Ramsey Nouah Biography and Age Milestones

Ramsey Nouah (born 19 December 1970, Age: 53-year-old) is a Nigerian actor, producer, director, model, entrepreneur, and television personality known for his lover boy roles. 

A person of great attractive personality, handsome, and intelligence, Ramsey Nouah is one of the names that ring a loud bell in Nollywood this day. He has not failed to leave moviegoers with the jaw-dropping experience in his films from the early 1990s to date, notwithstanding the country with his exceptional interpretation of roles.

The actor has succeeded in becoming one of the reasons people cleave to their television screen for many years to date as he is still serving them with the best from his tables. With his mastery in acting, he has succeeded in expanding his fan base.

The 53-year-old actor was born and brought up in Nigeria by a single mother. However, this did not stop him from proving his outstanding skills in front of the camera. He has also ventured into many things like movie production and directing. The bi-racial actor has succeeded in featuring in many movies such as Crazy People, Merry Men, and many more. His works as a director are evident in the film Living in Bondage. The lover boy has won several accolades for his outstanding performances and contributions to Nollywod.

Profile Summary Of Ramsey Nouah

  • Full Name: Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jnr.
  • Date Of Birth: 19 December 1970
  • Age: 53 years old
  • Place Of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Ethnicity: Biracial
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Alma Mater: University of Lagos
  • Spouse: Emelia Philips-Nouah
  • Children: Quincy, Camil, and Desiree Nouah,
  • Parents: Margaret Afolabi (Mother), Ramsey Nouah(Father)
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer, Businessman
  • Years Active: 1990 to Date
  • Net Worth: $4.5 Million

The Bi-racial Actor Was Born On 19 December 1970

Birthed on 19 December 1970, the 53-year-old actor was born Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jnr. to Margaret Afolabi (mother) and Ramsey Nouah Sr. (father). He is of Nigerian nationality but he is said to be bi-racial. Ramsey’s mother, Margaret Afolabi, is Nigerian; she hails from Edo State, Nigeria while his father, Ramsey Nouah Sr., is of Lebanese-Israeli origin.

Nothing much is known about the actor’s mother, except that she comes from Owo in Ondo State, the Yoruba ethnic group of Nigeria. Similarly, much about his parents is not known to the public. Ramsey was born in Lagos. While there is a scarcity of information about the actor’s family and childhood, it is also unknown if the actor is the only child or if he has other siblings.

Ramsey Nouah was raised by a Single Mother

As we earlier mentioned, Ramsey Nouah did not grow up with the care of a father as his father left his mother while he was little. In an interview in 2008, he stated that his father left him and his mother when he was about two years old. He went on to show no regrets in growing under a single mother as she instilled the proper morals in him.

According to the actor, he doesn’t want to be linked to his father in the future nor have anything to do with him. In 2014, he revealed in another interview that it would not be possible to recognize his father because he left early in his life. His childhood wasn’t rosy as his mother didn’t find taking care of a child singlehandedly an easy task, even though he was born with a silver spoon before his father left.

His childhood experiences are enormous, as the actor recounted in the same interview. Amid the hardship his mother passed through, he learned to be strong and face life challenges. More so, his childhood has helped tackle the most challenging days of his life, and today, he has become incredibly successful in the movie industry.

The Actor Dropped Out From The University Of Lagos

Many fans have thought Ramsey must have acquired an acting degree or passed through an acting school with the actor’s magic on-screen. Nevertheless, his acting skills were not gotten from attending an acting school; instead, it’s a developed talent. The actor started his education in Atara Primary School, Lago, while his family resided in Surulere, Lagos State. From there, he moved on to Community Grammar School in Surulere, Lagos State, for his secondary education.

Having greatness in mind, he enrolled at the University of Lagos not long after leaving secondary school. He got admitted into the University of Lagos as a diploma student to obtain a diploma in Mass Communication. However, the actor did not complete his studies in the institution as he dropped out one year later. What’s more shocking is that, to date, Ramsey doesn’t have any university degree. Despite this, the actor tried his hands at many things before going into the movie industry, becoming even more successful than most educated actors.

