Top 10 Richest Females in Kannywood

The richest females in Kannywood include the likes of Rahama Sadau, Hadiza Aliyu Gabon, and Jamila Nadu, while the likes of Ali Nuhu and Sani Danja are seen as the richest men in the industry,

While most of these actresses may have gained their wealth from acting, many of them have had several business ventures as well as gained endorsement deals. Moreso, rather than sticking to only Kannywood, a number of these actresses have ventured into acting in English films. In case you wonder how we have arrived at our top 10 richest Kannywood actresses, we have gone through hundreds of actresses and compiled this list putting their earnings at the forefront of our compilations.

These earnings are based on the information gotten about the acting careers of these actors. Other sources that we considered are endorsement deals, businesses, streaming platforms such as YouTube, and other careers they have been involved in.

Meet the 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses

1. Rahama Sadau

  • Net Worth: $300,000 (₦138.1 million)
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Active years: 2013 – present (11 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsements, businesses (Beauty and filming companies)
  • Famous for: Acting (Sons of the Caliphate, Shuga, Mati a Zazzau)

Rahama Sadau is one of the most influential and wealthy Kanywood actors. She has recorded a net worth estimated at $300,000 (₦138.1 million) and has proven that her talent is not narrowed to only Hausa films. She has appeared in both Kannywood and Nollywood movies since she began her career in 2013.

Her debut film is Gani Ga Wane and she has since appeared in some of the best Hausa films such as Almajiri (2022), Nisan Kwana (2019), Hakkunde (2017), Nadeeya (2017), and Ajuwaya (2017) and Mati a Zazzau. She has also been featured in interesting Nollywood films and series such as MTV’s Shuga (2018-2019), Up North (2018), Chief Daddy (2018), If I Am President (2018), Zero Hour (2018), and Sons of the Caliphate (2016-2018) among others.

The actress has also earned money from being a dancer, producer, and businesswoman. In fact, she performed as a dancer in several competitions before she gained fame.

As a producer, she has produced Nadeeya (2022), Mati a Zazzau (2020), and Rariya (2017). She also owns Sadau Pictures filming company. In January 2023, she announced a collaboration with Bollywood in a series, Postcards. It was directed by Rajniesh Duggall and received several critical acclaims.

More into how she gained her fortune, Rahama is a businesswoman. The 2015 Best African Actress of the African Voice owns a beauty company Dee Dee Films. She also owns a Non-Governmental Organization, Ray of Hope. Rahama Sadau has also earned from endorsement deals. She has worked with brands such as Maltina, Koyin Skincare, and Medicaid Cancer Foundation.

2. Hadiza Aliyu Gabon

  • Net Worth: $250,000 (₦115.1 million)
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Active years: 2009 – present (15 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsement and businesses
  • Famous for: Acting (Babban Zaure, Ali Yaga Ali, Daga Ni Sai Ke)

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Another rich Kannywood actress is the multi-awarded Gabon-born Hadiza Aliyu, also known as Hadiza Aliyu Gabon.

Her major source of wealth is her acting career which began when she was about 20 years old in 2009 when she featured in Artabu after she met Ali Nuhu. She also started her career upon her return to Nigeria from her birth country, Gabon.

In 2017, 8 years after her debut, she joined Nollywood and played a role in Lagos Real Fake Life. In the years to come, she built a solid career in films, including Mijin Biza (2017), Ashe Zamu Ga Juna (2019), Hauwa Kulu (2019), Dan Birni (2016), and A Ci Bulus (2014).

Furthermore, she has accumulated her $250,000 (₦115.1 million) net worth from writing, movie production, and endorsement deal. As a writer and producer, she is notable for the short film, Surprise Birthday in 2019. The romance and drama film was directed by notable directors Hassan Giggs and Kamal S. Alkali.

As a brand ambassador, Hadiza Aliyu is known for working with notable brands like MTN Nigeria, Indomie noodles, and Dangote Seasoning.

Hadiza has also made wealth by being an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of the beauty and clothing brands Beaute Naturelle and Classic Sewing by Adizatou. She is also the founder of the Hadiza Aliyu Gabon (HAG) Foundation.

