10 Most Popular Nigerian Music Videos on Youtube


Nigeria has been ranked second in Africa as the country with the most YouTube viewers. The tremendous growth in the number of on-line video viewers is a clear indication of how YouTube has immensely grown to be more profound in Nigeria and, at the same time, become the best platform for artists to promote their music on-line. Consequently, Nigerian artists can now enjoy having more than a million views for their music videos on YouTube just like some of the world’s most renowned artists, let’s look at the 10 most popular Nigerian Music videos on YouTube:

D’Banj — Oliver Twist

Released on 11th May 2012 from the UK, Oliver Twist is currently one of the most successful Nigerian music videos on YouTube. This music video has over 23 million views on YouTube, which also makes it the most popular music video in Africa. Besides that, on may 26th, it was debuted at position 9 in the UK’s singles chart. This was actually the first D’Banj’s single to ever appear in the chart.

P-Square featuring Akon — Chop my money

‘Chop my money’ music video by P-square featuring Akon is currently the second most watched Nigerian music video. Even though this video was released only a year ago, it has managed to attract over 18 million views on YouTube, making it the second most popular music video in Nigeria. This music video was directed by Ben Marc and Jude Okoye, shortly after it was recorded by Akon’s Konvict Muzik — who are currently in partnership with the P-square duo.

P-square featuring Rick Ross — Beautiful Onyinye

With over 15 million views, ‘Beautiful Onyinye’ music video by P-square and Rick Ross is definitely the third most watched Nigerian music Video on YouTube. It was the third single from their fifth studio album, The ‘Invasion’, and the most popular single from the album. Furthermore, this single has received several positive reviews since its release, and has been featured in different charts from all across the world. They recorded this single shortly after they had entered into a contract with both konvict music and the Universal Music Group.

P-square — Do me

One of the most viewed YouTube videos in Africa is Do me by P-square. This hit single from the ‘Game over’ album was released in 2007 and has so far managed to gain over 11 million views on YouTube, which makes it the third most watched P-square music video on YouTube and the third most watched YouTube videos in Nigeria. In fact, the album that had this single sold over a million copies within the first week of its release, and has so far sold over 8 million copies in total since its release.


P-square — Personally

As a tribute to Michael Jackson, this single is currently the fourth most successful music video from P-square. And despite being released only five months ago, it has managed to attract over 9 million views on YouTube, making it the fourth most watched YouTube videos in Nigeria. Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine Jackson’s also commended this video and acclaimed P-square for being sensational and excellent performers when singing and dancing to this song.