Who Is Kizz Daniel’s Wife, Is He Married to Chidinma?

Kizz Daniel does not have a wife, he is still single and has not publicly tied the knot with any woman. With this, we can say that Chidinma Ekile is not Chris Daniel’s wife as rumors may have it.

Like many male celebrities in Nigeria, especially singers, Kizz Daniel has a baby mama and there have been rumors that he fathered other children from his relationships with several other women. These rumors have not been confirmed as the singer is silent on this and has not been seen with any other baby apart from his two boys. Read on to find out why the star is still single and why people think he is married to Chidinma.

Is Kizz Daniel Married to Chidinma?

Kizz Daniel is not married to Chidinma. In 2018, the “Kedike” singer Chidinma was rumored to be in a relationship with her male colleague, Kizz. Sources had it that they were in a relationship and lived together for a while before parting ways. While they were together, the two were said to be fond of each other, liked and commented on each other’s posts, and even posted each other on their pages. They were also rumored to have gotten matching tattoos on their hands.

When they parted ways, Kizz released a song titled “Fuck You”. Again, rumors made its round on the internet that the song was to spite his ex-lover, Chidinma. And after their breakup, they unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, the singers have neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, they have remained silent on the matter.

Is Kizz Daniel Currently in a Relationship?

No, Daniel has not affirmed being in a relationship at the moment. However, he has lately revealed the face of the woman who birthed his sons for him. Kizz is the type who keeps his relationships and family away from the camera. He tried to keep the mother of his sons away from the screens for a long time until March 2022 when he celebrated her on Mothers’ Day. With this revelation, some fans concluded that the two are married secretly. This rumor emanated as the woman, MJ has a ring on her wedding finger in the picture. Apart from this, Kizz is not in any known relationship at the moment.

Kizz Daniel’s Relationship History

Singer Kizz Daniel has been keeping his relationship life a secret. He said that his private life is not for public consumption; therefore he keeps it away from the media. The star only reveals as much as he wants to be known. Apart from his baby mama, he has not acknowledged any other woman. MJ is the only confirmed relationship he has, others are mere speculations. Some of the women he has been linked with are Beverly Osu, Emerald Vicky, Adedamola Williams, and Chidinma Ekile. These relationships were not confirmed by the singer; therefore, they are mere rumors and speculations.

The Singer has Two Sons with his Babymama, MJ 

Like other relationships he might have had, Daniel kept his relationship with MJ a secret until she had a set of triplets for him. They welcomed their three sons in 2021; unfortunately, one died a few days after birth. Kizz Daniel out of excitement acquired two Penthouses for the remaining boys and promised the dead son that he would be the best father to his brothers.

On 27th March 2022, Kizz Daniel revealed the identity of his baby mama in a post during the mothers day celebration. He wished his baby mama a happy mothers day. This was the first time he posted a picture with his baby mama and mentioned her name.

Later in the day on the 27th of March, a famous blogger, Linda Ikeji, revealed the identity of the woman. She claims that MJ is a famous masked dancer called Ovajoja who always dresses like a tomboy. Ovajoja is a dancer who has called Kizz Daniel her bestie for years. These claims, however, have not been confirmed by either the dancer or the singer.


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