Ramsey Nouah Began His Acting Career At The Age Of 23

Ramsey Nouah wished to venture into so many things before he found his way into Nollywood. As he grew, he wanted to be a pilot or aeronautic engineer because of his love for planes and plans of flying from place to place. He also showed interest in things that tended to fly, like machines and gadgets. However, this dream of his did not come to pass as there were no finances to fund it. Secondly, he made attempts to venture into music with a friend of his because he admired musicians. In an interview with Boombuzz Global, he mentioned that he visited a music studio to get some music together with a friend who loved music.

Their dreams to become musicians hit the rock when the producer gave them the cost of music production in the studio. The estimate was higher than what the two of them had put together at that time. This crashed dream pushed the two of them to look for another career which made him dive into acting. The actor revealed that his venture into acting was not what he ever dreamt for himself, but his financial conditions made him cling to the profession. He stated that he wished to enroll in his General Certificate Examination(GCE), but the finance was not forthcoming despite his extreme endeavors.

Then, his friend’s advice to look into acting because he possessed the skills struck his brain. Because he never took his friend’s advice seriously, he never ventured into it, but because he needed money to meet his needs, he looked into it and began auditioning to know if it would pay him. In 1990, he earned a cameo role in a Nigerian movie because of the excellent acting skills he displayed during the movie auditions. In the following year, he inked another position in a series Mega Fortune, which aired in 1993 and spanned for just a year. These roles that he played at the early start of his career encouraged him to move on fully into acting, which he has not failed to serve TV lovers with the best movies, dramas, and series so far.

He Garnered His Breakthrough In Nollywood In 1996

Though he has been featuring in various movies since 1990, he did not gain much popularity till 1996. He became the talk of Nollywood in the drama movie Silent Night, where he starred alongside other Nollywood veterans like Segun Arinze, Alex Usifo, Joke Silva, and Kate Henshaw-Nuttal. Movie producers also cast the actor in Silent Night 2, a continuation of Silent Night, the same year. After his big break movie, he starred in various films like Vuga, Dirty Game, End Of The Wicked.

He also starred in romantic movies, which earned him the title of the Lover Boy. From the early 2000s, the actor started taking up romantic roles in films like Battle of Love, Love Boat, Power of Love, Love Dies, Dying for Love, and many more. Ramsey Nouah has, however, bought his place in the heart of many ladies with these romantic roles. Currently, he has succeeded in making it to over a hundred movies and has become one of the highly sought actors in Nollywood.

At 53, Ramsey Has Over 100 Movies Under His Belt

As stated earlier, Ramsey Nouah has starred in over a hundred movies since his debut and has no plans of slowing down. For a career that has lasted for 54, the actor has become an A-List Nollywood actor and has starred in several highly acclaimed and commercially successful movies. Some of these include 30 Days in Atlanta, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free(2019), Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons and its sequel, Merry Men 2, Nneka the Pretty Serpent (2020), etc.

More than that, the actor has also starred in some international productions. One of his most famous productions is Tempting Faith, a Nigerian American movie released in 2015. The movie, which was written, produced, and directed by Kevin Nwankwor, starred the likes of American movie star Dan Davies, John J. Vogel, Ramsey Nouah, Diana Lu, and Andrew Onochie, among others. It was released to critical reception at the Pan African Film Festival and the Indie Fest in the United States.

Below is a list of the movies he has starred in so far:

