15 Nollywood Oldest Actors and Actresses Who Are Still Single

The Nigerian film industry, popularly known as Nollywood, is one of the three biggest film industries in the world and it is undeniably due to the efforts of the industry’s pioneer actors which include some of now-classified Nollywood oldest singles. Some fans feel bad watching these handsome and beautiful actors and actresses grow old without making families of theirs, but surprisingly, this feeling does not seem to affect these movie stars.

And who says single life ain’t a choice? These Nollywood oldest singles have in their ways proven that flying solo isn’t so bad. So chances are that they aren’t exactly struggling to find who to settle down with. From Genevieve Nnaji to Osita Iheme and Bryan Okwara, here’s a list of Nollywood actors who are still single.

Nollywood Oldest Singles

1. Bimbo Akintola

  • Age: 54
  • State of Origin: Ibadan, Oyo State
  • Acting Since: 1995
  • Famous Movies: Back to Life, The Antique, Hoodrush


Bimbo has said time and again that she is not in need of a husband. She has publicly declared that she is single and not searching. The 54-year-old yoruba actress was born in Ibadan, the hub of Nigeria’s film industry in the Golden Age of Nigerian
Cinema, as the daughter of a Muslim cleric and an Edo mother. Bimbo studied Theatre Arts, graduating with a BA. Her acting career began while she was still a  student of UI. She would travel down to Lagos to perform at Divine on Allen Avenue alongside people like Jaiye Aboderin.

Her career officially kickstarted in 1995 when she received her first professional role on the set of the Nollywood movie, Owo Blow, where she shared the screen with the likes of Femi Adebayo. Her big break to the limelight came with her appearance in the film entitled Out of Bounds alongside Richard Mofe Damijo, popularly known as RMD. Today, the story of Nollywood won’t be complete without the mention of her name.

While Out of Bounds gained Bimbo her first award nomination in 1997, one of the most recent awards she has so far received would be the Best Actress Award which she receive at the 6th edition of AFIFF Globe, for her portrayal of late Dr Stella Adadevoh in 93 Days (a movie centred on the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria).

Outside her career, Bimbo’s private life has generated lots of talks with many alleging that she is married and with a child. Well, for the record, Bimbo was once married but her marriage with the unknown man lasted only a few months before they separated in 2014. Bimbo is no longer married again and she does not have a child with her ex-husband. However, she has dated a couple of men, and they include Dede Mabiaku, Yemi Blaq, Jie Alabi. Abounce Fawole.

2. Frederick Leonard

  • Age: 48
  • State of Origin: Anambra state
  • Acting Since: 2001–Present
  • Famous Movies: Monster Under Skin, Indian Doctor (2008), Desperate Son (2021)

Frederick Nnaemeka Leonard is one of the new generation actors who have joined the group of handsome bachelors. The Nigerian actor who was born on May 1, 1976, joined Nollywood in 2001, playing minor roles. He left briefly to attain his university education and upon bagging a degree in Biochemistry from Kaduna Polytechnic, Fredrick returned to the industry in 2008, with a leading role in a movie titled Indian Doctor. He eventually got his big break with a movie titled Grey.

So far, his many roles in movies, some of which he produced, has earned him a good number of awards, including a Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for best-supporting Actor; City People Movie Award for best-supporting actor of the years, and Zulu African Film Academy Awards for Best Actor.

Leonard is an orphan who although wishes he could settle down in marriage soon, also speaks of his fear of being in a miserable marriage. The actor said he believes in the biblical principles of marriage and hopped that people should be more realistic with themselves when it comes to picking a partner.

While he patiently awaits his partner, Frederick Leonard is believed to have been in relationships with quite a number of women. However, the successful introvert is yet to reveal the true identity of the woman in his life. It was once rumored that the actor got married to Kay Samuel, his co-actor in Nollywood, however, it turned out that the said traditional marriage of the two was a clip from one of his movies.

 3. Ada Ameh

  • Age: 50
  • State of Origin: Benue state
  • Acting Since: 1995-Present
  • Famous Movies: Our Husband, Aki na Ukwa, My Village People


Ada Ameh has been in the movie industry for over 25 years and is most notable for her character as Anita in the 1996 movie titled Domitilla. Currently, she is best known for her role as Emu Johnson in the award-winning Nigerian TV series titled The Johnsons.

