9mobile Night Plan: How to Subscribe on Etisalat

The 9mobile night plan is a unique package designed to give users more value for their money during specific hours of the night. To subscribe to this plan, customers must register on the MoreCliq Tariff Plan using *244*1#. The code to buy this night plan for as low as ₦50 and as high as ₦3,000 is*312# or *282#. 

9mobile night plan is an avenue the network provider allows customers to enjoy a hitch/traffic-free, seamless browsing experience. In this article, we will give you step-by-step details on how to subscribe to the 9mobile night data plan.

9mobile Night Plan Code

There are two codes you can use to buy the 9mobile night plan. They are the general data code in Nigeria, *312#, or the 9mobile unique night plan code *282#.

With these codes, you can buy data ranging from as low as 50MB to as large as 7GB. The night plan is available to soothe your browsing needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Night Data on 9mobile with *312# Code

  • Using any type of mobile phone, dial *312#.
  • Choose the “Buy Data” option (1).
  • Select “Night only” (option 3).
  • Select your desired plan and confirm the purchase.
  • Once you have airtime worth the amount of data you want, you will receive a message notifying you that your purchase is successful.
  • Otherwise, you will receive a message that your balance is insufficient (recharge and try again).
  • Once successful, you can enjoy browsing between 12 am and 5 am.


  • Simply dial *244*1# on your mobile phone
  • Select the type of night plan you prefer
  • Confirm payment and enjoy data for 5 hours from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.

NOTE: 9mobile night plan is tariff-specific. Therefore, you must migrate to the MoreCliq Tariff Plan from other plans before these codes discussed above can work.

9Mobile Night Plans and Their Time Duration

Below are all the night/weekend plans 9mobile network offers to its customers and the time duration of daily use.

500MB Night Plan for ₦50

With only ₦50, 9mobile customers can purchase 500MB worth of data plan. The offer is valid from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. within 24 hours of subscription. There is no limit to the number of times a subscriber can purchase the plan per night in case you exhaust your plan.

Dial *282*22# to begin enjoying the 500MB night plan on 9mobile.

1.5GB Night Plan for ₦200

The 1.5GB night plan costs ₦200 and is valid for a duration of 24 hours only. Due to the fact that it is a night plan, it can only be valid from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. within 24 hours of purchase. To subscribe for the 1.5GB night plan, dial ₦282# and select the plan or purchase on the 9mobile App.

2.5GB Night Plan for ₦300

Another cheap, yet bountiful data opportunity on the 9mobile night plan to binge on is the 2.5GB Night Plan. It costs ₦300. This plan can be purchased on the 9mobile App or by dialing any of the two codes *312# or *282#.

Other Night Plans on 9mobile

These night plans on 9mobile are the most unique. They are valid for longer periods and also allow customers to browse at night and on weekends. Here is what to know about them and how to subscribe.

3GB Night Plan for ₦1,000

To subscribe for the 3GB night plan on 9mobile, simply dial the short code *282# or *312#. Unlike the previous plans, the 3GB plan costs ₦1,000 and works within a more extended time frame.

This plan is valid for a month (30 days) period and works during the weekends and evenings from 7 p.m. to 6:59 a.m. As with other night plans, this can only be enjoyed by subscribers on the MoreCliq Tariff Plan.

7GB Night Plan for ₦3,000

The largest offer on the 9mobile night plan is the 7GB night plan, which is valid for a month (30 days). The plan costs ₦3,000 and is only on offer for MoreCliq Tariff Plan users. To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*13# and begin to enjoy evening and weekend data from 7 p.m. to 6:59 a.m.

How to Check Your Night Plan Balance on 9mobile

By dialing *323# on your active 9mobile phone number, you will be able to view your night plan data balance. Alternatively, you can also dial *310# to check all data balances you are subscribed to.

Another easy avenue to check your night plan balance on 9mobile is by logging onto your mobile app to view your balance.

Guide to Check Your 9mobile (Etisalat) Night Plan Balance

  • Dial *323# on your mobile phone.
  • Details of your data balance will appear on your screen.


  • Dial *312# and select the second option to see your night plan data balance.


  • *Dial *310# to view your credit balance, data and bonus balance; and night plan balance

What Happens to Leftover Night Data Plans?

9mobile night plan data does not roll over. Since the MoreCliq tariff plan is chiefly the provider of the night data plan, it does not offer any option for rollovers. Therefore, any night plan data that is not exhausted within the duration of use will expire automatically without renewal.

Subscribers on the Etisalat MoreCliq night data plan, although affordable, unfortunately, has a number of restrictions to its service. Below are listed services not offered on the night plan;

  • Data Rollover: In the case where your night data plan duration expires while your data is yet to be exhausted, the MoreCliq tariff plan sadly does not offer a rollover option.
  • Data Sharing or Gifting: Furthermore, the night data plan cannot be shared, gifted, or transferred to other 9mobile customers or other network customers like MTN, GLO, and Airtel. Only a subscriber to the plan can use this service alone.
  • Auto-renewal and One-off options: On the MoreCliq night plan, options of data auto renewal and one-off services are not applicable.

How to Migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq Tariff Plan to Enjoy Night Plans

Enjoying the night data plan offered on the 9mobile network service requires all customers to be registered under the MoreCliq tariff plan. To do this, the basic requirement is to own an active Etisalat SIM card with a sufficient account balance. Dial the code *244*1# for migration to the prepaid MoreCliq tariff plan (the code can work for migration on all tariff plans registered).

For an existing customer, you will be charged ₦100 for migration to the MoreCliq tariff plan. However, an exception is made for new customers, especially those migrating for the first time, it is free.


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