Who Is Jada Pollock? – Age, Net Worth and Full Biography of Wizkid’s Third Baby Mama

Jada Pollock, also known as Jada P (born October 10, 1987) is a 40-year-old American entrepreneur, music executive, media entrepreneur, and talent manager.

She is known to have worked with famous stars, but to many Nigerians, she is more famously known as Wizkid’s third baby mama. Though many people got to know Jada because of her relationship with Wizkid, Jada, in her own right, is a successful businesswoman with a lot to show how good she is at what she does.

Profile Summary of Jada Pollock

  • Full name: Jada Pollock
  • Date of birth: October 20, 1983
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Education: St. Saviour, St. Olave School, and University of Westminster
  • Occupation: Image manager
  • Net worth: $5 million.
  • Boyfriend: Wizkid
  • Children: 1 (Zion Ayo-Balogun)

Jada Pollock Schooled in the United Kingdom

Jada Pollock was born in the United States on October 20, 1983. She attended the St. Saviour’s and St. Olave’s schools in the United Kingdom and later got her degree from the popular University of Westminster, London, England.

Though her course of study isn’t public knowledge, it has been rumored that she studied a management or business-related course, hence her career choice. Also, it may not be wrong to assume that she spent her childhood in the UK, seeing that she studied there.

Jada has never been a lazy type or a “damsel in distress type.” She climbed the ladder of success through hard work in a successful career she started as a stylist. Even, Jadda once worked for Gucci Mane as a visual merchandiser.

She Runs an Image Consulting and Style Business

After obtaining a degree from the University of Westminster, she started her business, a concierge company named Envy Lifestyle. The business catered to Premier League footballers. Later, she partnered with Didier Drogba, Chelsea FC’s legend, and expanded her business, which she named after her former name, Jada Styles.

To further diversify her business interest, Jada ventured into image consultation and brand management. She was also said to have worked with Akon’s brother, Bu Thiam, in his Management Firm, Bu Vision, LLC, where she represented and managed some of the biggest international musicians like Chris Brown, Pia Mia, and others. Jada is the force behind Princess Pia Mia’s success in her music career as she worked as her day-to-day manager.

Today, Jada is respected as one of the most famous female image consultants and brand managers, having worked with many successful celebrities. Before working with Wizkid, Jadda has also worked with famous footballers, especially Didier Drogba, with whom she partnered in her boutique business. Currently, the beautiful brand manager owns and runs her own Image Consulting and Style Business aptly named Jada Styles.

Jada Pollock’s Career Achievements and Net Worth

Venturing into the brand management business has landed Jada Pollock many accolades seeing how successful she has been and the caliber of clients she has had. For her successes, she is also ranked as one of the Richest Entrepreneurs born in the United States and, rightfully so, one of the Most Famous Entrepreneurs in America. With all that has been going well for her, Jada has a net worth estimate of $5 million.

Spotlight on Jada’s Love Life – How She Met and Fell in Love with Wizkid

Jada, on her Instagram post, shared the story of how she and the Nigerian Starboy met. She disclosed that she met Wizkid in 2012 when she was still managing the American singer, Chris Brown. According to her, it’s been a blessing meeting and working with amazingly talented stars, especially the likes of Wizkid and Chris Brown.

The British-American music manager met Wizkid in 2012 but began working with Wizkid around 2014/2015. Their working relationship has produced lots of positive fruits, especially in the life of the Afro-pop singer. Jada has also helped Wizkid to seal deals that connected him to big names in the music industry like Drake, R Kelly, Chris Brown, etc., especially his collaboration with Drake. Before her, Wizkid already had two other managers, Sunday Dare and Dumi Oburota, who are both Nigerians.

Wizkid and his third manager’s working relationship shifted from a professional one to a romantic relationship, which they kept on the low for over a year. However, it was rumored that Star Boy was not so much interested in the relationship.

How Their Relationship Turned Sour and the Reconciliation that Followed

In 2019, the manager cum baby mama broke the internet with a post on her Instagram story, where she accused the singer of domestically abusing his manager. Jada announced she had stopped working with Wizkid and openly confessed that she had grown tired of covering up the singer who continuously puts his hands on her, leaving her with bruises. Noting that one can support someone as much as they can but will have to value themselves at some point. She further stated that she could not raise her son in that kind of environment.

The story, which was revealed through her Instagram post, was later deleted shortly after it had gone viral and gotten mixed reactions from Wizkid’s fans. She later came online to deny making the accusations. She stated that her phone was hacked and her Instagram compromised. Jada further claimed she wasn’t the one who typed the story.

After the compromised Instagram page saga, no one knows what later became of the case. However, the superstar was recently seen in May 2021, with Jada on a jet-skiing adventure in Ghana. Fans expressed their happiness over their reunion. Perhaps they met behind closed doors and settled amicably.

Jada Pollock and Wizkid Share a Son – Zion Ayo-Balogun

Wizkid and his third manager’s amorous relationship produced a child born in London on November 11, 2017. Jada was said to have taken in around Valentine’s day or a more accurate guess – February 2017. Sources have it that though Starboy wasn’t keen on the relationship, he had to accept the baby after Jada had publicized the child’s birth by posting his first pictures on Snapchat.

Wizkid, who already has two children from two different baby mamas, took to his Twitter page to announce his third child’s arrival, a boy named Zion Ayo-Balogun. Also, going by his Twitter post, the hashtag he used described the baby’s arrival as God’s blessing.

Wizzy has been seen having some quality father-son time with his third child. He once made a post of him, his son, and his father having family time. This might be a way for making up for his mistake with his other children where it was alleged that he was a “deadbeat dad.”


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