The 50-year-old Idoma native was born and raised in Lagos State. She left school at the age of 14 when she was pregnant with her daughter, Aladi Godgifts who incidentally died in October 2020. While it is not clear why Amah has never been married, for the robust and beautiful Ada, she’ll always say, “I’ll get married someday”. Maybe we need to support her claims with serious prayers so that this “someday” doesn’t remain a dream.

Meanwhile, Ada recently showed up with a man many rumored to be her lover. The Nollywood star posted on her Instagram page a picture of a man with a caption that read ” …My partner in good crime…”. While she is yet to disclose what kind of relationship she shares with the man, many have assumed him to be her lover. Hopefully, she would be walking down the aisle soon.

4. Nonso Diobi

  • Age: 47
  • State of Origin: Enugu State
  • Since: 2001-Present
  • Famous Movies: Hatred, Wealth Aside, Ass on Fire…

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Chinonso Russell Ifediora Diobi is another great personality in Nollywood who does not seem to have marriage on his agenda. Despite his family’s desire that he gets married, Nonso is not at all bothered. The actor was born on July 17, 1976, which means that he is currently 48 years old.

Nonso joined Nollywood in 2001, after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. His first acting role as a professional actor was in Borderline and in the blockbuster movie Hatred. His role in the latter helped him gain recognition in the industry. Today, he is known as one of the most successful actors in the industry. His successful career has helped him to build his personal film production company called Golden Tape Films.

One of the Nollywood oldest singles, the actor has never been married but he has a son. Nonso is one of those celebrities who are careful enough not to allow matters about their private life to spill to the public. Therefore it is hard to find details of his relationships, including the mother of his son. Meanwhile, there were once rumors that he had a fling with Nollywood actress Ini Edo. It was alleged that Nonso Diobi declared his love and intention to date Ini Edo in a widely reported interview. It is, however, not clear if they actually dated or not.

5. Rita Dominic

  • Age: 48
  • State of Origin: Imo State
  • Acting Since: 2001-Present
  • Famous Movies: Aba Riot,  The Intruder, Love You Forever, To Love a Thief

You can hardly tell the age of this evergreen Nollywood actress. The beautiful actress and member of a royal family has been gracing our TV screens since she was a child and even though we seldom see her on our screens these days, she is still relevant in Nollywood.

Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha is currently 48 years old and she has grown from just being an actress to being a producer, a goodwill ambassador for the Intra African Trade Fair (IATF), and a co-founder of The Audrey Silva Company (TASC). During her active years in the movie industry, she was known for films like Guys on the Line, Wheel of Change, and most recently, Suru L’ere, and The Big Fat Lie.

Amid her very successful career, Rita’s love life would always be of much interest to the public. it is still shocking how the pretty actress has not been involved in a known relationship with any man. But while it’s apparent that the Imo State native actress leads a very private life, she has had her fair share of controversies surrounding her sexual preference. In 2015, she was rumored to be in a serious relationship with Michelle
Dede, a German-born Nollywood actress, and television host. In the same year, unverified sources also claimed that Rita was an old-time lesbian partner of veteran actress Genevive Nnaji.

In 2021, the multiple award-winning actresses emerged with a man largely rumored to be her partner, his name is Fidelix Anosike. He is a businessman and the founder of Folio Media Group, a multi-media company that owns Daily Times Nigeria. Rita is one of the Nollywood actresses who has maintained a disciplined lifestyle, at least to an extent. While she is yet to confirm the claims, a slew of her fans are earnestly hoping that she allows a man to take her down the aisle. However, that is up to her to decide and she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry.

6. Mike Godson

  • Age: 38
  • State of Origin: Imo State
  • Acting Since: 2009- Present
  • Famous Movies: Sincerely Mine, My Mother’s Wish, Caught in the Act

Mike is one of the handsome bachelors in Nollywood. The prolific actor and entrepreneur is best known for his active roles mostly in romantic films but it is rather shocking how he is yet to find his missing rib. Mike is one of those who believe in the essence of marriage. He once advised people not only to marry for the right reasons but to also take time to understand their partners before they eventually make the decision of accepting to marry each other.

