MTN Customer Care Service and WhatsApp Numbers to Call For Help

MTN is the Largest telecommunication network in Nigeria that is widely used across the 36 states of the country. They are charged with the responsibility of offering mainly quality telecommunication services and other communication-related services. MTN is a subsidiary of MTN Group, whose head office is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. In Nigeria, MTN has successfully gained more than 82 million users. It is the sole responsibility of MTN to provide immediate solutions to the inquiries and demands of their customer through their customer care service.

MTN Nigeria provided a standard customer service delivery system, which stood to be a reference point for other telecommunication companies in Nigeria. The customer service delivery system works 24 hours and seven days a week without any interruption. The customer service agents are patient enough to listen to your inquiries and are commended to always respond quickly to demands. The company provided different language responses according to the language convenient for a customer, acknowledging that Nigeria is a multi-lingual country. MTN customer care has zero tolerance for harsh or disrespectful responses to their customers.

Different Ways of Contacting MTN Nigeria Customer Care

MTN Nigeria, among other things, provided different mediums of connecting to their customer care 24/7 services. These channels are provided for easy and accessible means according to the customer’s choice and the nature of the customer’s need. Below are some available channels of reaching MTN Nigeria customer service:

  • Through Their MTN Head Office

Not all customer complaints are needed to be solved in the MTN head office as online customer care representatives can solve them by taking a few steps using the various customer helplines. There are specific customer complaints that are usually entertained in the MTN head office. Laying these complaints is very easy and doesn’t demand you transport yourself down to the head office. A customer can send his confidential complaints or inquiries through the address below using any courier services of their choice available in the country:

MTN Plaza, Awolowo Road,
Ikoyi 101233,
Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Through Direct Call

The telecommunication network provided a direct mobile number to reach an MTN Nigeria customer care agent anytime using any other telecommunication network. Below are the available mobile numbers for MTN Nigeria customer service:

  1. Calling through other networks: 08031000180.
  2. Calling with a network outside Nigeria: +2348031000180.
  • Through a USSD Code

MTN customer service provided a USSD code to reach MTN customer service and even have a free conversation with an agent. The USSD Code service functions 24 hours a day and seven days a week and has many other options. Below is the USSD Code for reaching the MTN customer care representative:

Dial 180 and follow the prompt to get your issues resolved.

  • Through Email Messaging

The is an open email channel for customers to reach the MTN Nigeria customer service department. The available email for MTN customer service is always on to receive messages, and it is:

Email: [email protected]

  • Through Social Media Platforms

MTN Nigeria is not left out in using social media platforms to reach out to its customers and provide solutions to their needs. Below are a list of social media platforms and their available links:

1. WhatsApp

To chat with an MTN customer service agent through WhatsApp, you have to save this number 09033000001 on your mobile device.

2. Facebook

To access MTN customer service through your Facebook social media, click here

3. Instagram

MTN customer care service is indeed everywhere you go. They are right there with you on Instagram. To access this service through Instagram, click here

The Fastest and Most Used Channel of Reaching MTN Nigeria Customer Care Service

Among the above-explained ways of getting across to MTN Nigeria customer care service, there is one particular channel used mainly by customers. This channel gives customers the ability to make self changes and, in the worst-case, speak with an agent. The media that customers can use to reach MTN customer care service includes:

USSD Code or Customer Care Center Code

The code is a double combo because it gives customers an avenue to have self-service options and speak with an agent option. 180 is a unique number available for all MTN customers in handling their inquiries and problem solutions.

How to Make Use of MTN Nigeria Customer Care Number

Customers are advised to carefully follow the procedures listed below in other to achieve the aim of making use of the MTN Nigeria customer care number. Dial 180 using your MTN mobile number. Be patient with the customized public announcement from MTN before going through the options that will be listed as follows:

Step 1:

  • Press 1 to activate your bundle and to know your data auto-renewal status:
  • Press 1 to activate a data bundle.
  • Press 2 to activate or cancel data auto-renewal.
  • Press 3 to get internet settings for your phone and devices.
  • Press 4 for any browsing issues.
  • To listen again, you press *
  • To go back to the previous menu, press #

Step 2:

  • Press 2 to borrow data or airtime and recharge your account:
  • Press 1 to recharge your account, pay your bills or load a scratch card with a missing pin.
  • Press 2 to borrow airtime.
  • Press 3 to borrow data.
  • To listen again, press *
  • To go back to the previous menu, press#

Step 3:

  • Press 3 to change your tariff plan activate or deactivate value-added services:
  • Press 1 to change your tariff plan.
  • Press 2 to activate and deactivate value-added services.
  • Press 3 to check your active value-added services.
  • To listen again, press *
  • To go to the previous menu, press #

Step 4:

  • Press 4 Lumos education, product, and services information, Mobile internet education:
  • Press 1 for Lumos electricity.
  • Press 2 for product and service information.
  • Press 3 for mobile internet education.
  • To listen again, you press *
  • To go to the previous menu, press #

Step 5:

  • Press 5 For Support.
  • Press 1 for information on MTN short locations and social media contacts.
  • Press 2 to report suspected fraudulent activities.
  • Press 3 to change your language.
  • Press 4 to receive the message center number.
  • Press 0 to speak with a customer care representative.