  1. Mega Fortune (TV Series): 1993
  2. Silent Night: 1996
  3. Dirty Game: 1998
  4. Camouflage: 1999
  5. End Of The Wicked: 1999
  6. Fugitive: 2000
  7. Vuga 1&2: 2000
  8. Infidelity II: 2000
  9. Battle Of Love: 2001
  10. Love Boat: 2001
  11. Power of Love: 2002
  12. Battle Of Love: 2002
  13. Tears and Sorrow: 2002
  14. Valentino: 2002
  15. My Love: 2002
  16. Church Business: 2002
  17. Love Of My Life: 2002
  18. Break Up: 2003
  19. Emotional Crack: 2003
  20. Super Love: 2003
  21. True Love 1&2: 2003
  22. You Broke My Heart: 2003
  23. Butterfly: 2003
  24. Contractors: 2003
  25. Never Say Goodbye: 2003
  26. Working For Love: 2003
  27. Handsome: 2003
  28. Above Death: In God We Trust: 2003
  29. When Love Dies: 2003
  30. Honey 1&2: 2003
  31. Real Love: 2003
  32. My Sweetheart: 2003
  33. Break Up 1&2: 2003
  34. Dying For Love: 2003
  35. The Last Offer: 2003
  36. Across The Niger: 2004
  37. Dangerous Twins: 2004
  38. Faithful Love: 2004
  39. The Champ 2: 2004
  40. The Staff Of Odo 1&2: 2004
  41. Not Yours: 2004
  42. 419 Dangerous Game: 2004
  43. Last Wedding: 2004
  44. Separate Life: 2004
  45. London Boy: 2004
  46. Unbreakable: 2004
  47. Veno: 2004
  48. Heavy Rain: 2004
  49. Into Temptation: 2004
  50. Real Love: 2005
  51. Coming To South Africa: 2005
  52. Bleeding Love: 2005
  53. Azima: 2005
  54. Super Hero 2: 2005
  55. Paradise To Hell: 2005
  56. Passionate Appeal: 2006
  57. Different World: 2006
  58. Serious Issue: 2006
  59. Dancing Heart: 2006
  60. She: You Must Obey: 2006
  61. Under The Sky: 2006
  62. The Faculty: 2007
  63. To Love An Angel: 2007
  64. Missing Rib: 2007
  65. Governor’s Wife: 2007
  66. Battle for Battle: 2007
  67. To Love an Angel 1&2: 2007
  68. Chase: 2008
  69. Sweet Tomorrow: 2008
  70. Hidden Treasure 1&2: 2008
  71. Tears In My Eyes: 2008
  72. Solid Affection: 2008
  73. Reloaded: 2009
  74. The Figurine: 2009
  75. Nnenda: 2009
  76. Guilty Pleasures: 2009
  77. A Private Storm: 2010
  78. The Black Soul: 2010
  79. Heart Of A Fighter 1&2: 2011
  80. Iru Oka: 2011
  81. Weekend Getaway: 2012
  82. Gem Of The Forest: 2012
  83. Confusion Na Wa: 2013
  84. Keeping My Man: 2013
  85. Unguarded: 2014
  86. Busted Life: 2014
  87. 30 Days In Atlanta: 2014
  88. Tempting Fate: 2014
  89. The Grave Dust: 2015
  90. Gbomo Gbomo Express: 2015
  91. Thy Will Be Done: 2015
  92. ’76: 2016
  93. Elephant In The Room: 2016
  94. The Accidental Spy: 2017
  95. My Wife and I: 2017
  96. Derranged: 2020
  97. Run: 2017
  98. Body Language: 2017
  99. Crazy People: 2018
  100. Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons: 2018
  101. Lagos Landing: 2018
  102. Power Of Love: 2018
  103. Oghenekome: 2018
  104. The Millions: 2019
  105. Living In Bondage: Breaking Free: 2019
  106. Levi: 2019
  107. Merry Men 2: Another Mission: 2019
  108. The Fisherman’s Diary: 2020
  109. Rattle Snake: The Ahanna Story: 2020
  110. Nneka The Pretty Serpent: 2020
  111. Slay: 2021

Ramsey Nouah Won His First Award At Age 37 in 2007

Since the inception of his career, Ramsey Nouah has made remarkable contributions to the Nigerian film industry. The actor won his first award in 2007 following his role in the film, Dangerous Twins. Since then, he has continued to earn more awards and recognition for his contributions to the industry. Being an international star, Ramsey has equally earned awards outside the shores of Nigeria.

Below is a list of awards the actor has won so far:

  • Best Actor for his outstanding performance in the movie, Dangerous Twins, at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2007.
  • Best Actors Award for his work in The Figurine in the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards.
  • He won the Best Actor Award for his excellent works in the movie Chase in the 2011 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.
  • Ramsey Nouah also bagged an award in the Nigeria sister country Ghana in the Ghana Movie Award for the movie Tempting Fate– 2011.
  • The actor is a born winner as he won the 2012 Popular Online Choice Award for males.
  •  He was awarded the Best Actor for the movie ’76 at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2016
  • Best Actor at The Film festival (AFRIFF Global Awards) for his role in the movie 76 in 2016.
  • Best Actor Lead Role in the African Movie Academy Awards for the movie ’76- 2017
  • Ramsey’s work as a director was also notable as he won the award for the Best Director in the movie Living In Bondage: Breaking Free in the 2020 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards.


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