difficult to identify who his wife is. He had his children from different mothers.

The late actor had been linked to many women in the past but he debunked those rumours. This piece will give you all there is to know about Murphy Afolabi’s wife, the women in his life, and the children he left behind.

Murphy Afolabi’s Wife’s Picture

Deenat Animashaun is Murphy Afolabi’s wife and the mother of his daughter Fathia Moyosore. She also has a career in the entertainment industry. Mrs. Afolabi is an actress, a movie producer, and a coordinator. She is one of the women who gave Murphy children.

However, the names and identities of the other women are unknown to the public. They may be his wives or baby mamas.

Murphy Afolabi’s Family

Murphy Afolabi’s family includes his wife, Deenat Animashaun, his daughter – Fathia Moyosore, and his sons, Afolabi Olamilekan and Okikiola Afolabi. Just like other actors and celebrities, Murphy kept his private life away from the public. He only shared pictures of moments with his daughter once in a while.

To this end, many conclude that he was not married while others think he had many women. The late actor has three children, two boys and a girl. While some sources say he had more. Below are the family members of Murphy Afolabi.

Murphy Afolabi’s Father

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Murphy Afolabi’s father, Fabunmi Afolabi, was the past Araba of Osogbo. He was one of the top Chief Priests in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. Murphy’s father wanted him to become an Ifa priest and he sent him to learn Ifa under Ifaniyi Omoyemi in Oyo State. After learning, he did not go on to become an Ifa priest. He put his ideas into the theatre and used it in movies.

Who Are Murphy Afolabi’s Children?

Murphy Afolabi had three children, two sons, and a daughter. They are Afolabi Olamilekan, Afolabi Fathia Moyosore, and Okikiola Afolabi. As we mentioned earlier, these children have different mothers. Below are the children of the late actor.

Murphy Afolabi’s Son

Murphy Afolabi’s Son

The late Murphy Afolabi has two sons, Afolabi Olamilekan and Okikiola Afolabi. His first son had an issue with him which caused a strain in their relationship. At his burial, Murphy’s first son wished he was forgiven by his father before his death. He asked for his forgiveness amidst tears.

Not much is known about the second son and the mother of the two boys. We are not sure whether the two boys share the same mother or not.

Murphy Afolabi’s Daughter

Afolabi Fathia Moyosore is Murphy Afolabi’s daughter. Her mother is Deenat Animashaun, Murphy Afolabi’s wife. She graduated from secondary school in July 2023, barely two months after her father’s tragic death. During her father’s burial, she cried uncontrollably and said she would miss him.


What Happened To Murphy Afolabi?

Murphy Afolabi, a popular Yoruba actor and filmmaker, passed away on May 14, 2023, after falling in the bathroom at his house in Ikorodu, Lagos.

What Killed Murphy Afolabi?

Murphy Afolabi died from injuries sustained from a fall in his bathroom. The actor reportedly fell in his bathroom and smashed his skull on the floor. Many of his coworkers have posted condolences on social media in honor of the outstanding actor.


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