How To Reach Ecobank Customer Care By Call, WhatsApp and Email

You can contact Ecobank through their official customer care phone numbers, email addresses, WhatsApp number, or by visiting the nearest Ecobank branch. Additionally, for real-time assistance, customers might also utilize the bank’s official social media channels or the live chat feature on the Ecobank Nigeria website.

This article will show you several ways of getting in touch with the Ecobank customer care services and chat with the bank’s representatives, including the reasons you need to contact them.

How To Reach Ecobank Customer Care

To attend to the financially-related needs of its numerous customers, Ecobank has let out various channels through which its customers can seek banking assistance. Here is a breakdown of the ways you can contact Ecobank customer care representatives.

Ecobank Contact Numbers 

This method is one of the simplest ways of contacting Ecobank. It is probably the most applicable in situations when you don’t have internet access nor the patience to wait for your chats to be replied to. You can opt for a direct phone call where you get to speak directly to a customer care representative.

To reach an Ecobank customer care representative through a phone call, place a call to either of the official Ecobank phone numbers: 0700 500 0000 or 0800 326 2265. However, of the various means of contacting Ecobank, many customers do not fancy this medium as it is not a toll-free line. Customers who intend to solve minor issues would not want to spend so much on a call to do so.

Ecobank Live Chat

This method is mainly used by customers who are regularly online. To have a Live Chat with an Ecobank customer care representative for assistance;

  1. You must visit the bank’s website here.
  2. While on the page, locate and click on “Live Chat” at the bottom right.
  3.  You can immediately begin to chat with an available Ecobank customer care agent.
  4. Ecobank customer care agents are available 24 hours a day on this platform, but how quickly you get a response may depend on the number of people waiting to get a chat.

Ecobank Social Media Platforms

The good news is that Ecobank is active across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. With this, you can make inquiries and file complaints, and get an instant response.

  • On Facebook, you can live like the Ecobank official page @EcobankNigeria.
  • On Instagram, you can reach and follow the Ecobank through its official handle @ecobank_nigeria.
  • On WhatsApp, you can chat with a customer representative via the official Ecobank official WhatsApp banking number, 0808 760 3717.
  • On Twitter, you can follow Ecobank through its official handle @ecobank_nigeria. However, due to the Twitter ban by the Nigerian government, the Ecobank Nigeria Twitter platform is currently inactive.

Ecobank Help Centre

The Ecobank help center is a platform where customers get tips and advice on how to get the best from the bank’s products and services through frequently asked questions.

  1. Click here to access the Ecobank help center.
  2. To gain access to Ecobank’s frequently asked questions, click on the “Read More” button beneath the “Ecobank FAQs” or click here to reach the platform directly.
  3. To access the “Tips and Advice” platform, click on the “Read More” button to Get advice on using our products and services.

You Can Also Contact The Bank’s Customer Care Via Email

To get assistance through Ecobank email, head to [email protected] or [email protected], and make your inquiries. You’ll get feedback as quickly as possible, depending on how busy the customer care representatives are. Click here to visit the Ecobank website.

Why You Need to Use Ecobank Online Customer Care Services

Using the various Ecobank online platforms to contact its customer care representatives provides a fast, reliable, stress-free, and secure means of resolving your transaction problems without visiting any of the Ecobank branches across the country.

Why join in the long queue inside the banking hall before you could be attended to when you could solve whatever transaction issue you have by contacting Ecobank customer care representatives online?

Why Do You Need to Contact Ecobank Customer Care Service?

One of the many duties of a customer representative in banks is to answer all customer’s questions relating to their essential banking services. If you are an Ecobank account holder, you then definitely would need the services of the bank’s customer care representative. They assist you in clearing up transaction problems, forestall cheques, or block stolen, lost, or missing ATM cards, amongst different things.

From re-issue of card pin to reactivating a dormant account or requesting an account statement, the list of why you need to contact a customer care representative is almost endless. However, a few problems may require your presence at the nearest Ecobank branch so they can be resolved. If this happens to be the case, the online Ecobank customer care representative would inform you of the additional documents you might need to go with to their branch for your problem to be solved.

How Effective is Ecobank Customer Care? 

Customer service is a vital component of a quality customer experience because it directly impacts how a customer engages with an organization. Customer service failures, such as an unpleasant interaction with a live service representative or a failure to address a customer’s pressing need, can easily affect a customer’s impression of a business and sour the entire customer experience. An excellent customer service, they say, is key to loyalty, retention, business growth, and profits.

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Interestingly, Ecobank has proven to have some of the best customer care services any bank could have. To determine how effective the Ecobank customer care service had been is to know how frequently it has provided solutions to its customers’ problems. Customers satisfaction has always been the bank’s key priority, no wonder it has brought forth several ways to ensure its customer’s complaints are heard and attended to.

To do this, the bank set in place several customer care platforms that are readily available all day long, at night, on weekends, and even during public holidays. So as an Ecobank account holder, you are guaranteed to have an Ecobank customer care representative available to attend to your wants and needs at any time of the day and at your convenience.

Functions of Ecobank Customer Care

Here are problems solved by online Ecobank customer care representatives:

  • Give customers feedback on the bank’s products and services.
  • Request for bank statement.
  • Online and internet inquiries.
  • Request to block ATM card.
  • Resetting banking password.
  • Solving account-related issues.
  • Help in solving car-related issues.
  • Reactivation of dormant account.

How Can I Complain to Ecobank?

Laying complaints to the financial institution you patronize has never been this easy. In the past, if you had any issues, you must visit any of the bank’s branches to make complaints. This method had shown to be stressful not only to the customers making these complaints but also to the bank staff attending to these numerous customers having different problems.

Nowadays, with Ecobank providing several platforms for customers to lay their complaints from their convenience without visiting the crowded banking halls, it is now stress-free for both the customer and the bank staff.

Ecobank FAQs

To get help and solutions to other frequently asked questions relating to Ecobank products and services, please visit


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