Selina Tested: Where to Watch the Full Episodes

Selina Tested is an action-packed drama series that follows the lives of two men named Chiboy and Aboy. Manuchim Praiz, alias Odogwu, wrote and produced this action thriller that is available to watch on YouTube under the production of Lightweight Entertainment.

Using Pidgin English as its medium of communication, the show delves into several vices in society, addressing issues such as cultism, gun violence, drug misuse, murder, kidnapping, and so on. Chiboy and Aboy played the main characters in the film set in a small town known as Holy Ground, also known as Ama.

When was Selina Tested Release Date?

The first episode of Selina Tested was released in April 2021. It was first made available on YouTube, the most popular internet streaming channel. The drama series has remained at the top of the trending list on YouTube Nigeria since its release. So far, the Port Harcourt-based production has amassed a large and devoted following. Many viewers have been won over by the show’s amusing pidgin slang, such as ‘Your face show, your shoe shine.’

Interestingly, many of the series’ viewers can easily relate to it because it shows their daily life on the street. So far, the first episode has received over 1.6 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most viewed episodes of the series on the platform. Episode 21, which was released in February 2022, has had the most views, with 3.2 million. Episode 24 was released in May 2022 and has already received over 3.1 million views.

Selina Tested was Produced By Lightweight Entertainment

Lightweight Entertainment, a content production company, created the action-packed drama series. Munachim Praiz, commonly known as Odogwu, is the brain and writer of the hit film and the owner of Lightweight Entertainment. The Lightweight Entertainment film industry began in 2020 with the production of comedy videos. So far, they have created various intriguing drama series with Selina Tested, such as Jagaban and Military Street.

Munachim Praiz owns the film production company, Lightweight Entertainment. He is a film producer from Ikwe, Rivers State in Nigeria. He is a brilliant young Nigerian who has made an impression in Port Harcourt and abroad. So far, Selina Tested has been his most successful work, with millions of Nigerians falling in love with the series.

Selina Tested Series Has Aired 25 Episodes So Far

Selina tested is still in its first season and has shown 25 episodes to date, with each episode receiving over a million views. The first episode of the series debuted in April 2021 and has had over 1.6 million views. A little more than a year later, the series’ producers released its 25th episode in May 2022, which is the series’ most recent episode as of this writing. In just over two weeks, episode 25 has received over 2.1 million views on YouTube.

Where to Watch Selina Tested Series

Selina Tested is now available on YouTube. The drama series has yet to air on any television network; it is exclusively available on YouTube through the Lightweight Entertainment Youtube Channel. So far, the Lightweight Entertainment YouTube channel has 452K followers. Fans of the show can get a free subscription to the channel.

You can also choose to join the channel’s paid YouTube membership and have access to membership advantages. There are four paid membership options available on the channel:

  • Bronze (NGN1,500/month)
  • Silver (NGN6,000/month),
  • Gold (NGN10,000/month), and Diamond (NGN20,000/month).

To watch Selina Tested on Youtube, click here to access the link

Watch Selina Tested on YouTube

Without a doubt, social media and online streaming services are the most important drivers of Nollywood. Nigerian movies and TV series have become global film industry references due to their availability on social media and streaming platforms. This was not the situation many decades ago when only a few Nigerian films were selected for international film festivals.

Selina tested is a good example of the influence of social media and online streaming sites on Nollywood movies. The Lightweight Entertainment production has yet to appear on any television network and can only be viewed on the online streaming platform, YouTube.


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