In his speech at a friend’s wedding ceremony, Mike gave a perfect definition of marriage as an institution that bonds a man and a woman together for the rest of their lives; and as a strong union accepted to be shared by a man and a woman, however, the actor noted that as much as he wants to share the forever bond with someone someday, he has 99 problems right now and marriage is not one of them.

Meanwhile, the actor also blamed Blogger Linda Ikeji for playing a role in his status as a bachelor. He said because Linda Ikeji once ran an unverified story about him being married and expecting twins, no lady wants to take him seriously. While pleading with bloggers to do proper research before publishing a story, Mike also requested for Linda to get him one of her sisters to marry.

Michael Godson Ifeanyichukwu hails from Imo State but he was born in Kano State, Nigeria. He began his acting career in 2009, after bagging a bachelors degree in Theater and Film Arts, from the University of Jos. His brilliant interpretation of love roles has seen him appear in tons of Nollywood movies including My Mother’s Wish, The Prince and the Slave, Ultimate Sacrifice, and Unending Love, among others.

7. Uti Nwachukwu

  • Age: 41
  • State of Origin: Delta State
  • Acting Since: NA
  • Famous Movies: Fear Not, Devil in a Dress, Red Hot

In the entertainment industry, Uti is one of Nigeria’s oldest singles whose failure to get married worries his fans. Though one of the youngest on this list, Uti is definitely one of the most sought-after bachelors in Nollywood, however, he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to find a partner. Uti was born on August 3, 1982, in Ughelli town in the Delta State of Nigeria. Unlike others on the list, he didn’t start as an actor, rather, he became a celebrity after becoming one of the in-house reality show Big Brother Nigeria in season 3 and 5.

Uti’s career in the entertainment industry started after he became the winner of the ultimate prize of the famous Big Brother Africa in 2010. Since his rise to fame, Nwachukwu has featured in over 50 movies and counting. For his efforts, the entertainer has also received a good number of awards, including Best New Actor at the GIAMA Awards (2012), TV personality of the Year at the Mode Men Awards (2012), and Glam and Essence Award for the Most Stylish TV Presenter (2015).

despite being one of the most handsome men in Nollywood, Uti has not been able to get himself a partner. This probably could be a result of his varying point of view on marriage, The actor-model is of the opinion that marriage in itself could be a scam and unrealistic following the increased number of divorcees. He ended one of his speeches on marriage citing that marriage might not be as important as people make it seem because Jesus wasn’t married while on earth. While he has remained unmarried, the actor has dated a number of celebrities like him. They include Eku Edewor, Beverly Naya, illish Mathews, Saeon, and Sheila Kwamboka.

8. Genevieve Nnaji

  • Age: 45
  • State of Origin:  Imo State, Nigeria
  • Since: 1987–present
  • Famous Movies: Sharon Stone, Above Death: In God We Trust, Blood Sister, Church Business, etc

It doesn’t look like Genevieve will ever agree she has found the right man but fingers are still crossed. She is always talking about marrying and staying married. She dreads divorce, and who knows when she’ll find this man that she can “stay married” to.

Born fourth in a family of eight children, to a middle-class family, Genevieve started acting at the age of 8. As a child actor, she was featured in the then-popular television soap opera Ripples. She didn’t make much progress until she became an adult and then joined the Nigerian film industry with the movie Most Wanted. Today, she has starred in over 200 Nollywood movies, winning tons of awards, including the Best Actress TV Series, Viewers Choice – Female.

Amid her very successful acting career, Genevieve is still one of Nollywood oldest singles. At 45 years of age, the celebrated actress is still single and seems not to be searching. The actress is well-known for her secrecy, revealing little to no information about her romantic life. Meanwhile, we are aware of her daughter whose name is Chimebuka Nnaji. She had her daughter when she was just 17 years old but unfortunately, there is no further detail about the father of her baby. Genevieve is now a grandmother as her daughter is married and has a child.

