How to Check Airtime Balance on Airtel

To check your airtime balance on the Airtel network, dial *310#. You can also use SMS, My Airtel Africa App or call customer care service on 300. 

It is important to keep a record of your airtime as it allows you to have an understanding of your airtime consumption. It can also help you plan how you use and when you recharge your line. In this article, we have discussed all the ways to check your Airtel airtime balance whether you are a new or an already existing customer. Here is a step-by-step guide.

How to Check Airtel Airtime Balance

There are several means to check your Airtel airtime balance. All the methods such as using USSD code, SMS, call center, and Airtel App are easy. Here is what to know and a self-reliant guide.

Code to Check Airtel Airtime Balance

Recently, a new code was introduced to check Airtel airtime balance as *310#. This is part of the National Communications Commission (NCC) measures to harmonize the basic codes used by all service providers in Nigeria.

Therefore, this code can be used on any network to check airtime balance in Nigeria. It is conveniently the fastest means to find out your airtime status on Airtel without delay and for free. There is also no limitation to the number of times you can check your airtime balance.

Using this USSD code is also not limited to only smartphones, but all kinds of phones. Here is how to use the Airtel USSD code to check your airtime balance:

  • Open the phone’s dialer or keypad using any mobile device
  • Enter the USSD code *310#
  • Press the call or send button to initiate the USSD request
  • A message will quickly pop up on your screen, conveying your airtime balance
  • You will also receive a text with your balance

How to Check Airtime Balance Using My Airtel App

My Airtel App is one of the self-care technological creations by the service providers that allows network users to access and control their Airtel accounts. The app covers many uses such as;

  1. Account balance – Voice and Data
  2. Buy Airtime
  3. Data bundle activation
  4. Recharge for others
  5. Access to SIM details
  6. Access to SIM registration data
  7. Access PUK codes

To access your Airtime balance on My Airtel App, follow the procedure below:

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and install it on your phone.
  • Then register your details (basically your Airtel number and country).
  • Consequently, One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your active Airtel number to input into the app for login.
  • Following that, Airtel will also ask for your login credentials such as your username and password for the subsequent login process.
  • On a successful login, you will find displayed your airtime balance.
  • Also, your bonus and bundle balance will be displayed at the top of the app’s homepage.

How to Check Airtel Airtime Through Customer Care Service

The Airtel customer care service is another avenue to check your Airtel account balance (airtime). To use this medium, follow the steps below.

  • Dial 300 to access the customer care service and speak to an Airtel representative
  • Follow the voice prompt and select 2 to proceed to the product and services option
  • Press 1 (to manage your account)
  • Instantly, your account balance will be called out
  • If not, continue to listen or go back to the main menu to select to speak to a customer care representative.

Use SMS to Know Your Airtel Balance on Airtel

Instead of having to check and see your airtime balance in only a matter of seconds before it is wiped off, Airtel now automatically sends you an SMS. The SMS contains details of your tariff plan, Airtel airtime balance, and even your bundle balance when you dial *310#.

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How to Check Airtel Bonus Airtime Balance

One of the advantages the Airtel service provider offers to customers is the option of choosing a tariff plan that offers airtime bonuses. One may be curious as to how an Airtel user can check his/her airtime bonus balance. Simply dial *310# which will show your normal airtime as well as your airtime bonus balance.

Alternatively, dial *123*1# for your general bonus balance or *123*2# specifically for your voice or airtime bonus balance. Additionally, there are specific tariff plans on Airtel that offer airtime bonuses on recharge as listed below;

Airtel 6X Bundle

The Airtel 6X bundle is among several bundles which offer a bonus on recharge. As the name suggests, Airtel users on this plan gets 6 times the value of their recharge. For instance, when you recharge N100, this bundle gives you a #600 bonus valid for 30 days instead.

To check the Airtel 6X bundle balance, dial *234*8# or *123*2# on your mobile device. There is also a different way to recharge to get this bonus rather than using the regular Airtel code *311* Voucher PIN # to recharge, you will dial *555*PIN#

Once you check this balance, a message will pop up on your screen and shortly afterward, you will receive an SMS with your bonus balance.

Airtel SmartRecharge

You can check your SmartRECHARGE balance by dialing *234*8# or *123*2# on any mobile device and using your Airtel line.

To get started on this bundle, dial *234*7# to select your preferred bundle. You can also recharge using the code *220*PIN#. With this tariff, your bonus is split into both talk time and data for prepaid customers.

Some may consider Smartrecharge as the most generous tariff plan on the Airtel network as it offers 10 times all your recharge worth.

Airtel SmartConnect

This plan is automatically the first tariff plan Airtel customers are assigned to on SIM purchases. You can check the balance using *234*8# or *123*2#.

One advantage of this plan is that customers get to enjoy 800% that is, 8 times the value of all recharge made from #100 and beyond.

Airtel TalkMore

As in the case of many Airtel bonus balances, you can check your Airtel TalkMore balance using *234*8# or *123*2#. Before an Airtel customer can enjoy this bonus, he’ll have to dial *234*1# to select a preferred bundle.

The Airtel Talkmore plan gives a 500% bonus on recharge made once you load your Airtel phone number. That is, you get 5 times your recharge worth on all recharge.

How to Check Borrowed Airtime Balance on Airtel

To check your loan balance on Airtel, follow the steps below:

  • Dail *303# on your mobile device
  • Select 1 (Eligibility and Help)
  • Select 1 again (For Eligibility)
  • A pop-up message will appear asking you to pay back your loan; this will appear with the total airtime you owe

Note that once you have outstanding airtime, it will automatically reflect in your account balance once you dial the USSD code *310#. The message will include your current loan balance and the total outstanding balance.


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