How to Skip Protocols Using 180 to Reach a Customer Care Agent Within 2 Seconds

The above step in using the USSD Code to call MTN Nigeria customer service agents and perform other self-services takes a lot of time. There is a shorter method of reaching the customer care representative. The available fast methods include:

To Speak with a Customer Service Representative within 2 seconds

  • Dial 180 using your MTN mobile number
  • Press 5 and also press 0

You will be redirected to an MTN customer care representative without the daunting task of listening to all the prompt public messages.

Language Options in MTN Nigeria Customer Service

It is very disappointing when you are in a middle of a severe problem that needs urgent clarification from an MTN Nigeria customer care representative only to dial the customer care line and get to hear a language you don’t understand. This response makes customers feel so confused. Remember MTN doesn’t give you a strange language option as the customer service department understands the need for language approval which helps them carry out their activities appropriately.

Before one’s language option is changed, the person may have unknowingly selected the language option, or a friend contacted customer care with their phone and changed the preferred language. The issue can be resolved as customers can change the language; however, they understand the language best. MTN Nigeria’s customer service department provided five language options for customers.

Below is the list of language options for customers:

  • English
  • Hausa
  • Yoruba
  • Igbo
  • Pidgin

Communication can’t be carried out smoothly without a language that both parties understand. The primary reason for providing the language options is to gain adequate communication channels between customers and the customer service as Nigeria has five significant languages.

Steps to Change to your Preferred Language Options

  • Call the customer care number 180 and wait for about 2 seconds.
  • Press 5, which will automatically take you to Step 5 of using 180.
  • Press 3 which will immediately provide you with the following  language options:
    • Press 1 to listen in English.
    • Press 2 to listen in Hausa.
    • Press 3 to listen in Yoruba.
    • Press 4 to listen in Igbo.
    • Press 5 to listen in Pidgin English.

To gain a shortcut into the above options without wasting your time listening to the prompt.

  • Dial 180 using your MTN mobile number.
  • For English Press 5-3-1.
  • For Hausa Press 5-3-2.
  • For Yoruba Press 5-3-3.
  • For Igbo Press 5-3-4.
  • For Pidgin Press 5-3-5.

Remember to always give a time interval of 1 second after dialing 180 before adding the above shortcut numbers.

Language Options Can Be Changed While Speaking with a Customer Service Representative

It is possible to demand a switch in your preferred language as all MTN Nigerian customer service agents are well trained to be conversant with different languages in Nigeria. It is also possible to meet an agent who can not speak your preferred language. You will have to be redirected by the agent to another customer service agent who will understand and communicate with you properly. A customer should select a preferred language before gaining access to an agent.

Below is the step to take for a customer to gain appropriate preferred language in talking to a customer service agent:

  • Dial 180 through your phone.
  • Press 5 and then press 3
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Press 9 to go back to the main menu.
  • Press 5 and 0 to connect to a customer service agent that will speak your selected language.

MTN Nigeria Nigeria Customer Care WhatsApp Number

Customers have different needs; while some prefer calls, others like chatting. That is why the MTN Nigeria customer service department provided a WhatsApp number that will help solve the needs of customers who prefer going through the WhatsApp platform than using the USSD code number. Specific inquiries may demand a customer send a screenshot that will aid the customer service agent gain a precise and accurate understanding of the customer’s request.

Furthermore, WhatsApp helps the company’s customer care department quickly get evidence of complaints instead of oral accusations in misbehavior or dissatisfaction with services. MTN Nigeria makes use of 09033000001 as the recognized WhatsApp number. With this number, a customer can lay complaints and make inquiries on MTN products and services. The channel is open to all customers on a 24/7 basis.

How to Make Use of The MTN Customer Service WhatsApp Number

The mobile number is used just the same way you save your contacts and eventually chat with them. Below is a look through the steps in which customers can use the number:

  • Have the number saved in your contact list on your mobile phone.
  • Go to your WhatsApp chat application on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the green message icon below, move to the uppermost edge of the WhatsApp contact details, and select refresh.
  • The number will appear on your WhatsApp contact list having the name it is saved with.
  • Click on the name, and you are good to chat with an MTN Customer service agent.

It is noteworthy that customer reviews observe that the WhatsApp platform doesn’t offer quick and prompt solutions like the USSD Code 180. This long time interval is a vital defect in the use of MTN Nigeria’s customer service WhatsApp platform. In most cases, responses take a very long time, and most of their answers are coded, which some customers might find hard to understand.

The Cost of Calling MTN Nigeria Customer Service Using Another Network Provider

MTN Nigeria has provided several ways to relate to the general public, whether you may or not be an MTN customer. This open line is to get access to complaints, which helps them develop their products and services. The open lines are divided into two:

  • The Local Line 08031000180

This local line is a line open for both customers and non-MTN customers within the country. The number is available for 24 hours response, having a standby customer service agent ready to respond to any form of inquiry or complaints relating to MTN Nigeria products and services. A call to this number attracts standard call charges, which can be influenced by the tariff plan that the customer is using, and the call charges of your network provider.

  • The Foreign Line +2348031000180

The line is open for both MTN and Non-MTN customers who are outside the country. Putting a call through this number attracts the standard call charges depending on the customer’s tariff plan and network provider’s international numbers.


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