9. Osita Iheme

  • Age: 48
  • State of Origin: Imo State,
  • Acting Since: 2001- Present
  • Famous Movies: Aki na Ukwa, Stubborn Flies, Baby Police…


Osita Iheme, aka, Pawpaw, frankly confessed that the major problem is that he does not know who to marry. The petite-statured actor is actually searching unlike some of the people included on this list, seeing he is even giving marriage a consideration. But like many would ask, how long will it take the young actor to decide on who to marry? His fans are quite eager to witness the day he will walk down the aisle with the woman of his dreams.

Osita Iheme is currently 42 years old which qualifies him to join the list of Nollywood oldest singles. He hails from Mbaitoli, Imo State, and started acting in 2003 as a child actor, although he was already way past his teens at the time, because of his miniature size, he easily passed as a child. He rose to fame with the comedy film Aki na Ukwa in which he starred together with Chinedu Ikedieze. He has starred in over a hundred movies in Nigeria and he is currently being referred to as one of the most popular faces in Nollywood.

While everyone seemed concerned about his marital status, Osita Iheme seems to be unfazed. The actor is not considering tying the nuptial knot with anyone because according to him, marriage is a significant step in life which he wouldn’t want to try unless he finds the “perfect moment”. So while many get settled with the partner of their choice, Osita said that no form of pressure will make him change his mind. Chinedu Ikedieze, his longtime movie partner with similar body stature, has since settled down in marriage and is busy raising a family but this has not done anything to change Pawpaw’s mind about settling down.

10. Ebube Nwagbo

  • Age: 41
  • State of Origin: Anambra State
  • Since: 2001- Present
  • Famous Movies: Arrested by Love, Eyes of the Nun

The innocent-looking Ebube is gradually advancing in age with only very few noticing it and she doesn’t seem to have marriage as part of her plans at this time. She seems to be so engrossed in her business and career that marriage is not in her plans right now. Despite her efforts of keeping her private life away from the public, the beautiful actress has had her love life dissected on various tabloids with many linking her to notable celebrities like Kanu Nwankwo, Emanuel Emenike and even KCeee the Limpopo crooner. Nevertheless, none of those rumoured relationships has manifested into anything tangible.

Meanwhile, Ebube has in an interview she granted in 2017, explained why she is still single. Describing her marital status, the actress said she is single but not in a rush. She said she wants to take her time before getting married. Well, who are we to rush her?

Ebube holds a degree certificate in Mass Communication which she obtained from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State. She eventually joined the Nollywood industry in 2003 and has garnered so many awards for her works in the industry. Some of her best movies include Power of Trust, Against My Blood, Me Without You, and Mama, I Will Die for You.

11. Benita Nzeribe

  • Age: 54
  • State of Origin: Anambra State
  • Since: 1998-Present
  • Famous Movies: Fure on Mountain, Street Life, The Scorpion, The Peacemaker, Games Men Play

One of the earliest stars in the Nollywood industry, Benita does not agree that she is growing old. She is still spending the time to let every Dick and Harry know that she is still young, maybe younger than her looks. She says she hasn’t found the right man to love and will get married as soon as she finds him, rich or not. But who knows when this will be?

Benita is one Ihiala, Anambra State-born actress, who hit stardom at the tender age of 18. She got her first movie role in Beyond our dream and became a public figure in 2002 for her amazing role in the blockbuster movie Agony of a Mother. Since her big break to the limelight, she has starred in more than 150 Nollywood movies, including  Fure on Mountain, Street Life, The Scorpion, The Peacemaker, Games Men Play, Peace Talk, and many others.

Benita’s efforts in the industry have also seen her win numerous awards such as Best Actress of the year at the City People Entertainment Award, Best Actress in a supporting role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, Nollywood most promising act to watch at the Best of Nollywood Awards and so on.

12. Franca Brown

  • Age: 54
  • State of Origin: Anambra State
  • Acting Since: Late 1980s
  • Famous Movies: Deep Bondage (2006), Leap Of Faith (2006), Serpent In Paradise (2006)

Franca is an Onitsha, Anambra state-born actress who has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for decades. The actress is also a producer, interior decorator, lawyer, and TV personality. Just like her acting career which is decorated with success, Brown is also excelling in other areas she has ventured into.

