10 Things You Didn’t Know About Patience Ozokwor (Mama Gee)


We all know Mama G as that extremely devious woman in Nollywood movies. Perhaps if you are wicked too, then you are as wicked as Mama G. We all hate her …. and she deserves it. Or why are we supposed to like a wicked woman; a witch to be precise?

Hey, hold!

There is Mama G, and there’s Patience Ozokwor. These two personalities are all embodied in one body. We all know Mama G, but only close friends and family members know Patience Ozokwor. Luckily for you today, if you already know who Mama G is, we will gladly be telling you ten things you didn’t know about Patience Ozokwor… here we go:

1. She’s saved

The supposedly most-wicked woman in Nollywood is saved. And yes, unlike the judgemental you, she might even be going to heaven. During her interviews, this 56-year-old star has always been quick to point out God as the pillar of her success and how she couldn’t have achieved anything were it not for God. She currently attends Dominion City Church, founded by Pastor David Ogbueli.

2. She’s a gospel artist…


Unlike Mama Gee in movies, Patience Ozokwor can actually sing. And that’s not everything that her voice can do; apart from making her that “wicked” Nollywood star, it has made her a formidable gospel artist with real funs. In fact, as we speak, this Nollywood star is planning to release a second gospel album. It even gets more interesting when she points out that she has a dance crew that she’s currently funding…Yes, the celebrated Rhema Entertainment Ministry dance crew… if you’ve heard about it, then be informed; Mama Gee is behind the scenes.

3. She’s a widow…


“That wicked woman might have killed her husband,” you thinking right now. But that’s not true. The truth is that she’s a widow whose husband died from a terminal disease in 2002. By then, their last born child was already in the University.

4. She was once a teacher…

Patience Ozokwor (Mama G)

Before acting, Mama Gee was a qualified teacher. This was after she had completed her studies at Afikpo Teachers Training College. After a few years of teaching, she went ahead and enrolled at IMT Enugu, where she took Fine and Applied Arts, and later specialised in Graphics.

5. She was already a star before acting…

Patience-Ozokwor-Mama-G (1)

While in Afikpo Teachers Training College, Mama Gee had a literature teacher who taught her and a number of other students drama, and then made them present a single play on each semester. On most occasions, she was made to play Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play by the same title, Hamlet. And since other schools used to pay to watch Hamlet, she became extremely popular among students during her college life.

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