How to Buy, Borrow or Load Data on MTN

MTN customers can buy, borrow, or load data by using the USSD code, the mobile app, or visiting any MTN outlet or POS agent. To subscribe to MTN data, dial *131*1#, to recharge MTN airtime, dial *555*PIN#, and to borrow MTN data, dial *606#.

MTN communication network constantly strives to bring the most efficient communication services to its customers. One of their most popular services is data and internet services. They offer several simple ways of accessing data services. To reach out to customers who can’t afford to pay for the data service, MTN provided data borrowing options.

How to Load MTN Card

There are still different processes MTN customers can use to recharge an MTN card. It all uses a subscription code but is differentiated by attached offers. Below are the different ways one can load an MTN card:

  • Using *555#
  • Using *888#

How to load MTN card using *555#

To load your card using the code, simply dial *555*MTN 10 digit recharge PIN#. This will automatically add the airtime value to your MTN airtime balance.

How to Recharge MTN Card using *888#

This recharge option is for MTN customers that are on the MTN AWUF4U plan. Dial *888*MTN 10 digit recharge card PIN# to recharge using the code.

How to Subscribe on MTN

MTN provided different platforms to subscribe to data. They focused on making the platforms user-friendly. Below are some of the ways customers can subscribe to data on MTN:

  • USSD code
  • SMS
  • Bank App
  • MyMTN web and App
  • MTN outlets
  • POS agents

MTN Subscription Code

Customers can dial *131*1# or *904# to select the most preferable from the network’s list of available data plans. Note that the *904# process takes you to the MTN OnDemand platform, where you have options of different channels to buy data.

Can I Buy MTN Data through SMS?

To buy a data plan using the SMS channel, send the data bundle plan keyword to 131. You will be automatically subscribed to the data plan.

How to Buy MTN Data Using Bank App

To buy a data plan from any bank mobile app, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your mobile bank app
  • Scroll to ‘Pay Bills’
  • On the next page, tap on ‘Mobile Top Up’ or ‘Recharge’
  • Click on ‘Data Subscription’
  • Select MTN as the network to subscribe from
  • Select the data plan you wish to buy
  • Input your transaction PIN
  • Then click on confirm

Your data balance will immediately be credited with the value of data plan subscribed.

How to Subscribe Data using MyMTN web and App

We will look at buying data using the MyMTN web page and the app with the same method. This is because they use the same method but on a different platform. To subscribe to data on any of the MyMTN platforms, follow the steps below:

  • Access the MyMTN web page or open your downloaded MyMTN App.
  • Input your mobile number to log in
  • On the homepage, scroll to bundle on the header below
  • Select the data plan from the list of available data plans.

Can I Buy Data in MTN Outlets

It is still very much possible to buy a data plan through any MTN outlet across the country. Customers can even walk into any physical office and demand to subscribe to a data plan. All that will be requested is the MTN mobile number and the data value. This process takes time, as customers cannot bear the stress of going to MTN outlets.

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Is it Possible to Buy MTN Data Through POS agents?

Yes, it is very much possible to subscribe to your data through any POS outlet. This is useful when you have borrowed airtime from MTN, and recharging your line to buy data will fund the debt balance, you subscribe through POS. To do this, walk into any POS outlet, demand a data subscription, and pay the amount and the POS charge. The agent will credit your data balance with the equivalent amount paid.

MTN Code to Borrow Data

The code to borrow data is *606#. This is a provision made for users who have a need for data but cannot pay at the moment. This is also known as the MTN Xtrabyte loan on the MTN network.

How to Qualify to Borrow Data on MTN

To ensure that you may access the MTN Xtrabyte data loan on MTN, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an MTN prepaid SIM
  • You have your phone number registered with MTN
  • You have been using the MTN network for at least three months
  • You must have spent at least N200 every month for the past three months
  • Have a balance of N0 to N75 in your airtime account.
  • Repay any XtraByte airtime or data borrowing requests that were outstanding

Can I Check My Eligibility to Borrow Data?

There are two major means of doing this, and they are as follows:

  • Dial *606#, click on My Account, and press 1 to check eligibility.
  • To use the SMS option, send STATUS to 606. This will automatically reply to you with a message stating your eligibility status.

How to Borrow Data from MTNMTN Data

Below is how one can borrow data on the MTN network:

  • Dial *606# using the number you wish to subscribe to the data.
  • Select the desired data plan from the options provided on your screen
  • Once this is done, you will receive a message confirming the borrowed data and the interest charged.

What is the Least Amount of MTN Data One can Borrow?

The least amount of data one can borrow in MTN is 10MB. On borrowing this amount of data, a 15% charge will be applied to its payment equivalent in airtime. MTN provides you with a higher minimum data you can borrow depending on your recharge capacity.

What is the Maximum Data to Borrow from MTN?

The maximum amount of data one can borrow depends on the recharge capacity of the customer. If you recharge monthly with N1000, the network can provide a data borrowing range of at least 2GB. This is done to keep customers from borrowing data that they cannot repay in a short period of time.

What Happens if I Refuse to Refund the Borrowed Data?

The network structured this XtraByte loan in such a way that all customers could repay the borrowed data. But in a situation where one refuses to pay back, the customer can not recharge his airtime account. And when you cant recharge your airtime account, you can not enjoy other services in MTN using that number.

Whenever you decide to recharge your line, the network will take the value of the data borrowed plus the interest charged and leave you with any remaining balance. So, if you refuse to repay the borrowed data, it invariably means you refuse to continue using the number to access MTN services.


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