Who Is Mr Eazi’s Girlfriend Temi Otedola?

Temi Otedola is a Nigerian actress and blogger best known for her  starring role in Citation (2020) and also for being the daughter of billionaire businessman Femi Otedola.

Nigeria singer and songwriter Mr. Eazi, the pioneer of Banku music, a sound he said is the mixture of Ghanaian highlife and Nigerian chord patterns, has been dating Temi Otedola, the daughter of a Nigerian billionaire. Together, the duo runs a joint podcast which they call “How far.” On it, they talk about various issues and even their love life.

However, since the inception of their relationship, the couple has never been involved in a controversy, even though they have been a trending topic on Nigerian Twitter on many occasions. Many have talked about how Temi is richer than Mr. Eazi, but they have not allowed it to affect their relationship.

Summary of Temi Otedola’s Biography

  • Full name: Temiloluwa Elizabeth Otedola
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 20 April 1996
  • Temi Otedola’s Age: 27 years old
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Engaged
  • Temi Otedola’s Partner: Mr Eazi
  • Temi Otedola’s Parents: Femi Otedola and Nana Otedola
  • Siblings: Olawunmi Christy Otedola (aka Tolani), Ifeoluwa Florence Otedola (aka DJ Cuppy), and Fewa Otedola
  • Education: University of London
  • Occupation: Blogger, Actress
  • Temi Otedola’s Height in Inches: 5′ 5”
  • Temi Otedola’s Net worth: $2 million
  • Famous for: Her starring role in Citation (2020) and also for being the daughter of billionaire businessman Femi Otedola.
  • Temi Otedola’s Instagram: temiotedola
  • Twitter: @TemiOtedola

Temi is The Daughter Of Billionaire Businessman Femi Otedola

Temi is the last daughter of Femi Otedola, a businessman famous as the founder and CEO of the oil and gas company Zenon Petroleum. Her father’s net worth is estimated at $1.8 billion. Temi graduated from University College London, where she studied Art History. After completing her education, she pursued a career as a blogger. Since 2014, she has run a fashion blog called JTO Fashion. Temi posts some of her fashion, art, beauty, and travel experiences on her verified Instagram account, where she has a large following of over 1.2 million.

She did this for many years before making her acting debut in the 2020 Netflix original movie, Citation. In the movie, which Kunle Afolayan produced, she played the main character Moremi. The movie was commercially successful, and it bagged a few awards, with Temi herself winning an award at Ghana Movie Awards for Best Actress. She received other nominations, including one for Revelation of the Year at the Best of Nollywood Awards.

Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi Met At An Event in London

On the first episode of their podcast titled “How Far,” Temi stated that she and Mr. Eazi met at an event in Knightbridge, London, which they were both invited to by her sister DJ Cuppy. According to her, she got there while her sister was performing and had to join Mr. Eazi at the table reserved for them. Temi revealed that she had no idea he would be there that night and was only trying to be her normal social and friendly self at the table, but Mr. Eazi was rude to her.

Mr. Eazi replied and said he just wanted her to know that he wasn’t interested in her and was only there to watch her sister play. He also said after the show, whenever he texted her, she gave slow replies on purpose. Temi Otedola also revealed that when they started dating, DJ Cuppy, her elder sister, told her that even if their relationship fails, she will continue to work with Mr. Eazi, and she was serious about it.

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The Duo Began Their Relationship in 2018

Temi and Mr. Eazi have been together for about 6 years now. The duo started dating in 2018 and has been so open about their relationship. Temi revealed in an episode of her podcast that at the initial stage of their relationship, she set up a dinner date in a fancy restaurant to introduce her boyfriend to her billionaire dad, Femi Otedola. Their relationship is well accepted by Mr. Otedola, so much that he even posted a picture of Eazi on his personal Instagram page, wishing him a happy birthday. Temi Otedola once shared a photo of her and Mr Eazi, and Mr. Otedola left a comment jokingly asking, “Moremi, when una go marry?”

The duo’s relationship has been so beautiful, controversy-free, and envious. They’ve had romantic getaways at Mikonos, Greece, Tuscany, Italy, and other unknown private islands. The couple has no business with keeping their relationship private, and they pay no attention to trolls. Mr Eazi was reported to have said Temi Otedola is his one and only girlfriend, and there’s nothing hidden about it. Reacting to people saying he was dating her because of her father’s wealth, Eazi said: “What comes out of me is who I am, at the end of the day, people can say what they want.”

They Run a Podcast Dubbed “How far with Temi Otedola & Mr Eazi

Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi have a podcast called “How Far,” where they discuss everything about their relationship and the ‘dos and don’ts’ in relationships. They’ve had a few episodes so far where they give their fans more details about their relationship.

On one of their episodes, they made it open that Mr. Eazi pays for all the dates they have been on, and he advised men always to do the same in their relationships. On their first date, which was actually problematic, Mr. Eazi took Temi to a radio station. They revealed that they are absolute opposites of each other, and it hasn’t affected their relationship. Mr. Eazi travels a lot, but they spend quality time together for the first time during the Coronavirus enforced lockdown. They buy birthday presents for each other etc.

Their Relationship Has Been Controversy Free

At the initial stage when Temi Otedola and Mr. Eazi started dating, speculations started floating around saying that Mr. Eazi was just a gold digger and just wanted Temi because of her father’s wealth. Others said they wouldn’t last together like most celebrity relationships that don’t last long.

It’s been a few years ever since, and the duo has proved doubters wrong. They go on vacations, trips and even publicly celebrate their anniversaries and birthdays. They launched their podcast where they discuss everything about their relationship and careers and give out relationship advice. Their relationship is so matured that there are no cheating scandals or negative stories have surfaced. They are both in a relationship that compliments each other nicely and are open about it.

Temi Otedola is Slightly Richer Than Mr Eazi

Mr. Eazi, who gets most of his income from his music (performing at concerts and record sales), makes a good level of fortune for himself. As of 2019, his total asset was over $1.5 million, while his girlfriend, who is a fashion blogger and actress, has a net worth of $2 million.


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