How To Activate and Use Ecobank Transfer Code

EcoBank Money Transfer Code makes performing bank transactions much easier for individuals banking with Ecobank Nigeria. With EcoBank Money Transfer Code, you can conduct remote money transfers from EcoBank to other Banks in the country, at your convenience, and with your mobile phone.

We are here to acquaint you with all you need to know and how you can use the simple EcoBank Money Transfer Code, *326# to make all your transactions, including moving your money within Ecobank or to another bank.

What Is Ecobank Tansfer Code?

When you dial *326#, and it directs you to an Ecobank platform where you can access most of the bank services you would have done at the bank, then, you are using EcoBank USSD code. Generally, when you dial a number that starts with * and ends with #, you are using USSD. A bank’s USSD code, also known as Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is that code that allows users to make use of the services of a bank without needing to be physically present at the bank premises.

This code is so far the best available communications technology that delivers mobile financial services to low-income customers. This code allows these banking services to be available on all mobile phones with an SMS facility. Like every other mobile banking USS code, EcoBank *326# code helps you make money transfer, account balance, bills payment, airtime recharge, and email updates without internet services. It works fine on Android, IOS, Symbian, or Java phones.

What are the Features Of Ecobank Money Transfer Code

Below is the list of things you can do with the EcoBank transfer code

  • Make an instant money transfer to family members, friends, or for business purposes.
  • Deposit and withdraw money.
  • Pay bills, as well as pay for goods and services.
  • Receive money.
  • Make payments to agents and small businesses electronically.
  • Buy airtime, self recharge, and third-party recharge.
  • Check bank account balance.

Conditions for Using the EcoBank Transfer Code

Using the EcoBank Transfer Code, *326# is mostly useful to every Ecobank customer. This means that you must be a registered client of the financial institution. Aside from that, you must also activate the code by getting yourself registered on the platform.

How do I Register/Activate my Ecobank Transfer Code?

Activating your EcoBank money transfer code is relatively easy, but you must first ensure that you have the requirements, which include:

  • A mobile phone.
  •  Your bank account number.
  • Your phone number is registered with EcoBank and linked with your account your debit (ATM) card.

If you have all that in place, then you can proceed with the activation process by following these simple steps

  1. Using a mobile phone that has your registered number, dial *326#
  2. Choose the type of debit card that is linked to your Ecobank account
  3.  Enter the card details as required
  4. You will be required to verify whether you have access to the account by entering the prompted details.
  5. Next, click on the submit button to proceed with your USSD code registration.
  6. Create a secret 4-digit PIN you will always use to authorize your Ecobank transactions.
  7. Click submit, and wait for a few minutes to receive a message confirming your USSD code registration is successful.

How To Transfer Money with *326# Ecobank Money Transfer Code

Ecobank Money Transfer Code

Keep in mind that performing transactions using EcoBank mobile code does not require the internet/web except you desire to go through internet banking. Only ensure that the phone number you used when creating an account with EcoBank has been activated for EcoBank Mobile Money Transfer.

To conduct money transfer from your EcoBank account to other Banks in Nigeria;

  1. Dial the code for Ecobank transfer *326#
  2. Select the option “transfer funds.”
  3. Enter the account number of the one you are sending the money to.
  4. Choose the recipient bank.
  5. Enter the full name of the receiver and press next
  6. Enter your transfer PIN
  7. Confirm the transaction and press send.
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Once the money is transferred, you’ll receive an SMS that confirms that your transaction was successful.

Note: You can use this procedure to transfer money to persons using accounts with EcoBank and those using banks different from EcoBank.

How to Buy or Transfer Airtime using the EcoBank Transfer code

As it is with money transfer using the bank’s USSD code, buying or seeing airtime for yourself and loved ones is equally easy. There’s also not much difference between buying airtime for yourself and someone else. The only difference is that you need to insert the number of the person you want to purchase airtime for during the transaction.

The following steps will guide you on how to buy and transfer airtime

  • Dial *326#,
  • Choose the “Buy Airtime” option,
  • Select 1 to recharge your registered number and the amount you want to buy.
  • Select 2 if you want to recharge another number or for someone else.
  • Enter the number that is to be recharged.
  • Enter your pin code and press send.

Note: A much more straightforward process of buying airtime for yourself is to dial *326*1*amount#. Any mobile phone can be used to transfer money using the code, any time of the day – 24/7.

The maximum or minimum limit to the amount you can transfer using the EcoBank mobile money transfer is N1,000 to N20,000.

How To Check Ecobank Account Balance On Phone

To check your EcoBank account balance on the phone is also as easy as a money transfer.

  • Dial *326# and follow the on-screen instruction
  • Your account balance will be sent to your phone.

How To Retrieve Your EcoBank Account Number

If you forgot your account number or maybe you cannot remember some part of the account number, fret not because there’s an easy way to find out. Just dial *326*0#, and you’ll get your account balance shown with your account number.

What You Should Know About Ecobank Internet Banking

Ecobank internet banking presents another means customers can access the banking services without visiting the bank premises. There are two ways to enjoy these banking services:

  • Access Ecobank Online by typing the correct URL ( into your browser,
    • Click “Log-in to Internet Banking”
    • Select your country and click “Log-in to your account.”
    • Enter your unique User ID
    • Enter your unique password and confirm your Secure Image and Message
  • Download the EcoBank Internet Banking App using Smartphones running Android, iOS, and Windows Operating Systems

How To Download The EcoBank Internet Banking App

If you’re using a smartphone, one that can surf the internet, then it would also be super convenient to download the application to manage your accounts and make transfers.

  1. Go to the Google Play App Store or similar app store for your type of device.
  2. Enter “Ecobank Mobile” in the search bar and search. Once the result is out, select only the official app as made available by the bank.

NB: Abstain from using third-party apps as your personal banking details can be stolen through such apps.

3. Install the official Ecobank Mobile app and register with your correct banking details.

Charges Apply

There is a stipulated amount of money charged on every electronic fund transfer. However, transaction fees apply for selected transfers and bill payments. You may be charged for Mobile Money, Interfunds transfers, card P2P services, and Ecobank Africa transactions.


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