How Old Is Osita Iheme? Age and Full Biography of Nollywood Actor ‘Pawpaw”

Osita Iheme, famously known as Pawpaw, is a Nollywood actor and an entrepreneur. He is known for his comedic roles in movies, which he plays alongside his cohort, Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki). The actor is one of Nigeria’s most famous entertainers who has brought laughter to many, both old and young. His roles have also influenced most upcoming actors and helped them to actualize their dreams.

Indeed, he is an actor with a difference, especially in the height department. His stature has made him unique for the roles he plays and makes him stand out. He loves acting and also has several other investments that give him money. These investments, he says, support his acting career. Furthermore, he has a good relationship with his movie twin Chinedu Ikedieze, and nothing comes between them, not even money. Meanwhile, he is still single compared to Chinedu who is already married.

Summary of Osita Iheme’s Profile

  • Full name: Osita Iheme
  • Date of birth: 20th February 1982
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Place of birth: Abia State, Nigeria
  • Education: Lagos State University
  • Occupation: Actor, businessman
  • Net worth: $3.5 million

The 42-year-old Actor Hails From Imo State, Nigeria

Iheme was born on 20th February 1982 in Abia State, but he is a native of Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State. He is the last of five children; four boys and a girl, and they are all successful in their own rights. His parents, Mr. Herbert Iheme and Mrs. Augustina Iheme had plans of training to Ph.D. level, but his father died when he was a kid.

Osita attended College Primary School, Abia State. An interview in 2005 revealed that he was studying Mass Communication at Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). However, we are not sure whether he concluded that degree. Currently, he has a degree in Computer Science from Lagos State University.

Osita Iheme Started His Acting Career in His Early 20s

The actor disclosed in an interview that before his debut in the movie industry, he always had a passion for acting and participated in church dramas. Moreover, the Nollywood star entered the movie industry through an audition his friend took him to. He was chosen, and his Nollywood career kicked off fully. Osita started with playing minor and child roles in movies. As a result of the roles he played, he acted in more comedy movies.

Although he had been acting before the spotlight found him, it was the comic movie Aki na Ukwa that brought him into the limelight. He played the role of a mischievous child in the movie that was released in 2002 and this was the first project where Osita and Chinedu Ikedieze starred together. The duo met in a hotel in Enugu a few weeks before shooting the movie and they were drawn to each other. Their friendship inspired the movie Aki na Ukwa, and it was a success. After this movie, the duo started showing up in movies together.

Since his fame began, Osita has acted in more than 100 movies, and his character role has improved from child roles to more mature roles over the years.

Osita Iheme’s Most Notable Movies

  • Aka Gum – (2002)
  • Okwu na Uka – (2002)
  • Johnny Just Come – (2003)
  • 2 Rats – (2003)
  • Oke Belgium – (2003)
  • Baby Police – (2003)
  • Charge & Bail – (2003)
  • Mr. Ibu – (2004)
  • Spoilers – (2004)
  • Village Boys – (2005)
  • Final World Cup – (2005)
  • Colors of Emotion – (2005)
  • Royal Messengers – (2006)
  • Last Challenge – (2006)
  • Criminal Law – (2006)
  • Boys From Holland – (2006)
  • Stubborn Flies – (2007)
  • Mirror Boy – (2011)
  • Games Men Play 5: Computer Hame Is Our Game – (2018)

His Achievements, Awards, and Influences

Acting has brought Iheme fame and wealth over the years. This fame, however, has earned him some awards and recognition in the movie industry and Nigeria at large. These awards and achievements include:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2007 African Movie Academy Awards.
  • Best Actor, Comedy in the 2014 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards.
  • In 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan honored Osita Iheme with the title Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR).
  • He wrote a motivational book with the title Inspired 101.

Furthermore, the actor has a certain influence on social media activities which started in 2019. His character in Aki na Ukwa is often used as memes with various comic captions and has gained him worldwide fans.

Aside From Acting, Osita Iheme is Also a Businessman

The Nollywood star owns several businesses through which he sustains his lifestyle. He says that acting is not an everyday job because there is no guarantee that you will get a role. To him, acting is not a secured job which is why he invests in several other businesses. These businesses in no way prevent him from acting; rather, it adds to his sources of income. Let’s take a look at these ventures that contribute to his income.

Transport Business

Osita has a transport company that runs from the South-East to Lagos. This inspiration came to him when one of his staff had an accident. What a mild inspiration it is, but it drove him into business.

Hotel Business

Secondly, the star built a hotel in his state, Imo state. This was inspired by the need to create employment and serve humanity. Because Owerri is a tourism destination with a lot of visitors, hence, the hotel business. With the hotel, Iheme plans to provide employment and contribute to the growth and development of his state.

He Authored a Book

Thirdly, Osita wrote a motivational book titled Inspired 101. This book contains his original quotes and some others from the books he has read. He dedicated the book to secondary school students, and some of the copies can be found in school libraries and the National Library.

Record Label

Finally, the Nollywood star owns a record label called Young Boss Records. This label saw the release of two songs from two artists in 2018. He also has an interest in singing. He said in an interview that he loves singing and has some music albums he is yet to release. Also, he is not afraid of the criticisms he will get from the public. All he wants is to do what makes him happy and also sing a song that the people would love.

Iheme also Has Political Ambitions

The actor also nurses a political ambition and when he ventures into it, will be another great source of income for him. His main agenda in this regard is that he would like to lead the people and provide good things for them. And he believes that at the right time and through the grace of God, this dream will be actualized.

For now, he has not made any move into politics and we don’t know the particular post he has set his eyes on. In due time, the actor is expected to declare his intentions.


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