A Breakdown of Alexx Ekubo’s Net Worth and Highest Grossing Movies to Date

Alexx Ekubo currently has a net worth of $1 million, making him one of the richest and most influential actors in Nigeria

With Alexx Ekubo’s $1 million net worth and a sizeable number of high-grossing movies to his credit, he has earned recognition as one of the best actors to have come out of Nollywood.

The Nollywood actor has proven himself as one of the best in his profession over the last decade and it keeps fans of the Nigerian movie industry wanting to see more of the Abia State-born actor. Alex Ekubo is not just about the acting alone, he is classy and is often regarded as one of the flashiest celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry. His flashy lifestyle comes as no surprise as the young handsome actor has all the money it takes to support his lifestyle.

The Movies and TV Series that Made Alexx Ekubo Popular

When we hear or read the biographies of many successful actors, we get to discover that most of them got introduced and fell in love with acting as a result of at least one family member venturing into the profession before they did. While this may not be the case with Alex, his story is not far fetched. His father was a petroleum marketer and his mother, a fashion designer but he found his love for acting while in his primary school days, and many years down the line, his commitment has only grown stronger.

After earning a degree in Law as well as in Theatre arts, Alex turned to pursue his acting career full time with his first film role being a minor character in the 2005 film Sinners in the House. It was the humble beginning of what has turned out to be an industrious and impressive acting career so far. Today, in almost two decades, the actor has earned himself a reputable place in the movie industry. Some of the top-notch movies he has starred in include:

  • Weekend Getaway (2012),
  • Lagos Cougars (2013),
  • Champagne (2014),
  • Gold Diggin (2014),
  • Gbomo Gbomo Express (2015),
  • Diary of a Lagos Girl (2016),
  • A Man for the Weekend (2017),
  • Bling Lagosians (2019)
  • Your Excellency (2019)

Alex Ekubo has also featured in popular Nigerian and African TV series like in Secret & Scandals, Hope Bay, Happy Family, Tinsel, Ay’s Crib and Married to the Game.

His Career Awards and Recognitions

Receiving awards for jobs well done comes with two major benefits- fame and money. Alex Ekubo has enjoyed these benefits and considering his acting strength, it won’t be surprising to see him having more in the nearest future.

Alex Ekubo’s best movie role so far was in Weekend Getaway and In the Cupboard. The former earned him the award for Best Supporting Actor at both the 2013 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards and 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards. While the latter earned him the award for Most Promising Actor at the 2012 Best of Nollywood Awards.

In 2020, Alexx was conferred with a chieftaincy title. He is titled ‘Ikuku Of Amumara Town, Mbaise. His coronation was done by Eze Amara 3 of Amumara Town, Mbaise, Imo state, Nigeria.

How Alexx Ekubo Accrued His $1 Million Net Worth

Alex Ekubo is a Nigerian actor, model and some even refer to him as a comedian as well. Here are how he started his different career ventures and how he became so successful and influential in them.

His Wealth comes Chiefly from Acting

From his acting jobs, Alex Ekubo is rumoured to earn up to $3,000 per movie and just above half of that amount when he features in TV shows. Movies like Weekend Getaway grossed N22,895,273 domestically and Alex got over $2,000 for his role in the movie. The 2012 film In the Cupboard is another big movie Alex made a huge income from. The film which was directed by Desmond Elliot and featured the likes of Ini Edo, Uti Nwachukwu Tess Abubakar and Abiola Segun-Williams, reportedly grossed millions of naira at the box office and Alex smiled home with a whopping $2,700.

He also Earn’s from Modeling

Just as he has always had a passion for acting, the fine boy cynosure has always had the passion to be a model. Alex Ekubo hits the gym regularly to keep his body in shape and in the athlete mode it is currently and what better way to show off such a beautiful body than to model it.

Alex started modeling back in his university days and even after he started his acting career, it did not stop him from still venturing into modeling. His modeling career hit its peak when he got to compete at the 2010 Mr. Nigeria, the biggest pageantry event for the male folks. Alex finished as first runner-up, losing the crown to his Nollywood colleague Kenneth Okolie.

While it is not known how much Alex makes from his current modeling gigs, it is believed that he made quite a decent amount from pageantry events. Prizes for winners of Mr. Nigeria vary each year, but have always included cash; as of 2014, it stood at N1,000,000, and some winners have also received car gifts. The first runner-up also goes home with decent prizes too.

He gets paid for Doing Comedy Skits

You won’t know how much a comedian Alex Ekubo can be if you are yet to see comedy skits and films like the popular AY’s Crib. He has starred in a number of comedies that he is almost being tagged with other comedians like Basketmouth, Apkororo, and Bovi.

While featuring in these shows and comedy skits does not officially make Alex a comedian, his continuous involvement with AY and featuring in the comedian’s standup show, AY Live, has made lots of fans of the actor question if he is slowly venturing into the business. But that’s the fun fact about Alex Ekubo, he is multitalented and he keeps coming up with things to wow his fans. His reward will definitely translate to thousands of naira, if not millions.

Alexx Ekubo Also Earn From Brand Endorsements

Brand endorsement is one other area stars like Alex Ekubo are making huge income. Luckily, this actor has signed a bunch. His most recent deal was signed in April 2019, with a skincare brand, LAVYANNA. Here is a list of the brands the actor has endorsed:

  • Aro
  • Khali Kulture
  • Yomi Casuals
  • Lotto9ja
  • The Woodland
  • JB Autos
  • Splendid Furniture


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