How to Check 9mobile Number

9mobile subscribers can check their phone numbers using USSD code *248#, calling customer care for help, self help (*301#), sending an SMS, or through the ignite 9mobile app. Every 9mobile number in Nigeria has 11 digits, which can start with 0809, 0817, 0818, 0909, and 0908.

It is important to know your 9mobile number or any other number, as it serves as an address for switching telephone calls. It is also a unique number designated to you to use for different communication purposes. Well, if you wonder how to check your 9mobile number, this article contains a vivid step-by-step guide.

How to Know My 9mobile Number

You can know your 9mobile or Etisalat number by checking the SIM pack, using the USSD code, customer care, using your phone settings, and via SMS, among other ways.

9mobile also allows customers to chat and ask for assistance, including asking for your phone number using the Ig9ite app or through internet services.

So, whether your mobile number is a regular number, a special number, or even if you switch from another network, here are the ways to check your 9mobile number.

Code to Check 9mobile Number

The 9mobile or Etisalat code to check your number is *248#. You can use this code on any type of phone and you will receive a notification with your phone number.

You can also check your 9mobile number on your phone by following these steps:

  • Dial *301# on your mobile device
  • Select MY ACCOUNT
  • You will receive a reply with your phone number

How to Check Your 9mobile Number Via SMS

  • Open your text app
  • Type INFO (in capital letters)
  • Send the message to 228 or 200
  • You will receive an SMS with your 9mobile number, your account balance, and other details

How to Get Your 9mobile Number from Customer Care

9mobile has many ways you can get your mobile number from customer care. Here are all the ways:

  • You can get your 9mobile number by calling 300 on your phone.
  • Use USSD manu code *301#
  • Contact the network via mail at [email protected].
  • Contact 9mobile to get your number through 9mobile Live Support.
  • Call 08090000300.
  • Send a Whatsapp message at 09092000192

NOTE: You will have to provide some personal details when using any of these methods to get your phone number. This will help the customer care representative verify that you are the owner of the number before it will be issued to you.

How to Use Your Phone Settings to Know Your Number

Whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone, there are ways to check your 9mobile number without seeking 9mobile services. Below are all the ways to achieve that.

How to Check My Number on Android Phone

There are two ways to check your phone number on your Android phone. The first step is through the dialer app while the other is through settings.

Step-by-step guide on how to check your phone number using the dialer or phone app

  • Open your phone’s app (dialer).
  • Tap contact (mostly in the same line, you’ll find DIAL and CALL LOGS).
  • Click on ME or MY INFO, depending on the option your phone has.
  • Your phone number will be displayed.

NOTE: Not every Android phone has this option.

Steps to check your phone number using the phone settings menu

  • Open your phone’s menu
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • You will see a list of SIM CARD 1 and SIM CARD 2, among other lists
  • Select 9mobile SIM and click MY PHONE NUMBER, MODEL, etc
  • Your phone number should appear on your phone’s screen
  • For Samsung users, the number should be displayed at the near top of your screen after you tap the ABOUT PHONE or ABOUT DEVICE option

How to Check Your Phone Number on iPhone

There are two major ways to check your 9mobile number from your iPhone.

The first method is by using your phone settings app. Under Settings, go to the phone and your phone number will be displayed under the My Number item.

Secondly, you can use the contacts app. In this space, you will find the MY CARD field. Click on it and your phone number will be displayed. However, this second method will only work when you have more than one SIM card in the phone.

Check Your 9mobile Number Via Toolkit

  • Using a smartphone, open SIM Toolkit
  • Select 9mobile
  • Tap on MY SERVICES
  • Click on MY ACCOUNT
  • Select the SHOW MY NUMBER option
  • Your mobile number will be displayed on your phone’s screen

How to Check Your Number on 9mobile App

  • Download a 9mobile app from the Google Play Store or IOS store
  • Install the app and register with your details
  • Anytime you log into the app, your mobile number will be displayed on the top part of your screen.

NOTE: You need your number before you can fully register on the Ig9ite app. Therefore, checking your 9mobile number using the app should serve more as a reminder

Can I Check My Number Using Someone Else’s Number?

Yes, you can check your 9mibile number using another person’s number. All you have to do is dial the person’s number on your phone and allow it to ring. Then, end the call and ask the person to call out the number for you.

You can also send a “call me back” message. Then, ask the recipient to call out or text you the number that sent them the message.

How to Recognise a 9mobile Number

9mobile numbers start with a group of 4 unique numbers. These numbers are categorized into 5 different numbers which start with either 08 or 09.

In a nutshell, every 9mobile/Etisalat number must start with either of these 5 numbers. Here is the list of the numbers that 9mobile starts with and how to recognize them.

  • 0809
  • 0817
  • 0818
  • 0909
  • 0908

Apart from these numbers, there are exceptions to numbers that port or switch from other networks to 9mobile. For instance, if a former MTN subscriber ports to 9mobile, they will still maintain their previous numbers (which can start with 0803, 0806, 0703, 0706, etc).

Therefore, it is difficult to recognize this type of number (that port) from a mere outlook.

In addition, a 9mobile number could carry the Nigerian country code (+234). In this case, the number will not start with a zero. For example, if your number or any other 9mobile number is 08090000300, it will become +2348090000300 (without the first zero) when the country code is added.


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