10 Things You Must Know About Ini Edo


At the mention of Ini Edo, what crosses your mind?

Of course: beautiful, talented, confident and one of the best actresses from Nollywood. We all know her for her first movie “thick madam,” but there’s a lot behind this glamorous face that you still don’t know. Some of things you are about to discover about this actress are inspirational, but others are plainly human. And like we all know, it is human  to err; so don’t judge. Just learn something from her story. With that in mind, we can now roll the curtain:

1 She’s the second born…

She is the second born in a family of four—one elder cousin whom she considers her elder sister, a younger brother and a younger sister. Her sister works at a brewery in Ogun State, Ota. According to her, she was the most stubborn child in her family, even though her parents positioned a close eye on her just to ensure that she didn’t lose direction.

2 She was raised in a humble family…

You might confuse this pretty face with a daughter of a Nigerian Tycoon, but that’s not the case. The truth is; Ini Edo understands the trouble that every young Nigerian woman from a humble background goes through. She knows how it feels to sell coconuts to pay your fees or buy yourself Christmas clothes. And she does know all these by experience, because that’s exactly what she used to do while growing up.


3 She’s a divorcee…

In November 2008, Ini Edo and the US Based Nigerian Businessman, Phillip Ehiagwina, officially got married in a church wedding in Nigeria and in February the following year, the wedding was repeated in Houston, Texas—where her husband resides. But it did nothing to save her marriage. The 6-year marriage crashed in 2014 and the former Mrs. Ehiagwina, mentioned that “irreconcilable differences” is the major reason for her divorce and denied claims that she had cheated on her husband.


4 She is alleged to have snatched her husband from Ruth Okoro

Like I mentioned, don’t judge; but rumours will always be mentioned, unless the accused comes to their defence; and, at the moment, we are yet to hear the other side of the story.

“I’m not in position to start calling out names. But I believe God’s is there to make the final Judgement. I’m yet to meet her in person, but all I know is that an actress is sleeping around with my husband” –quoted exactly from Ruth Okoro in reference to Ini Edo… But until we get the other side of the story, don’t rush into conclusions…


5 She loves clubbing…

Ini Edo loves clubbing. And she is not afraid to say it. Contrary to what most people would expect from a married woman, Ini Edo loves hanging out with friends and, hell yeah, shaking what her mama gave her… She is quick to point out that she doesn’t go clubbing every day, but anytime she gets a chance, her bed—maybe her husband’s—spends a night without her.


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