3. Nafisat Abdullahi

  • Net Worth: $217 million (₦100 million)
  • Age: 14 years
  • Active years: 2010 – present
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsements, Cosmetic store, Cofee shop, and clothing line
  • Famous for: Acting (Kalamu Wahid, Ya Daga Allah, Dan Marayan Zaki, Baiwar Allah)

Nafisa has had one of the most successful careers in Kannywood since her debut in 2010. The Jos-born actress boasts of wealth majorly from acting, filmmaking, and a series of businesses.

Currently, she has featured in numerous Hausa films and is also navigating her way through English movies. The multi-award-winning actress has featured in Hausa films such as Dan Marayan Zaki, Da’iman, Ya Daga Allah, Zango, Yar Agadez, Gabar Cikin Gida, and Badi Ba Rai.

Moreso, the actress is known for playing the role of Maryam in the English film In Love and Ashes in 2018. She featured in the film alongside Patience Ozokwor, Tijani Faraga, Sani Danja, and Charles Etubiebi.

She has equally excelled as a businesswoman and founder of a cosmetic brand, Naf Cosmetics. Moreso, Nafisat Abdullahi has an apparel brand Naaf Closet; as well as a coffee shop, Larous Cafe.

The entertainer endorses Pepsi Nigeria, Salis Drive, and Procold and is famous for showing a life of luxury on social media.

4. Jamila Nagudu

  • Net Worth: $200,000 (₦92 million)
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Active years: 2002 (22 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsement deals, film production, and business
  • Famous for: Acting (Mati a Zazzau, Hafeez, Mijin Biza, Hindu)

Often regarded as the “Queen of Kannywood” Jamila Nagudu is one of the richest female Kannywood actors. She started her career as a teenager in 2002. At first, she was a dancer before she later ventured into acting and has lasted 22 years.

The Bauchi State-born actress is famous as the Queen of Kannywood and has appeared in Mai Nasibi (2016), Mijin Biza (2017), Karshen Tika Tiki (2020), Mati a Zazzau (2020), and Hikima (2021).

Moreso, Jamila is a producer known for the executive production of the 2019 film, Manyan Gobe.

She further made her net worth from endorsements. Jamila became a brand ambassador of Vedan Super Seasoning in 2017. She also worked with Ajino Moto seasoning as well became a Globacom ambassador.

5. Mansurah Isah

  • Net Worth: $200,000 (₦92 million)
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Active years: 1990s – present (14 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsement deals
  • Famous for: Actress (Fanan, Akeelah, Fate of Alakada)

A Checkers Custard ambassador, philanthropist, actress in a series of films, and producer, Mansura is definitely one of the richest women in Kannywood.

She has also established herself as an interesting brand influencer and entrepreneur. All these have contributed immensely to her $190 million net worth.

Looking at how she has achieved this wealth, Mansurah started her career in the 1990s and has featured in both Hausa and English films such as one of the highest-grossing Nigerian films, Fate of Alakada (2020). She has also featured in Turaka (2006), Jarumai (2006), and Fil’azal (2005).

In terms of production and writing, the actress is known for Fanan – a film she is recognized for its story and executive producer. She also wrote and produced Akeelah which was released in 2009.

Looking more into how she has earned her net worth, Mansurah has availed herself to build a business called Mansura Isah Interior. The company specializes in interior decoration, sales of furniture, and the drilling of boreholes.

In addition, the actress is also a YouTuber and manages the YouTube channel Mansurah Isah TV. The channel has garnered over 30,000 subscribers and about 1.6 million views at the time of this writing.

Since YouTube is an important source of wealth and a streaming platform, it is important to note that it is an important contributor to Mansura’s wealth since she started the channel in 2015.

6. Halima Atete

  • Net Worth: $180,000 (₦82.2 million)
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Active years: 2012 – present (12 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsement deals
  • Famous for: Actress (Dakin Amarya)

From being a Hollantex as well as Crown brand ambassador, Halima Atete’s wealth has been gathered beyond her place in the movie industry.

She also comfortably holds a great position as one of the best actors Kannywood has seen. Well, in terms of her wealth, she prides herself on an estimated $180,000 (₦82.2 million) net worth which has mostly been gathered through her acting, producing, and scriptwriting career.

The 35 years old Maiduguri-born actress has been in the movie industry since 2012 and is most famous for her earliest roles in Asalina (2012), Kona Gari (2012), and Dakin Amarya (2013).  Her other notable works are Uwar Gulma (2015), Igiya Zato (2016), and Karshen Tika Tiki (2020).

In her career, Halima Atete has also been able to attract several awards such as winning City People Entertainment Award on four occasions. She won awards in the categories of Best New Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress, and Kannywood Face.

