Where Is Ada Ehi From? An Intriguing Look Into The Singer’s Biography

Ada Ehi (born 18 September 1987) is a Nigerian songwriter, gospel singer, recording and performing artist from Imo State, Nigeria.

She is the current face of Nigerian gospel music. As a singer, Ada started her career as a backup singer to a child star, Tosin Jegede. She started singing at the age of 10, but it was not until 2009 that she started singing professionally under Loveworld Records.

The singer’s style is Pop Rock and Gospel music alternative (contemporary gospel). She is talented in such a way that she can blend various styles of music and combine them with strong lyrics. She is one of the best in the Nigerian gospel music world and a force to reckon with in the industry.

Profile Summary of Ada Ehi

  • Full name: Ada Ogochukwu Ehi
  • Date of birth: 18th September 1987
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Place of birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
  • State of origin: Imo State, Nigeria
  • Education: Lagos State University (LASU)
  • Occupation: Gospel Singer, Songwriter
  • Marital Status: Married

The 36-Year-Old Singer is from Imo State, Nigeria

The singer was born into the family of Victor and Mabel Ndukauba on 18th September 1987. Although she is an Imo State indigene, she was born and brought up in Lagos State. She is the only girl and the second child in a family of four. Together with her brothers, they grew up listening to gospel music, their father’s most cherished genre of music. This made her develop a love for gospel music from a tender age. There is no much information on her brothers, including their names, occupation, and what they are up to now.

Growing up, Ada’s father owned a big library of songs. He loved Mozart, Bach, and other classical music brands. His love for music positively influenced the songwriter’s musical taste. Her parents also supported and encouraged her in her chosen career. As a Lagos brought up, Ehi credits her perspectives to her Lagos upbringing. She said that it helped her think as a Nigerian and not just an Igbo. Tribalism has no place in her songs; however, she produces music for everyone, irrespective of your tribe.

She is a Lagos State University (LASU) Alumni

The gospel singer completed her primary and secondary school education in Lagos State. There is no much information on her early education. Further, she attended Lagos State University and graduated with a degree in Chemical and Polymer Engineering. While still a student at the Lagos State University, the singer gained and participated fully in the Believer’s Loveworld Campus Fellowship, a fellowship under the Christ Embassy Church.

Ada Ehi Started Her Music Career at the age of 10

At the early age of 10, the gospel music star started her singing career. She became a member of the Girls’ band of the child star, Tosin Jegede. She saw herself doing what she loved and singing alongside a celebrity. This was the first band she joined, and her love for music was strengthened there. While she was in the university, Ada continued her career by joining the student fellowship at LASU. Having gotten the necessary foundation, she joined and participated actively in the Music Ministry of Christ Embassy called Christ Embassy Presidential Choir, where she achieved her full potential.

At Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s church, she got the opportunity to minister with the pastor around the world. She traveled places and performed in African countries, America, and Europe. Further, Ada joined Loveworld Records in 2009, a label that saw the production of her songs and albums for some time. She released her debut album titled Undenied in 2009 with Loveworld. Later on, the singer released two more albums in 2014, Lifted and So Fly. 

Her other album, Future Now, released in 2017, brought her a top spot on iTunes Nigeria the day it was released. Her EP titled Ada’s EP was released in 2019. She is currently signed to FreeNation Inc record label. Since her first song and album release, Ehi has continued to release more songs and albums to date. She made her way from a backup singer to a successful Nigerian Artist. Ada Ehi has become an international songwriter and gospel singer.

Highlight of Ada Ehi’s Songs and Albums


  • Only You Jesus (2016)
  • I Testify (2016)
  • Yes (2011)
  • Cheta (2016)
  • In Your Name (2017)
  • Our God Reigns (2015)
  • I Believe in You (2011)
  • Yahweh (2017)
  • Bobo Me (2012)
  • Not Alone (2011)
  • Fix My Eyes on You Ft. Sinach (2020)
  • Now (2020)


  • Undenied (2011)
  • So Fly (2014)
  • Lifted (2014)
  • Future Now (2017)
  • Ada’s EP Vol 1 (2019)
  • Born of God (2020)
  • Everything (2021)

Her Awards and Recognition

Over the course of her career, Ada has bagged some awards and has been recognized nationally and internationally. Some of these awards and recognitions are listed below.

  • Ada made it to the YNaija’s Top 100 Christian Personalities in Nigeria.
  • She won the 2017 Groove Awards for West African Artist of the Year, an award she was nominated alongside prominent singers like Joe Praiz, Frank Edwards, The Preachers, and Sinach.
  • Her song “Only You” was listed as one of the 20 most viewed songs of the decade from Nigeria in 2019.

Ada Ehi Has Collaborated with Several Gospel Artists

In the music industry, successful singers collaborate with upcoming ones to bring them to the spotlight and gain more fans. It earns both singers more exposure in the career. Some of these collaborations produce songs that will create a lasting picture in the fans’ memory, and they last longer in the industry. These collaborations can also be between two music giants. For Ada Ehi, she has collaborated with singers like Victor Ike, rapper Limoblaze, Nimix, to mention a few.

She featured Victor Ike in the remix of her song “Bobo Me,” one of the songs in the So Fly album. She collaborated with rapper Lomoblaze to produce the song, Okay, released on her birthday on 18th September 2020. They prepared their fans for this combo before the release on their social media accounts. Their posts got many interested and left them anticipating the song. The success of the song impacted both artists positively in their individual careers.

Another collaboration is the one with Nimix. Ada Ehi is signed with FreeNation. When Nimix signed up with Freenation music label, he released a lineup of songs, of which Hasinibu is one of his singles. He featured Ada Ehi in this song. She also featured Sinach in one of her songs, “Fix My Eyes on You.”

The Singer is a Lover of Fashion

Beyond her singing career, Ada is a lover of fashion. She dresses in outstanding clothes. When asked in an interview about her dressing, she said she loves looking good and loves to see people look good. She also reveals that one’s dressing speaks for the person. For her, if anyone approaches her to talk to her, the person’s dressing says the kind of attention to be given to that person. If you are looking good, it will make her interested in what you have to say.

She believes that fashion is an outward expression of the inner self, and if you are representing someone, you should look like the person you are representing. Gone are the days Christians dress in a certain way. Ada also says that whatever she wears on stage, she will wear it off stage as well. Like a good Christian she is, she believes that Christians should look good because Christ loves good things. And Christians should not dress differently for different occasions; rather, they should dress well and look good at all times.

Ada Married Her Heartthrob, Ehi Moses, in 2008

Ada met her husband and best friend, Ehi Moses, when she was in the university. She revealed in an interview that they met at the church, and theirs is love at first sight. Being a woman that knows what she wants and always goes for it, the two love birds finally tied the knot in 2008, when she was just 21 years old. It is worthy of note that Ada’s husband is also her manager. Their marriage is blessed with two beautiful kids. Their love for each other knows no bounds, and they have continued to support each other ever since.

Together, the husband and wife have made many sacrifices to make their marriage work. Ada reveals that sometimes, her husband will be the one to take care of the kids while she is on tour. He has also contributed positively to seeing her career move to the next level. When she is not working, Ada Ehi spends time with her family and plays her part well as the mother of the house.


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