How To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect

One can migrate to the Airtel Smart Connect (SmartCONNECT) plan using USSD codes *311# or *121#. This migration is for those with older SIM cards, as Smart Connect is a default bonus plan for prepaid customers with new lines. 

Airtel Smart Connect allows customers to enjoy 8x more at every recharge. The bonus will be divided into voice and data, among other benefits. Now that we have a background let’s get into more detail on how to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect.

How To Migrate To Smart Connect On Airtel

The Smart Connect tariff plan on Airtel is the default for all new SIM cards. This means that the plan comes with every new Airtel line, and you can enjoy 8 times bonus on every recharge.

Also, you will enjoy bonus data on every recharge and a cheaper data bundle when you buy the Airtel data bundle. To join this plan, buy and register an Airtel SIM, use a USSD code, or call customer care using 300 to get help. Here is a breakdown, answering all the questions about Smart Connect migration.

What is Airtel Smart Connect Code?

Airtel Smart Connect code is *311# or *121#. This is the USSD code used to migrate to the plan that will give you eight times your recharge value every time. Use the following steps to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect.

  • Using any type of mobile phone and with your Airtel line, Dial *311*
  • Select 1 to migrate
  • Or, dial *121#
  • Select 5 (billing and tariff)
  • Select 1 (Smart Connect)

Before doing this, it is important to check your plan since every new Airtel line comes with the Smart Connect plan as default.

Code To Migrate To Airtel Smart Connect On Old SIM

As mentioned earlier, the code to use to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect on your old SIM is either *311# or *121#.

Upon dialing any of the numbers, you will have to follow the instructions that will pop up on your screen. Select the instruction that has to do with migrating to another plan or billing and tariff and continue.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Connect

There are many advantages to having your line on Smart Connect. This gets you more value on every recharge and data purchase. They include getting 8x on every recharge and 100% on every data bundle.

In a nutshell,

  • For every bundle you purchase on Airtel Smart Connect, you will be given a 100% bonus
  • You will get an 8x bonus on every recharge that will last for 7 days
  • Subscribers of this plan receive more data at the end of the month, and it will be based on the number of times the subscriber recharges.
  • With the plan, you can add up to 10 Airtel lines to your family and friends list.

A Breakdown of the Bonus You Get From Airtel Smart Connect

  • For ₦100 recharge, you get ₦300 bonus credit to make calls and ₦400 bonus data, making for a total of ₦800.
  • When you recharge ₦200, you get an airtime bonus of ₦600 and a data bonus worth ₦800, making it a total of ₦1,600
  • You stand to get a bonus of up to ₦2,400 if you recharge ₦300, and it will be split into data worth ₦1,200 and an airtime bonus worth ₦900.
  • With ₦500 and ₦1,000 recharge, you will get ₦4,000 and ₦8,000 total bonuses respectively. The bonus will also be divided into call credit and data.

Breakdown of Data Bonus On Airtel Smart Connect

  • Subscribers can enjoy instant double data on every data purchase. This is applicable for three months (90 days) on every data purchase below ₦50,000.
  • ₦50 data (1 day) gives you a standard bundle of 40MB, and you will have another 40MB as a bonus; this means that your total data will be 80MB.
  • ₦100 data will amount to a total of 200MB – 100MB standard value and 100MB bonus value.
  • This is the same thing with any data bundle you buy, whether ₦1,000, ₦2,000, or ₦4,000.
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FAQs About Airtel Smart Connect

What is Smart Connect?

Smart Connect is the default prepaid plan on Airtel, but those with older SIM cards can change their tariff plans. Subscribers on the plan can get added value for their recharge or data purchase.

Who Is Eligible For Smart Connect?

All new prepaid Airtel customers are eligible for the plan once the SIM card is duly registered.

What Will I Enjoy On Smart Connect?

On Smart Connect, you get to enjoy up to 8 times your recharge value and up to 100% of your data bundle.

How Does The Double Data Offer Work?

Smart Connect offers a double data bonus every time you subscribe. This offer lasts 90 days or 3 months from the time you buy and register your Airtel SIM.

For instance, if you buy data worth ₦100 Naira, you will get total data worth 200MB. The same time your standard data will last is also the same time that the 100% bonus will last. This means that if you buy a 1-day data, the bonus will only last a day, and if you buy data for 30 days, your bonus will also last 30 days.

How Do I Activate The Data Bundle?

Dial *312# and send. The former code for this is *141#.

Do I keep Enjoying My 8X Bonus On Smart Connect?

Yes, you will continue to enjoy an 8X bonus for every recharge for the next 90 days after you buy and register your Airtel SIM.

Can I Make International Calls With My 8X Bonus?

Airtel allows all subscribers to make international calls. However, you cannot make the call with your 8x bonus, as it will be charged from your main account.

Can My Bonus Validity Be Accumulated?

No, bonus validity can not be accumulated. This means that after seven days, the bonus will expire, and only a new bonus from a new recharge will reflect.

What Will Happen To Me After 90 Days?

The bonus will stop coming in, and you will get the actual value of your recharge. However, there are many other tariffs that you can get added value. To get this, dial *234# and select a bundle. You can also recharge using *234*PIN# to get 5x extra value.

Some bundles for bonuses include WinBack plans, 6x bundle, 5x bundle, Airtel Awoof, and Airtel Ovajara.

What if I Migrate out of Smart Connect?

You will no longer enjoy 8 times your recharge or 100% of your data bundle if you migrate from Smart Connect.

Does My Main Account Balance Expire?

Your main account balance does not expire even when your bonus airtime or data expires on the Airtel Smart Connect Plan.

How Do I Get the Most From My Smart Connect SIM?

You will get the maximum benefits of Smart Connect if you buy an Airtel SIM, register it, insert it, and recharge it. To enjoy more, use an internet-enabled device and dial *312# (previously *141#) to buy data.

How Do I Recharge?

Recharge your Airtel SIM and enjoy the Smart Connect by dialing *311*PIN# (previously *126*PIN#).

How Do I Check My Balance?

Check your Airtel account balance by dialing *310# (previously *123#). For bonus credit, dial *310*1#, and for the data bundle, dial *310*2#, and you will receive a text with details of your bundle.

How Do I Check My Data Balance?

You can check your Airtel data balance by dialing *323#

What Are the Tariffs and Call Rates Charged on Smart Connect?

Smart Connect Tariffs include the following

Main Account:

  • Airtel to All Local Networks kobo/sec
  • SMS to all Local Networks costs N4/SMS
  • The tariff for International Calls & SMS is at standard network rate
  • You will spend N3/MB on data while browsing


  • Calls from Airtel to all local networks are at 66.67 kobo/sec
  • You will spend N16MB on bonus data.


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