Chinyere Wilfred Biography: Who is the Actress and Does She Have a Twin Sister?

Chinyere Wilfred (Born on March 23, 1970; Age: 54 years old) is a famous Nollywood actress, television personality, and producer best known for her roles in the drama series Ripples as well as Showmax series Diiche. Chinyere has a twin sister named Chinaelo Mojekwu.

Actress Chinyere Wilfred is not just one of the finest faces we have in the Nigerian movie industry, she is talented and knows her onions in the acting field and over the years, her successes are felt both on the screen and behind the movie scenes as well.

As one of the oldest stars in Nollywood, Chinyere has made her mark and is not relenting in maintaining her status as one of the iconic figures in the industry. Here are facts about the talented actress you may love to know.

Summary of Chinyere Wilfred’s Biography

  • Full name: Chinyere Wilfred
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: April 23, 1970
  • Chinyere Wilfred’s Age: 54 years old
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • School Attended: Lagos State Polytechnic
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Chinyere Wilfred’s Husband: Mr. Wilfred
  • Chinyere Wilfred’s Children: Emeka Wilfred, Chijioke Wilfred, and Chukwudi Wilfred
  • Siblings: Chinaelo Mojekwu (twin sister)
  • Chinyere Wilfred’s Net worth: $800,000
  • Famous for: “Ripples”
  • Chinyere Wilfred’s Instagram: @chinyerewilfred4real

54 year-old Chinyere Wilfred Is an Anambra State Indigene

Chinyere Wilfred was born on March 23, 1970, to Igbo parents who resided in Lagos state, Nigeria, but she originally hails from Aguluezechukwu, a village in Anambra State, the southeastern part of the country.


Chinyere grew up in Lagos State where she also had her education from her primary to tertiary level. After completing her basic and secondary education, the actress went to the Lagos State Polytechnic where she obtained a Higher National Diploma in Computer Science.

Chinyere Wilfred’s Twin Sister Is Chinaelo

As surprising as this may sound, the veteran actress Chinyere Wilfred does have a twin sister who goes by the name Chinaelo Mojekwu. The news about the actress’s twin surfaced only in 2021 when the two posted several pictures of themselves on the internet while celebrating their birthday.


Chinyere has not been generous with information regarding any member of her birth family and so, further information about Chinelo’s educational background or career cannot be found. However, it is largely believed that she attended the same basic and secondary school as her sister.

Chinyere Wilfred Started Acting 32 Years Ago   

While many picked up acting as a career basically because of the fame it brings, the likes of Chinyere Wildred discovered they had a thing for acting since their childhood years. She could not even imagine herself pursuing any other career but acting and so, after school, she wasted no time finding her way into the movie industry.

Acting as a profession for Chinyere Wilfred began in 1992 and she got the chance to play a role in the 1993 movie “Taboo”. The movie also featured Nollywood stars like Sam Loco Efe, Nkem Owoh, Kenneth Okonkwo, and Chinwetalu Agu.

Chinyere eventually came to the limelight for her role in “Ripples”. Her role in the movie earned her an award as “Best actress in supporting role” at the Africans Movie Academic awards. She also played a minor role in Zeb Ejiro’s 1994 movie “Nneka the Pretty Serpent” which featured stars like Ngozi Ezeonu, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Eucharia Anuobi, and Zack Orji.

Chinyere Wilfred has since starred in over 150 Nollywood movies, including “The Final Clash”, “Range Rover Babes”, “Polygamy”, “Oh Mother”, “Obligation” and so on. While not much of her is seen in most recent movies, Chinyere is still very much active in the movie industry as she is talented, skillful, and creative. Some of her most recent movies include “Tiktok Mama, “Safe Heaven”, Family Secret”, Mother’s Web, and “Wherever Love Goes”.

Her ability to skillfully interpret every-given role has also helped her journey into movie production. As the CEO of Chifred Productions, Chinyere is behind the successful production of movies like “Wherever Love Goes” and “All the Days of Our Love”.

Chinyere Wilfred’s Movies and TV Shows Include:

  • A Piece of Flesh
  • A Wish for the stars
  • Games Women play
  • Wages
  • One Week One trouble
  • Tiktok Mama,
  • Safe Haven
  • Polygamy
  • Ogbanta the family Hunter
  • Range Rover Babes
  • Wages
  • Oh Mother
  • The Donor
  • Obligation
  • Taboo
  • Ripples
  • Family Secret,
  • Mother’s Web,
  • Wherever Love Goes

For leading a successful career in the industry, 54 years old Chinyere Wilfred has received both a massive measure of fame and deserving awards that goes with it. Her list of awards includes:

  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role at Africa Movie Academy Awards
  • Best Actress of the Year at Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Best of Nollywood Awards
  • Best Actress in Nigeria at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards
  • Most Promising Actress in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards

Chinyere is Married and Blessed With three Children

The multiple award-winning Nollywood actress and movie producer is happily married to her husband of many years, Mr. Wilfred. While not much is known about her husband, the actress revealed that she got married to her husband in 1993, a few months after joining the movie industry.

She and her husband, however, met each other several years before her rise to fame and they even courted for nine years before making their union official in 1993. Happily, her marriage of 31 years is blessed with three grownup sons identified as Emeka Wilfred, Chijioke Wilfred, and Chukwudi Wilfred.

Wilfred’s three sons are said to have joined their mother in the entertainment industry. They are all said to be actors and key members of Chifred Productions. Emeka Wilfred, who is popularly known as Mista Willy, is Chinyere’s first son. He is apparently identified as an upcoming singer, actor, and songwriter.

Emeka is best known for releasing his hit single “My Flow,” which made waves in the music world. He also has other singles which include Head, My flow, and others.

Scandals Involving Chinyere Wilfred

Chinyere has received her fair share of public criticism as she has been involved in public scandals. In 2003, the 54 years old actress was blackmailed by her friend and colleague Florence Onuma.

The blackmail was followed by a trail of nude pictures and threats, which at some points led to the involvement of the Police and the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Though the case between the actresses was later resolved, their friendship was lost and it led to Chinyere Disappearing from the movie scene for a few months before her recent return.


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