7. Maryam Booth

  • Net Worth: $100,000 (₦46 million)
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsement deals, businesses
  • Famous for: Actress (The Milkmaid, Hakkunde, Jalil (2020)

Packed-filled with talent and ambition, Maryam Booth has worn hats of many sorts in different careers that have made her an interesting net worth of $100,000 (₦46 million).

She is an actress and model with an Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role.

Born Maryam Ado Muhammed, the actress started acting at the age of 8. Currently, she is known for featuring in one of the highest-ranking Kannywood films, The Milkmaid – a film that was submitted for the Oscars.

She has also featured in films such as Dakar Tukunya (2007), Hakkunde (2017), Gwarzon Shekara (2018), Jalil (2020), and Lamba (2022). Rather than only focusing on Kannywood, Maryam has also ventured into English language  films and has played a role in Lagos to Abuja Coach (2020) and Sanitation Day (2020)

More on how she has accumulated her net worth and made it to this list, the actress is also an entrepreneur and ambassador of several brands. She is the founder and CEO of Maryam Booth Collections which is also known as MBooth Collections. Through this business, she sells bridal wear, materials, clutches, bags; shoes, and more.

She is also a brand ambassador of Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria (AFN) as well as MaDish Seasonings. Other brands she has influenced are Yale and Kambi Cosmetics.

8. Fati Washa

  • Net Worth: $70,000 (₦31.9 million)
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Active years: 2010 – present (14 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsement deals
  • Famous for: Actress (Mijin Biza, Basaja Gidan Yari, Hindu, Gwaska Returns)

It is difficult to mention the great women in Kannywood without acknowledging Fati Washa who was born Fatima Abdullahi Washi. Well, this is similar when it comes to the aspect of the wealthiest female actors in Kannywood.

She made her acting career debut in 2010 and has since featured in interesting Hausa films, including Dangin Maji (2017), Jaraba (2011), Gada da Gabanta (2013), Ana Wata ga Wata (2015), and ‘Ya daga Allah (2014).

Endorsements have equally added to Fati’s wealth. She has endorsed brands such as Diza Empire, and Rufauida Drinks.

9. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

  • Net Worth: $60,000 (₦27.3 million)
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Active years: 2011 – present (13 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Endorsement deals, modeling, entrepreneurship
  • Famous for: Actress (Tsamiya, Dakin Amarya, Hanyar Kano, Ranar Baiko, Salma)

A versatile and famous celebrity, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya has recorded an interesting $60,000 (₦27.3 million) net worth to give her a space among the richest and most influential Kannywood actresses. As an actor, she began her career in 2011. She became famous for her role in Salma and has ever since remained relevant in the movie industry.

She is credited for her roles in Kalan Dangi (2017), Wuff (2021), Laila Adam (2018), Amarya Dalili (2016), Farin Dare (2013), and Carbin Kwai (2011). Also, she is the producer of Kalan Dangi – a film that features actors such as Ali Nuhu, Hafsat Idris, Rabiu Rikadawa, and Sadiq Sani Sadiq.

Away from the movie industry, Aisha is the founder of Aysha Beauty Palace. The company which is located in Kano specializes in organic and skincare products, shoes, handbags, “Ankara” materials, hijabs, children’s wear, and perfumes.

10. Hafsat Idris

  • Net Worth: $50,000 (₦23 million)
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Active years: 2010 – present (14 years)
  • Other sources of Income: Clothing and kitchen items businesses
  • Famous for: Actress (Rariya, Kawaye, Kalan Dangi)

Born Hafsat Ahmad Idris, this Kannywood actress has risen to the stage of wealthy entertainer in Kannywood. She traces the start of her professional career to the mid-2010s and by 2015, she featured in a film, Barauniya.

She’s also featured in Makaryaci (2016), Rumana (2016), Mace Mai Hannun Maza (2016), Rigar Aro (2017), Ana Dare Ga Dare Ya Yi (2018), and Mata da Miji (2019).

The actress has equally gathered income from her movie production career. She founded Ramlat Investment – a company that focuses on film production. She is most notable for the production of Kawaye in 2016. The film featured top actors such as Ali Nuhu and Sani Danja.

Hadiza Idris’s fortune also comes from her role as a brand influencer. She has influenced clothing brands, kitchen wear brands, as well as other home accessories.


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