Nkem Owoh Biography: Osuofia’s Age, Movies, Songs and Net Worth

Nkem Owoh is a 66 year-old award-winning Nigerian veteran actor, movie producer, comedian, musician, and Nollywood icon best known for his roles in the films Ikuku, Osuofia in London, and Ukwa, and songs like Sọ Chukwu Bu Eze, Pam Pam Style. Through his super-successful career, he has garnered an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Nkem Owoh is a 66 years old phenomenal actor in the competitive Nigerian entertainment industry. Popularly known as Osuofia, Owoh has been remarkably consistent and enormously unruffled in his career that spans more than 3 decades. In the career that has seen him work as a comedic actor, writer, singer, and producer, he has become one of the richest actors in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $4 million.

As an actor, Owoh has worn many shoes of different characters in films such as Osuofia in London (2003), Ukwa (2000), and Lionheart (2018). On the other aspects of his life away from entertainment, he has maintained a position as a humanitarian who has worked for several causes through charities. Some of the organizations he has worked for include Gaurapad Charities and Marian Mission Charities.

Nkem Owoh’s Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Nkem Owoh
  • Nickname: Nwabuoku, Ukwa, Osuofia
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 7 February 1958
  • Nkem Owoh’s Age: 66 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Nkem Owoh’s Wife: Ngozi Nkem Owoh
  • Nkem Owoh’s Children: 2 Daughters
  • Siblings: late Batholomew Owoh 
  • Nkem Owoh’s Net Worth: $4 million
  • Famous For: Acting (Osuofia in London)
  • Education: Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ondo State
  • Osuofia’s Instagram: @nkemowohosuofia
  • Twitter: @its_osuofia
  • Facebook: @nkemowohosuofia

What Is Nkem Owoh’s Age and Where Is He From?

Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) is 66 years old as of 2024 and was born on February 7, 1958, in Amagu Village, Udi Town in Enugu State.

Details about his family are not known except from the fact that his mother died in 2011 in her 80s. Also, Nkem Owoh had a younger brother, Batholomew Owoh, who was allegedly publicly killed in 1985 at the age of 26 for carrying drugs.

In Enugu State, Nkem began his educational pursuit before moving to Abeokuta in Ondo State to study engineering at the Federal University of Agriculture.

Who is Nkem Owoh’s Wife?

Nkem Owoh’s wife’s name is Ngozi Nkem Owoh. The actor has been married to his wife since 1998, and their union produced two daughters. While Nkem Owoh is famous for his prolific career in the entertainment industry, his wife prefers to stay away from the public limelight. Hence, not much is known about her or her career. However, it is certain that the couple are still married and living together happily.

Are Nkem Owoh and Chinwe Owoh Related?

Nkem Owoh and Chinwe Owoh are related as in-laws and not as siblings or a couple as many may have assumed. Both Chinwe and Nkem Owoh have featured in many films together but have never been a real-life couple. Veteran actress Chinwe Owoh may have been married into the Owoh family, unfortunately, there are no details regarding her husband. However, she is said to have children and grandchildren. Nkem Owoh, on the other hand, is still happily married to his wife of 36 years and they are blessed with children.

What Led to Nkem Owoh’s Daughter’s Death?

Nkem Owoh’s daughter died on June 28, 2023, after suffering from liver cancer. The veteran actor’s daughter Kosisochukwu died at the age of 24. Not much is known about her or her career accomplishments but according to the veteran actor, Kosisochukwu was his second daughter and she passed away after several months of fighting liver problems. Her baby was laid to rest on August 24 in Enugu State, in Amagu village, Udi, Enugu State.

He Nurtured The Dream of Becoming a Professional Football Player and Later an Engineer

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At a young age, Nkem Owoh was an athlete who explored the game of football. He would go on to represent his zone and state at football competitions. His love for the game was fast becoming a dream of becoming a professional. However, his dream could not come to reality, especially because his parents did not accept it.

Along the line, Nkem started honing the dream of moving to become a professional engineer. This would lead to his heading to the southwestern part of Nigeria to build himself through education.

Osuofia’s First Job Was With The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)

Osuofia started his journey in the corporate world in Enugu after he elected to work professionally. His first port of work was with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Although it is not known how much he earned, it became a major stepping stone for the career of the then-broadcaster.

Also as a broadcaster, the actor worked with the Anambra State Broadcasting Services (ASBS). With the progression of time, he continued with his career in broadcasting until he made a leap into the acting scenery where he would move to become one of the most celebrated in recent years.

He Started His Career In The Movie Industry As A Writer

Since the time that he was a child, Nkem Owoh had developed talent as an actor and comedian. He would go on to act on stage as a student. Nonetheless, his career in the movie sector as a professional started with him working as a writer. He notably handled the subtitle of an Igbo language home video titled Living in Bondage. Also as a writer, he was responsible for making scripts for different sitcoms across Nigeria.

