Genevieve Nnaji – Bio, Daughter, Age, Married, Husband, Net Worth

When you set out in search of the most beautiful celebrities Africa has ever had, Nigerian celebrities stand out among them and at the top of the Nigerian cadre is Genevieve Nnaji. Talk of outstanding Nigerian ladies who have given out their best in developing their country’s movie industry and you will be making mention of people like Genevieve Nnaji.

Genevieve is a veteran Nigerian actress and singer who has played important roles at very different times in the Nigerian Movie Industry. The multiple award-winning Nollywood actress has always been a delight to watch, her dressing, beauty, and charisma have won her many accolades and mouth-watering deals with local and international brands. Genevieve Nnaji is popularly celebrated, acknowledged and recognized both by Nigeria and abroad.

Genevieve Nnaji – Bio, Daughter, and Age

Born in Mbaise, Imo State of the eastern part of Nigeria on the 3rd of May 1979, Genevieve Nnaji grew up in Lagos as the fourth of eight children. She was brought up in a middle-class environment with her father then working as an engineer and her mother as a nursery school teacher.

It was at the tender age of 8 that she began to showcase her talent as an actress by first acting as a child actress in the then popular television soap opera, Ripples. However, her career in the movie industry did not manifest fully until she was 19 and was fully introduced into the industry.

Her world almost came crashing when she discovered she was pregnant at the young age of 17 when she was expected to be concentrating on her education. Nevertheless, with the aid of her parents, she scaled through and was able to rise again to face her education after she had her baby.

Looking at her education, Genevieve attended Methodist Girls College (Yaba, Lagos), before proceeding to the University of Lagos for her tertiary education. That was after giving birth to her daughter.

Career and Success

While at the university, she began auditioning for acting jobs among the many Nollywood projects. According to her, she went into acting because she enjoyed doing it and also to help provide for her family.

Another interesting thing about Genevieve Nnaji is her life as a model. Although many have known her as an actress, she is also a model, even though she didn’t do this for a long time. She has featured in several commercials some of which include Pronto beverage and Omo detergent. In 2004, the beautiful woman became the “Face of Lux” in Nigeria in a highly lucrative sponsorship deal. In fact, she was appointed to be the official “Face of MUD” in Nigeria in May 2010.

Genevieve Nnaji

It’s a true saying that it’s never enough for one to dream about success but to also work for it, one man once said that “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to look for it”. The efficacy of this wise saying is not far-fetched in the life of Genevieve Nnaji who has seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Having faced a lot in life first as a young lady and also as a single mother, Genny got too busy with all the things she enjoyed doing and eventually, success came to her. Of all her achievements, one can categorically say that the greatest all is her ability to successfully nurture her daughter into adulthood since she was a child herself when she had her.

Narrating how she first felt when she discovered she was seven months pregnant, Genny said she was so happy and thankful that she did not abort the child. For her, despite the fact that the pregnancy slowed her down, she is very proud of how beautiful her daughter has grown and how much she has also achieved in life.

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Genevieve Nnaji
Genevieve Nnaji’s Daughter

Aside from this great achievement, Genevieve Nnaji can count herself a success in several other ways. In the movie industry, Genevieve has starred in over 80 Nollywood movies some of which include: Half Of A Yellow Sun, Weekend Gateways, and Games Women Play among many others. She is considered to be one of the highest paid actresses in Nollywood.

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In 2009, she was referred to by Oprah Winfrey, as the “Julia Roberts of Africa”. In fact, her name has become a household name and her image the desire of every young girl. Genevieve Nnaji has equally won lots of awards and nominations. These include Best Actress of the Year Award at the 2001 City People Awards and the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the 2005 Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Did you also know that Genevieve was among the distinguished Nigerians who received National Honors conferred on by the former President Goodluck Jonathan? She was in November 2011, named Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR). This year, she was awarded the Best Dressed woman at the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice (AMVCs) Awards.

Genevieve Nnaji

Well, truth be told, the beautiful and simple young woman sure knows how best to dress to magnify her true beauty. Her “St Genevieve” clothing line speaks better.

Net Worth
Genevieve Nnaji

According to 2014 Vanguard’s Richest Celebrity List, Nollywood actress – Genevieve Nnaji has a net worth of N220 million from endorsements alone, it is believed that this has grown further in 2015. Her first deal as the Face of Lux led to her signing other deals with multinational companies like Etisalat, Amstel Malta, Range Rover Evoque and MUD Cosmetics.

It’s also important to note that Genevieve’s career in the movie industry has taken her farther from the shores of this country into other nations of the world like UK, USA Ireland and lots more. The interesting part of it is that she always dedicates her awards to her faithful fans. In all, we can say that Genevieve Nnaji is proud to be a model, actress, singer, businesswoman and above all a Mother and we hope to see more of her in the coming years as she fulfils her dream of becoming a movie director.

At present, the net worth of the actress and entrepreneur is placed at an estimated N850 million.

Genevieve Nnaji

Married, Husband, and Love Life

A lot of rumours have circulated and died down about Genny’s love life attaching her to one Nigerian celebrity or the other including Nigeria’s former vice president, Atiku Abubakar and singer D Banj. Genevieve on her own part has been able to keep her love life secret leaving one or two hints here and there to keep the rumour mill well entertained and busy. But in truth, Genny is yet to reveal to us who she is in a relationship with.

That said, there were rumours that claim the woman is secretly married to a man in Portugal. Pictures of the Nollywood diva and a man known as AJ Cham were shared online as her husband. As it would turn out, however, the entire story was fake.


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