The Timeline of Rosy Meurer’s Relationship and Marriage to Olakunle Churchill

In the beginning of Olakunle Churchill’s marital travails with Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh, little did Rosy Meurer knew she would become the next Mrs. Churchil, yet she did become Mrs. Rosy Meurer-Churchill. But while it is easy to become Olakunle Churchill’s second wife after his divorce with Tonto, many questions have been asked about the roles Rosy might or might not have played in the debacle of her boss’ first marriage. In her defense, she claimed it is God’s will to have married the man she now has a son for. Get the full gist below.

Rosy Meurer and Olakunle Churchill were in a Formal Relationship Before They Became Lovers

Rosy Meurer and Olakunle Churchill were said to have started their relationship on business grounds but eventually grew fond of each other and became lovers. Churchill is a renowned businessman, philanthropist, and IT specialist. He is the founder of Big Church Group, which has offices in Nigeria, Switzerland, and Ghana. The Big Church Group has subsidiaries in agriculture, IT, real estate, mining, construction, and entertainment.

On the other hand, Rosy was his PA and the brand ambassador for Big Church Foundation’s Mother and Child Project. In 2015, there were allegations that Churchill, who was married to Tonto Dikeh, was cheating on her with Rosy. The accused came out to say that no such thing was happening as she considered the business tycoon to be a brother and would never have an affair with her brother.

However, Tonto, who was the wife of Churchill at the time, continued to insist that something was going on between them. In an interview, Tonto said that her husband took Rosy on trips, bought things for her, and even bought her a car. She insisted that they were both having an affair, which was why her husband abandoned her and their only son.

She further added that her marriage to Churchill was a mess and that she was suffering even though she tried to paint him as a good man on social media. Rosy kept denying having anything to do with Churchill, even after his marriage to Tonto Dikeh ended in 2017. Also, she revealed that she also lost her relationship because of all the accusations she received.

Rosy’s Marriage to Churchill Happened Sometime in 2019

There was no news about Rosy Meurer and Olakunle Churchill’s wedding or marriage until 15 February 2021, when Churchill wrote a heartfelt birthday wish to Rosy and referred to her as Mrs. Churchill. This stirred up another round of social media backlash and arguments. Regardless of what people said, the new couple celebrated each other and promised to always be there for each other.

Fans, especially Tonto Dikeh’s fans, continued to troll Rosy and refer to her as a husband snatcher. However, she made a video to defend herself, where she said that because she called Churchill a brother and mentor does not mean that they are related by blood. She went on to add that the businessman has been good to her and her siblings, but she had nothing to do with his divorce from Tonto.

According to her, she continued to see him as a brother even after he and Tonto got divorced, but as God may have it, he proposed to her two years ago, and a year later, they got married. She added that her marriage with him is the will of God, and she cannot ignore her destiny because of the fear of what other people will say. Rosy reaffirmed that she had lost her relationship in the midst of all the scandals and could only marry Olakunle because he stood by her in difficult times, especially after her relationship ended.

Rosy Meurer and Olakunle Churchill Had a Son in 2021

As if to create another social media uproar, in March of 2021, the successful businessman celebrated the birth of his second son by his new wife and former PA. The child was born in Switzerland and named King Churchill Junior. Olakunle said in his post that his new baby was a sign that his decision to marry Rosy two years back was not a mistake but the will of God.

Rosy also made a post about their son, saying that motherhood has exposed her to new things and has changed her perception about many things. She added that while her husband taught her true life, her son taught he, pure love, so all she wants to do is take care of her family. She said that the family a person comes from is important, but the family a person creates should be their number one priority. Despite being a busy person, she has shown that she is ready to sacrifice her time and attention for her family and has chosen to put them first.

Overview of Rosy Meurer’s Background and Career

Rosaline Ufuoma Meurer, commonly known as Rosy Meurer, is a popular Nigerian actress, model, producer, and brand ambassador. She is the first of three children born in the Gambia on the 15th of February 1992 to a Dutch father and Delta State mother. Despite her Business Management and Photography degrees, she decided to go into the entertainment industry, thus starting her career as a model in the Gambia.

Later in 2009, she moved to Nigeria to join the Nollywood industry, a suggestion she got from Desmond Elliot, a popular Nigerian actor and politician. She started with a minor role in the movie titled “Spellbound,” and in 2011, she was featured in another movie titled “In the Cupboard.” In the following year, she acted in “Weekend Getaway” as a minor character. After that, the actress had to excuse herself for a while from the screen to further her education.

She came back in 2014 with the TV series “Oasis,” in which she acted as Kaylah. She also ventured into movie production with the movie “Therapist’s Therapy” as her debut. Rosy has since been featured in several movies, including; Damaged Petal, Red Card, Open Marriage, My Sister and I, Pebbles of Love, Our Dirty Little Secret, Karma, Accidental Affairs, Circle of Sinners, etc.

In addition to her acting skills, Rosy is a multi-linguist. She speaks Dutch, Delta, Gambian dialect, and a bit of Hausa. Although she has always been a public figure, she became more popular after her controversy with another popular actress, Tonto Dikeh. She was accused of snatching the husband of the latter, Olakunle Churchill.


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