His writing credits in the earliest years of his career include the following:

  • The New Masquerade
  • Bassey and Company
  • Tales by the Moonlight

While he was exploring his career as a scriptwriter, the veteran multi-award-winning Nollywood actor later landed his first movie role in Circle of Doom. In the film, he played the role of a Customs Officer.

In 1987, he featured in Things Fall Apart – a film adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s book of the same title. He was in the film alongside other veteran actors such as Fabian Adibe, Pete Edochie, late Justus Esiri, and Sam Loco Efe among others.

His Fame Skyrocketed After Featuring in Ukwa

It was in the year 2000 that Nkem Owoh featured in the comedy-drama, Ukwa. Although it was the first time he was featured as a lead character, the film was a remarkable success and he gained notable recognition. He appeared in it alongside Patience Ozokwor, Amaechi Muonagor, and Sam Loco.

A sequel titled Ukwa 2 was subsequently released and it enjoyed similar success. Prior to that, he was featured in Pam Pam (1997). It did not take long for the actor to land other roles as he appeared in other late 1990s films such as Kiss Me Quick (1998), Conspiracy (1999), and Big Man… Big Trouble (1999).

Even though it is difficult to trace how much the actor earned in the earliest days of his career, the 2000s came with a new wave in his acting profession. He featured as Onye-Eze in the movie of the same title (2001), Fake Doctor (2001), Long John (2002), Spanner (2002), Mr. Trouble (2003), and Lion Finger (2003) among others.

Nkem Owoh Got His Nickname Osuofia From One Of His Earliest Movies

At the age of 45 in 2003, Owoh reached international stardom with a comedy film titled Osuofia in London. The film, which was produced by Kingsley Ogoro and Kola and was directed by Kingsley Ogoro, centers its story on the life of Osuofia. It is noteworthy that the actor was first called Osuofiason in the film Ikuku in 1995. The screen name has gone on to somewhat replace his real name.

In Osuofia in London, the actor portrayed a villager from Nigeria whose brother left him a lot of wealth following his demise. Osuofia headed to London and found his late brother’s fiancee, Samantha. There was a twist on whether Osuofia should follow the custom of his home which would allow him to inherit Samantha (as a wife), or go with her custom.

The fame of the movie would add further to Nkem Owoh being known widely as Osuofia. It also won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Soundtrack and was commercially successful. A year after its release in 2004, a sequel titled Osuofia in London 2 was pushed into the market. Like the first one, it also received positive reviews and grossed highly.

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In the same year, Nkem Owoh would feature in films such as Spanner Goes to Jail, The Master, and Akanchawa. In 2007, when he was 49, the actor featured in Stronger Than Pain and his performance as Ulonna won him an African Movie Award in the category of Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Even though Osuofia was part of several other movies in recent times, he most notably appeared in Lionheart in 2018. It is still buttoned-up how much he made in the movie. Nonetheless, the movie remains one of the highest-grossing movies of all time in Nigeria with ₦21.3 million. It also made the history of becoming the first Netflix original film in Nigeria.

Nkem Owoh’s Movies Include

  • My Village People 2021
  • Kpali (2019)
  • Chief Daddy (2018)
  • Lionheart (2018)
  • Ghana Must Go (2015)
  • Military Zone (2012)
  • His Holiness (2008)
  • Johnbull & Rosekate (2007)
  • A Fool at 40 (2005)
  • Bus Driver (2005)
  • The Master (2004)
  • King of Forest (2003)
  • Long John (2002)
  • Onye-Eze (2002)
  • Ukwa (2000)
  • Big Man…Big Trouble (1999)
  • Rattle Snake (1995)
  • Things Fall Apart (1987)

Nkem Owoh Also Makes A Living As A Movie Producer

In the late 1990s, Osuofia became a movie producer. He produced movies such as Kiss Me Quick (1998), Yogo Pam Pam (1998), and Pam Pam (1997). In 2002, he wrote and produced a film called King of the Forest. In spite of the film not making a huge commercial success, the actor would report that it remains one of his favorite movies.

Generally, many of the movies of Nkem Owoh rally around the genres of comedy and drama. What remains under wraps, however, is the exact fortune he may have generated as a movie producer.

He Had A Music Career

Nkem Owoh proved to be versatile in the entertainment industry when he ventured into music. In 2004, he released several songs with the most notable being “I Go Chop Your Dollar”. The song was featured in the movie The Master where the actor played the role of a fraudster.

Although the song gained massive attention, it also became controversial. The lyrical content of the song would lead to accusations that the Osuofia in London veteran actor was promoting fraud. As such, the song was banned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as well as by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission.

The music career of the actor took a hiatus and sometime in 2017, he reportedly made a comeback but in a different light. Rather than continuing with songs about love amidst other themes, he opted for gospel music. One thing that remains the same nonetheless is the fact that he earns from the career even though it may not be compared to how much wealth he has generated in the acting scenery.