In the movie industry, she is best known for her role as Mama Efe in the late 80s’ TV soap opera, Behind the Clouds, Behind the Buka, and River Between. As one of the pioneers of the Nigerian movie industry, Franka has immensely contributed to the fast growth of the industry, exhibiting her talents in acting and producing quality movies.

Franca may have succeeded in her various career endeavors but her love life is still a major concern to many of her fans. At 54 years of age, Franca is still ‘proudly single’ and according to her, marriage is yet to come her way, and when it comes it comes. This means she’s unperturbed about the pressures society mount on women to get settled in marriage once they have reached a certain age.

13. Bryan Okwara

  • Age: 38
  • State of Origin: Imo state
  • Acting Since: 2007–present
  • Famous Movies: If I Am President (2018), The Washerman (2018), The MatchMaker (2015).

Bryan is one of the most handsome men Nollywood has ever had. The 38-year-old Igbo actor and pageant contestant is no doubt a man to die for. His looks and dress sense have made him a hot cake to the ladies. But despite these intimidating physical qualities, he is yet to make a choice of a wife for himself. The reason, according to him is because he is yet to find the right woman to call his wife.

In 2017, the actor who is fond of wearing a ring on his finger said though he’s still searching for his lost rib, he uses the fashion ring to wade off ladies from flocking around him. Talking about when he would be married, Bryan assured his fans that he would get married someday, although he does not know when that would happen. He is apparently not in a haste and he still has age on his side.

Meanwhile, the actor has dated quite a number of ladies, one of which is Bunmi Ademokoya, a model, student. More recently, he was linked to an entrepreneur producing footwear in Lagos, Nigeria. The pair dated for about five years until 2014 when the ex-Mr Nigerian contestant called time on the relationship. His reason, he wanted someone who would make him the best. Currently, the actor is with his long-time girlfriend Marie Miller, and together, they welcomed their son named Zayne Okwara.

Bryan Ikenna Okwara hails from Imo State, Nigeria. He is acclaimed with the title Mr Nigeria which he won in 2007 and also made it to the Mr World Semi Finals in 2007. He began acting in 2007 and has been able to distinguish himself from his peers through his talent and good looks. His first acting role was Heart to Heart, a movie directed by Remi, the CEO of Africa Awake. Other films he has featured in include If I Am President (2018), The Washerman (2018), and The MatchMaker (2015). Also a brand influencer, Bryan has a strong following on various social media platforms.

14. Tina Mba

  • Age: 54
  • State of Origin: Enugu State
  • Acting Since: NA
  • Famous Movies: Omo Ghetto: The Saga (2020), Here Love Lies and Finding Hubby

While some might need help with the search for a life partner, some others never want to give marriage a thought. The likes of Tina Mba may love to fall and swim in love but not when marriage is involved. The TV and stage goddess had once noted that marriage is a burden and has huge responsibilities and as such, anyone who is not ready for it, should not go there.

Tina has been in the movie industry for decades and her contributions to the industry as an actress has earned her numerous awards, including a nomination for the Africa Movie Academy Award in the category of Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the 7th Africa Movie Academy Awards. The Enugu State indigene has two children and she seems comfortable raising them without a husband by her side.

15. Halima Abubakar

  • Age: 54
  • State of Origin: Kogi State
  • Acting Since: 2001-Present
  • Famous Movies: Slip of Fate, Tears of a Child, Secret Shadows, Gangster Paradise

Marriage is the last and worst thing Halima ever wants to talk about. In fact, if she has her way, she’ll hit the faces of people who ever attempt to bug her life with the issue of getting married. She feels it’s nobody’s business and therefore she should be allowed to live the way she wants. The curvy actress has also referred to marriage as a huge burden she may not want to carry.

According to her, marriage these days is largely overrated and “not based on happiness and genuine love, hence, she has no immediate plans to be addressed as a Mrs. anytime soon. Despite her current status as a single lady, Halima has children of her own. In April 2020 she welcome a baby boy. However, the identity of the man she was pregnant for was not revealed.

Halima has been in Nollywood since 2001 and has been doing well for herself, appearing in a number of well-acclaimed movies such as Men in Love (film), and Love Castle. She has taken her popularity to social media where she has more than a million fans on Instagram alone. She uses the platform to endorse brands as an influencer and air her views on several issues bordering her society.


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