10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wizkid


Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun whose stage name is “Wizkid” is one of the fastest rising Nigerian music artists. He is probably one of the youngest well-known musicians having been born on July 16, 1990 in Lagos, Nigeria. Most people are familiar with his groundbreaking music styles as well as his inspiring stage performance. However, you may be one of the people who are not familiar with some facts about this fast rising Nigerian musician.

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 1. Started His Music Career Much Earlier

Many people have much respect for Wizkid: First, because of his good music and stage performance, Secondly, because he is one of the lucky few to have achieved popularity and celebrity status at such a young tender age. Unknown to many, Wizkid was already singing in his local church at the tender age of 11 years. He was not only a good vocalist but also a lead singer.

 2. Initially Sang in the Church

The young Nigerian musician is known for his party popping songs. The songs, which are full of energy, appeal to the young at heart as well as the party goers. However, you probably did not know that Wizkid honed his music skills in the church. Yes, He actually was a praise and worship singer at his local church in Lagos having been brought up in a Christian family.

 3. First Record Was In the Church

 Wizkid actually released a couple of albums prior to his breakout track in 2009 after collaborating with M.I. As part of the church choir, he produced an album. He later went on to form a singing group with his five church friends known as “Glorious Five” and released another album.

 4. First Music Break as “Wizkid”

Wizkid big break in the music industry came in the year 2009. This is after successfully collaborating with renowned musician M.I. The two artists produced the award-winning track “Fast Money” which not only went ahead to receive many nominations and awards, but also received a lot of airplay both in Nigeria as well as in other countries especially in Africa.

 5. Distinct Voice

The young Nigerian artist is famous for many things besides being a young upcoming artist. He is celebrated for being an astute songwriter, an outstanding performer, as well as a successful Nigerian music artist. One thing you probably did not know about him is that his distinct voice is actually a crowd puller. Many people as well as record companies love to have him on board due to his unique voice.

 6. Change of Stage name

Before adoption of his now famous stage name, Wizkid was performing using other names such as “Glorious Five”, as well as “Lil Prinz”. While using the name Lil Prinz, he was able to record an album with 7 tracks.


 7. Always Been Around Famous Musician

Unlike many musicians who find themselves having to go through along musical journey to gain acceptance, Wizkid’s path was much smoother. Not only was he exposed to the studio at a young age, he also got a chance to interact with household names. At the age of 15, he was already songwriting and receiving guidance from Naeto C who is a big artist in Nigeria.

 8. Controversial Birth Date

There is so much information out there about Wizkid. Some of it true while some false. One of the most controversial information surrounds his birth date. Some sources claim he was born on 16 July 1989 while other sources state the date as July 16 1990.

 9. Worked With Acclaimed Producers Even Before His Stardom

From his humble beginning, Wizkid has been lucky enough to have crossed paths with celebrated artists. Some of the figures include 2Face Idibia, Naeto C, Sound Sultan, award-winning producer OJB, among others.

 10. Quite Outspoken

Despite his young age, Wizkid is never far from controversies or public out spats. Often there is word about him misbehaving or having “beef “with other musicians. Recently he was said to have impregnated a high school girl. In another instance, he was involved in “Twitter war” with “Fresh L” who is a Nigerian rap artist based in the UK.

Well there you have it: A list of 10 things you didn’t know about Wizkid. Despite this new information, one thing is for sure, Wizkid is unquestionably one of the musicians to watch out for now as well as in future. Going by the rate at which he is progressing, it is just a matter of time for Wizkid to be rated among the Top 5 musicians in Nigeria.

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