Is Rahama Sadau Married To Sadiq Sani Sadiq?

Rahama Sadau is not married to Sadiq Sani Sadiq, as Sadiq’s wife is Murja Shema, the younger sister of politician and former governor of Katsina, Ibrahim Shehu Shema. 

Despite the fame that Rahama Sadau has garnered over time, she is notable for shielding the men in her life. Regardless, we have been able to make some interesting findings about her life linked to Sani Sadiq, Adam A. Zangi, and numerous others while also paying keen attention to who she is currently dating and when she will be married. Read through to find out.

The Truth About Rahama Sadau’s Relationship With Sani Sadiq

Sometime in 2018, Rahama shared pictures of herself and Sani on Instagram. The public was quick to claim that the highly-ranked Kannywood actors were in a romantic relationship

However, it turned out that the pictures were work-related. The following year (2019), the rumor continued, and it was revealed again that the two were closer than just friends. Likewise, pictures of them looking like a typical Northern Nigerian couple surfaced on the internet.

It was similarly alleged that the actors were married at the time. However, it was later claimed that the pictures were from a movie. Also, in 2020, there were more rumors as the supposed couple worked closely on the Kannywood box office-breaking film Mati a Zazzau. They produced the film, and in many instances, pictures of them on set surfaced on the internet, and the rumor further took charge.

From what we know, Rahama and Sadiq Sani Sadiq have a very close working relationship and may also be friends. As actors, they have appeared in many romantic films, and their great interpretation of roles has contributed to the belief that they may be more than just colleagues.

Based on the premise we have set here that the actors are not married, one may wonder how they became so close. Well, reports have it that the actors have known each other even before they became famous in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, since they are some of the most sort-after Hausa actors, it is not out of place that they work closely and appear in the same films.

In any case, and amid the tales about a possible romance, one certain aspect of Sadiq’s life is that he married Murja Shema in 2013. This was long before the allegations that he and Sadau might be romantically involved.

Who is Sadiq Sani Sadiq’s Wife?

Murja Shema is Sani Sadiq’s wife. She is a renowned event planner and the younger sister of Nigerian politician and former governor of Katsina State, Ibrahim Shehu Shema.

Murja and Sani were married in 2013 in an elaborate and extravagant wedding ceremony that lasted three weeks. The wedding featured many activities, as in the case of many northern Nigeria weddings. Part of the ceremony includes Fatiha, Nikah, Kamu, Walima, and a henna party. According to a report, the ceremony started on March 2, 2013.

The couple has welcomed two children – a son and a daughter. In March 2023, they celebrated their ten years in matrimony and flooded their individual Instagram pages with pictures and captions of love and gratitude.

Who is Rahama Sadau Currently Dating?

The actress keeps her private life, especially her relationship life, away from the media. It is, however, widely known that she is not in any relationship as of this recording. However, she once shared a picture of herself and an elderly man and added the caption “Better Boyfriend”.

The picture raised a debate as netizens went back and forth, questioning if she was dating the man. Others thought that Rahama and the older man had a resemblance. Hence, they suggested that the man could be her father or another relative.

After a prolonged search and going through comments, it is evident that the man in the picture is Rahama’s father and not her older boyfriend, as suggested.

Away from that, Sadau has often been called out for not being married and for probably not having a known relationship with any man. Others imply that her numerous controversies may be one of the reasons why there’s no known man in her life. Some of these controversies are linked to her mode of dressing and some roles she takes in Nollywood.

Several people think that she does not dress as a Muslim woman and takes roles that may not sit well with some people. The claim is that many men would not want to settle down with her. This does not seem to be true as the actress opened up that she was not desperate in search of a husband. Also, it has been reported that she had earlier disclosed that she does not have the intention of leaving her career for marriage.

She Allegedly Had an Affair with Adam A. Zango

Rahama and Adam A. Zango were at a time rumored to be dating after close-up pictures of the actors flooded the internet.

Well, the relationship did not turn out true as both celebrities have defined their connection as friendship. Sadau has even gone as far as calling Zango her best friend.

Yet, there were allegations that Zango had made sexual advances at Rahama, but she never gave in. She made a claim in an Instagram post, after which she deleted it and apologized. According to Premium Times, there was an anonymous report that, indeed, Zango asked for sex in exchange for roles from Sadau.

Zango denied the allegations and claimed that another actor Ali Nuhu was a part of the allegations. Hence, he (Zango) cut ties with Ali.

Looking into another aspect of Adam A Zango’s relationship timeline, the actor has been married six times, and none was ever to Rahama. At the time of this report, the actor is married to Safiya.

 Rahama Sadau
Rahama and Adam Zango (Image Source)

30 Years Old Rahama Almost Became a Bride at 13

The Gani Ga Wane actress is not married at the time of this writing. Regardless, she shared that she almost married when she was only 13 years old. However, her mother did not believe in child marriage as practiced in many parts of northern Nigeria. Also, her mother wanted the actress and her sisters to go to school and achieve what they wanted; hence she stopped the marriage.

This, among other things, has pushed Rahama to be an advocate against child marriage. She encourages girl child education and agitates for women to take up careers.


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