List of Nkem Owoh’s Songs

Below is a complete list of songs released by the famous actor and singer Nkem Owoh

  • Sọ Chukwu Bu Eze
  • Pam Pam Style
  • Olamma
  • Emere Ole
  • Susanna
  • Ogbajuo Doro
  • ime Jesus
  • Am a Master, You are a Loser
  • Know me When am Poor
  • Agreement
  •  I Go Chop Your Dollar
  • Mama No Know ‘N’ Pikin Again

He Graces Many Stages as a Comedian

Osuofia made people laugh naturally even before he became an actor. As a result, he also unleashes this talent on stage, attending several events around the world to make people laugh. Obviously, his comedy career has fetched Owoh a good fortune but there is no certainty how much wealth he has been able to draw from the career.

Endorsements Have Added To Nkem Owoh’s Net Worth


In 2012, it came to light that Nkem Owoh was named a brand ambassador of the telecom company, MTN, alongside Davido and Patience Ozokwor. Years came along and the endorsement deal has been renewed, making him one the longest-serving ambassadors of the brand in Nigeria. The brand also features the actor in its advertisements. The wealth he has made from the deal alone is reportedly in millions of Naira.


Sometime around 2021, Nkem Owoh joined the brand ambassadors of the alcoholic brand Hero. He is also one of the brand ambassadors that champion ₦50 Igba Boi Apprenticeship scheme that would help raise 100 apprentice to enjoy ₦500,000 at the end of 6 months of mentorship under different mentors.

What is Nkem Owoh’s Net Worth?

Nkem Owoh boasts of a net worth estimated at $4 million. He garnered this amount from his very successful career in Nollywood, which spans more than three decades and he is believed to be one of the richest actors in Nigeria. One of the biggest contributors to Nkem Owoh’s net worth is his acting career with films like Lion Heart, Chief Daddy, Battle on Buka Street, and My Village People, leading the trail.

We also have endorsement deals as one of the major contributors to Nkem Owoh’s net worth. No doubt, his deals with top company brands in Nigeria like MTN and Hero were huge enough to make a meaningful impact on his fast-growing net worth.

Is Nkem Owoh The Highest Paid Actor in Nollywood?

Osuofia may not be the highest-paid actor in Nigeria but he is definitely one of the highest-paid and also one of the richest Nigerian actors. Many actors in his league in the industry receive up to a million Naira and above per role. He is also notable for mostly playing lead roles. Hence, his earnings may be higher than a lot of other actors or play supporting roles only.

In relation to this, the actor has also appeared in some of the highest-grossing movies in Nigeria such as Chief Daddy (387.5 million), My Village People (100.9 million), and Lionheart (21.3 million).

In spite of the wealth he has gained for decades since his career as a broadcaster and now as an entertainer, Nkem Owoh has also lost a relative income. The most notable is when he was kidnapped in November 2009. Although his abductors demanded 15 million, they were later handed 1.4 million for his release.

Prior to that, in 2007, he was arrested in Amsterdam, Netherlands after he was accused of suspected fraud. Perhaps he may have spent some fortune in trying to gain his freedom.

Some Awards Won By Osuofia
  • City People Movie Special Recognition Award (2014)
  • AMAA- The Life Time Achievement Award (LTAA, 2017)
  • Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (2008)
  • City People Lifetime Achievement Award (2017)

Where is Nkem Owoh Now?

The comedian cum actor has maintained his relevance in the entertainment industry for more than 3 decades. He has evolved with time and continues to be part of movies as an actor. In 2021, he appeared in My Village People alongside other actors such as Bovi and Amaechi Muonagor.

Additionally, Nkem Owoh also promotes a YouTube channel with the aim of sharing his comedy. However, it was at the time of this writing taken down due to a copywriter claim by Sunny Nwatu.

While it may be difficult to trace how the actor spends his fortune in his thriving career, it may not come as a shock that he may have a home in more than a place, including in his hometown Enugu. He also may have luxurious cars. Although this has not been proven, it is reported that the actor is an owner of cars such as:

  • Mitsubishi Montero SUV (costs about 10 million Naira)
  • Mercedes Benz 4matic (worth more than 15 million Naira)

Furthermore, apart from showbiz, Nkem Owoh is involved in charities. He has worked closely to raise funds for disabled children through the Marian Mission Charity. He also supports other courses through different NGOs.


Who is Nkem Owoh?

Nkem Owoh is a Nigerian veteran actor, movie producer, comedian, and musician from Udi in Enugu state. Nkem Owoh is best known as Osofia following his role in the popular film Osuofia in London.

How old Is Nkem Owoh?

Nkem Owoh is 66 years old. He was born on February 7, 1958, in Amagu Village, Udi Town in Enugu State.

Who are Nkem Owoh’s Children? 

Nkem Owoh has two daughters one of which is Kosisochukwu Nkem Owoh who passed away in June 2023. The identity of his first daughter is not known.

What is Knem Owoh’s Net worth?

Nkem Owoh’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. He garnered his net worth from his successful career in the entertainment industry.


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