How to Share Airtime on Airtel Nigeria

You can share or transfer airtime on the Airtel Nigeria network by dialing the USSD code *432#. You can also share airtime through the Airtel mobile App. This airtime share called Airtime Me2U applies to all tariff plans on the network.

Airtel Network has existed in Nigeria since 2010 but has had its roots in the country since 2001 existing under different names. As a service provider, it not only allows customers to recharge and call, but also to share airtime with others.

How to Share Airtime from Airtel to Airtel

There are three ways an Airtel subscriber can share airtime with another Airtel line and they are as follows:

Pin Code to Share Airtime on Airtel

You can transfer or share airtime on Airtel by dialing *432# to proceed with the request. For a faster airtime share transaction process, the direct code is *432*Airtel Number*Amount# (e.g. 080X XXX XXXX)*Amount# directly.

A confirmation PIN will be required at the end of the transaction process so as to fully authorize airtime sharing or transfer.

It is important to note that while using the code to transfer airtime, an Airtel subscriber will not be charged any service fee. Also, there is no restriction on the amount of airtime to be transferred or the number of times airtime can be shared daily.

How to Share Airtel Airtime Via SMS

Through text message (SMS), an Airtel customer can have access to share or transfer data to other Airtel lines. Like other mediums of airtime transfer or sharing, the transfer code 432 will still be used for a successful procedure.

To start up, open your SMS text message app and type, 2u(space)Phone number (space)Amount(space)PIN. Example: 2u 0708xxxxxxx 500 0000.

When you are done typing, confirm the details of your message and send it to 432. Await an SMS confirmation and deduction from your account balance.

How To Send Airtime Via Airtel Mobile App

The My Airtel App is a self-care app available on the Google Play store and App Store which covers multiple features such as:

  • Airtime purchase and recharge for others
  • Activation of Data bundles
  • Account balance -Voice and Data
  • Access to SIM details
  • Access to SIM registration data
  • Access PUK code

On the mobile app, locate and click on Me2U- Share Airtime, and input the phone number you intend to share or gift airtime to. Next, you would be required to input the amount of airtime you wish to transfer. Click and confirm the share and a transaction summary message will be sent to your phone.

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Note: Airtime share and transfer from Airtel to Airtel lines are not limited to a particular tariff plan, but can work on any tariff plan.

How To Change Airtel Default Transfer PIN

On the Airtel service network, a general default PIN, 1234, applies to all subscribers unless changed by the user. The idea behind changing and personalizing your airtime share and transfer PIN is to afford the customer privacy and security from unauthorized users.

To change the default PIN from 1234 to whatever pin you want to use, text PIN (space) Old PIN/Default PIN (space) New PIN (Space) to 432. For example, text; PIN 1234 0000 to 432. After this procedure, you will receive a text message confirming your PIN change.

The next time you wish to transfer, simply type in the new PIN to complete the transfer process rather than the default PIN.

How to Share Airtime on Airtel with Another Network

All networks available in Nigeria do not accept airtime share and transfer with Airtel network. The only portal for sharing airtime from Airtel with other networks is a bank account. Although the Airtel service provider placed the option for airtime transfers to other networks on the Me2Uservice, through the *432*2* Phone Number *Amount# code, it does not work.

How to Share Airtime on Airtel to MTN

The code *432# for airtime share and transfer on the Airtel network only applies to transactions between Airtel to Airtel lines only. Just as data cannot be shared between Airtel to MTN, it applies also to airtime between different service providers like Airtel to MTN attempting to share airtime with each other.

How to Share Airtime from Airtel to Glo

Even though Airtel and Glo networks have been in existence for a long time in Nigeria, none of them have started operating an internetwork airtime sharing or transfer. All codes or portals used for airtime share and transfer available on Airtel do not accommodate transfers to Glo.


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