10 Things That Will Surprise You About Ice Prince


Ice Prince is one of the biggest stars when it comes to Nigerian Musicians. Since breaking into the musical scene, Panshak Henry Zamani popularly referred to as Ice Prince has continued to impress the local as well as the international market. The 27 year old was born in Minna, Niger State on October 30, 1986. At the age of 2, Ice Prince together with his family relocated to the mining town of Jos in  Plateau state, Nigeria.

 1. His Path Crossed With That of P-Square and Obi Mikel

Ice Prince8

While living in Jos in Plateau State, Ice Prince attended Saint Murumba College. What may surprise many people is the fact that the same college also happens to be where Paul and Peter Okoye of P-Square schooled. Mikel Obi who is one of Nigeria’s finest soccer players also passed through the same college.

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 2. Early In Life He Did Music to Impress Girls

Ice Prince1

Many musicians always struggle to make it .While most will ensure that they save the little money they make and probably produce a single, pay bills, or buy musical instruments , Ice Prince found it fit to impress the ladies. He spent his first earnings on jeans and shoes to entice the beauties to talk to him.

 3. Sang Tenor in Church Choir

Ice Prince3

It is a known  fact that most musicians started singing or playing instruments in church. Later on, they applied their skills in the secular world. However, for Ice Prince it was somewhat different. At the age of 16, he, together with some of his friends formed a singing group known as the “Ecomog squad”. Unfortunately, the group split after one year and instead of pursuing a solo career or joining another group, Ice Prince opted to sing tenor in his local church.

4. Called To Pursue Zoology

ice prince 3

Probably, if Ice Prince was not singing, he would be working in a zoo, animal orphanage, or game park. He had been called to pursue a degree in Zoology at The University of Jos but later dropped out due to financial constraints.

5. Awarded By the President of Nigeria

Ice prince 6

As part of the Chocolate City stable, Ice Prince together with M.I was recently feted by Nigeria’s President Jonathan Goodluck. The two artists were endorsed as the brand ambassadors of NASCOM Rhythm and Play.