How to Borrow Data From Airtel Nigeria

Dial *303# to borrow data from Airtel Nigeria. This Airtel Credit Loan Service allows you to reload your phone by borrowing data when you run out and pay it back later. 

As one of the largest telecommunication providers in Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria offers diverse, attractive data tariff plans to its users for connecting to the internet. In cases where you suddenly run out of data and cannot afford to buy a plan, Airtel has also unveiled how you can reload your phone for data during an emergency and pay back on the next recharge with a 15% service charge. This service is known as Airtel Credit Loan Service.

How to Borrow Data on Airtel

Borrowing data from the Airtel network is now possible and quite easy through the Airtel Credit Loan Service which allows its eligible customers to borrow data when they run out or during an emergency and pay back upon their next recharge with an extra 15% service charge.

This means that the amount of data you borrow is equivalent to the amount for that subscription. For example, 10MB costs N50 which is valid for 1 day. Now, you’ll pay back N57.7 on your next recharge.

Note: Once you are eligible, the service enables you to borrow up to 1.5GB of data from the network and pay it back later. You can borrow data as many times as possible as long as you are within the credit limit.

Eligibility & Requirements for Borrowing Airtel Data

To be able to enjoy the Airtel credit loan service, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a Prepaid customer
  • You must have a registered SIM linked with your NIN.
  • You must be active on the network for at least three months. By being an active user, it means that you constantly recharge and make calls with your Airtel line, and buy data as well.

Code to Borrow Data from Airtel

The code for borrowing data on Airtel is *303#. This USSD code is a unified code for borrowing data on all networks, including Airtel Nigeria.

To borrow data on Airtel:

  • Dial *303# on your dialer app
  • Reply with 3 to select “Borrow Data”
  • Reply with the option for the amount you want to borrow
  • Click on OK
  • You will receive a message with details of the data amount you borrowed and its validity.

Note: The method above is considered the fastest means of borrowing Airtel data. Another method to access this is when you first borrow airtime and then use the borrowed airtime to buy data. Here is how to do it:

  • Dial *500#
  • Now, instead of 3 (Borrow data), select 2 to Borrow Credit
  • Reply with any amount that could buy the data you want to purchase
  • Click OK.
  • Now dial *312#
  • Then proceed to buy the data you want.

How to Borrow Credit from Airtel

The Airtel USSD code *303# can be used to borrow both data and airtime from Airtel. The new unified code is also used to borrow airtime and data from other network providers like MTN, GLO, and 9Mobile.

To borrow airtime from Airtel in Nigeria, dial *303*the amount you desire to borrow# and send. For example, to borrow 500 credit from Airtel, dial *303*500#. Once you send it, you will receive a credit notification if you meet the requirements. If you don’t meet the requirements, Airtel will also notify you that you need to recharge more airtime to qualify for borrowing Airtime from the network.

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Note: You may not receive the exact credit loan you applied for as Airtel will automatically deduct their 15% interest before crediting your phone. While paying back your loan, you are also expected to pay back the exact amount you requested. This means that Airtel will credit your line with 170 Airtime when you request for 200 airtime and when paying back, you will pay 200.

How to borrow 1gb data from Airtel

Airtel allows its eligible subscribers to borrow up to 1GB data. An Airtel line that is qualified for data or airtime loan can choose from the list of data bundles from 10MB to 1TB. So, if your line is eligible to get up to 1GB data, you will find it on the list while applying.

  • Dial the short code *500# or *303#
  • Next, a prompt will display a list of options to choose from, enter 3 to borrow data and tap send.
  • From the list of data bundles provided (10MB to 1TB), select 1GB as your preferred data
  • Next, Select your preferred data bundle, and Airtel will activate the data plan in a matter of seconds.

How to borrow data from Airtel without using *500#

*500# is Airtel’s old USSD code for borrowing airtime and data. But, in case you do not want to use the old code, a new unified USSD code *303# is also available for use by Airtel subscribers. Dial *303# to borrow data on Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile. Then follow the onscreen instructions. The *303# can be used to borrow both data and airtime.

Why can’t I borrow from Airtel?

Airtel only lends airtime to its consistent and loyal customers. So, before you go ahead to borrow Airtel airtime or data, you must first check to know if you have qualified for getting an airtime loan from the network. To check your eligibility status, here’s what you must do:

  • Dial *500# or *303# and you will be redirected to the Airtel Extra credit main menu.
  • Reply with 1 to select eligibility and help.
  • On the next screen, reply with 1 again to select eligibility.
  • You will see a pop-up message with your eligibility status and the maximum amount you can borrow if you’re qualified for the Airtel extra credit.

Can You Borrow Data from Airtel When You are Still Owing?

Yes, you can borrow Airtel data more than once as much as you want as long as it is within its credit limit. Every eligible Airtel customer has a credit limit and this is determined by factors that include your loyalty. An Airtel line can be eligible to borrow as much as 1TB of data if it is within its credit limit. Once you have exhausted your credit, you can’t borrow data any further until you pay them back.


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