Revelations About Onyeka Onwenu’s Secret Husband and The Children They Share

Onyeka Onwenu, who is currently 72 years old, has been presumed for a long time to be an unmarried woman or perhaps a single mother. The popular belief stood its ground for so long, especially because she is still called by her maiden name, ‘Onwenu.’ However, Onyeka is married to a Yoruba Muslim man, with whom she has two children.

Born on 31 January 1952, Onyeka has been in the spotlight since the 1980s when she started as a youth corps member, serving at National Television Authority (NTA). She later became one of the Board of Directors member of the TV Network. However, more to her fame is due to her being a musician best known for One Love, Ekwe, Dancing in The Sun, Iyogogo, etc.

Having a successful career in the music industry and as a TV presenter, Onwenu added acting to her portfolio. She started her acting career in 1999, starring in Nightmare (1999). She would later appear in Rising Moon (2005), Half of a Yellow Sun (2013), Lionheart (2018), and Muna (2019), among others. Onyeka is also a politician, writer, and activist. With all the names she has made herself, Onyeka is still a private woman whose love and family lives are sketchy. Nevertheless, here’s what to know about her husband, family, and the men she has been linked to.

Onyeka Onwenu Married Mr. Ogunlende in 1984

The Elegant Stallion, as she is fondly called, has many aspects of her life known by the public. However, she has kept her marriage at the far ends of the public as possible. But in her well-accepted memoir titled My Father’s Daughter, which was originally published on September 30, 2020, Onyeka opened up about finding love in Ogunlende in 1984 and becoming married to him.

Ogunlende was a Yoruba Muslim man, but Onyeka remains a Christain and would live many years being at the forefront of many things the concern the Igbos. In the same vein, she served as a chairperson of the Imo State Council for Arts and Culture. This remains one of the reasons why she has constantly been presumed to have never been married. Nevertheless, she is a woman who prefers that her husband, Ogunlende’s identity is left concealed. It remains a mystery if they were divorced or whether he is still alive. However, they had two sons together.

Their Marriage Produced Two Children (Sons)

Her First Son, Tijana Charles Ogunlende, is a Photographer

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Having studied in the United States, Tijani has taken to photography and would live many years of his life expressing himself through taking pictures that depict reality. He is also an accomplished graphic designer who further holds a master’s degree in the field. In his career, Tijani works within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Nevertheless, he lives a private life with very few details known about him.

Abraham Ogunlende is a Painter and Singer

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He was born in 1992 as Ibrahim Ogunlende but later adopted Abraham as his name. However, he is renowned as Painter Abe. He is an accomplished painter who has achieved a lot through his works and was one of the 6 artists showcased at the Rele Young contemporaries 2019. The artist also had several successful art shows in Nigeria, mostly under the pseudonym ‘Bloom.’

Even with his success as an artist, Painter Abe studied Business Management at the University of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He chose arts because it has always been his interest, and he expresses himself better in painting. Also, he has a career in the music industry as a singer, a songwriter, and a producer who also featured in Onyeka’s song Arumba.

Onyeka Onwenu Has Been Linked To Other Prominent Personalities

Fela Kuti Wanted To Marry The Singer

Shortly after her return to Nigeria, Onyeka met the legendary musician and activist, Fela Kuti, at an event. Although there was no form of relationship or friendship whatsoever at that time, Fela invited her to a concert, which she failed to attend. However, his interest in her took another turn after he left jail. At that time, Onyeka was so much of a good writer and had the interest of society at heart.

So when Fela was sent to prison for attempting to travel with his crew with the possession of the cash amount of 1,600 pounds, which was not allowed by the Nigerian government, while a traditional ruler was allegedly allowed with 53 briefcases of money in foreign currency, the Buhari and Idiagbon administration chose to punish only Fela. She saw the injustice and documented it in an article shared in the Vanguard newspaper.

Fela then invited her to his concert again. According to her revelation in her Memoir, she thought Fela was calling to appreciate her for the article that may have contributed towards his becoming free. To her surprise, the multi-award-winning singer instead asked that she become his wife. However, Onyeka turned down his offer claiming she was a possessive lover and didn’t want to be his other woman. Fela never made any further advances at her.

She Has Been Linked To Chris Okotie

While still very much vibrant in the music industry, Chris Okotie and Onyeka were colleagues but never had a music collaboration. However, people claim that Onwenu and the singer and pastor may have had a love affair. However, Onyeka Onwenu never accepted to have had any form of romantic relationship with Okotie. Also, when asked in an interview if she had a love thing with Okotie, she only laughed and shoved it aside.

Onyeka Onwenu Reputedly Had A Daughter With King Sunny Ade

It is uncommon to have celebrities be in a romantic relationship. However, it is also not unusual for fans to create stories about celebrities. Onyeka Onwenu and singer Sunny Ade happen to be among notable celebrities who have been rumored to have been in a relationship. The rumor even became more when they released their hit song, Wait For Me, as it was alleged that the day the song was going to be launched was the same day of their supposed wedding.

More to it, Onyeka presumably had a daughter with the singer, and also some other top people, including the former Nigerian Head of State Ibrahim Babangida, approached Onyeka about her relationship with Sunny Ade. But as with most of the other rumors, she denied the claims.


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