How to Hide Number on MTN

To hide your caller ID or number from the recipient, enter #31# before the phone number you wish to dial and press the call button after the recipient’s number. This action will successfully hide your caller ID for that specific call. Remember, this procedure must be repeated each time you want to hide your ID, as it is only effective for a single call.

There are 3 major ways to hide numbers on MTN; using phone settings, the USSD code *31#, and adding #31# to the dialed phone number.

The MTN hide number service with the USSD code *31# is that which lets your number appear as unknown or private to anyone you’re calling. There are different ways to activate this service and while one offers for just your number to be hidden at a particular time of call, the other gives a wider option to fix the number in private to all the contacts you call.

Since MTN has wide coverage in about 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East, the communication network makes available different codes to use in different countries. Rather than focusing on all the codes that are used in different countries, here are codes to use in Nigeria (*31#) and Ghana (*1333#).

Code to Hide Number on MTN (Nigeria)

The USSD code to use to hide a number on MTN is *31#. Here are the steps

  • Step 1: Dail *31#
  • Step 2: You will instantly receive a message “Outgoing Caller ID Service was enabled”
  • Step 3: When you make a call, it will automatically appear as a private number (number hidden)


  • Dial #31# the number to call
    • Example: #31#08031234567
  • Your number will automatically be hidden from the particular number you insert

How to Hide Caller ID on MTN (Ghana)

The code to hide MTN number in Ghana is *1333# or *67 (phone number#)

Follow these steps to hide your caller ID on MTN Ghana

  • Step 1: Dial *1333#
  • Step 2: Select the register option (Option 1)
  • Step 3: Enter a suitable PIN that you will easily remember
  • Step 4: Re-enter the PIN to confirm to subscribe to the service that allows you to hide your number

Upon following the steps, you will receive a message from MTN Ghana about the success of your subscription to the service that allows for your number to be hidden from the people you intend to call.

Following the success, you will need to follow these steps to hide a number before placing a call.

  • Step 1: Dial *67 phone number #
    • Example: *67024123456# and dial

This step will hide your number only to a particular number.

How To Hide MTN Number Through Phone Settings

Hide Number on MTN
Hide Number on MTN using phone settings

There are phones that give opportunities to hide MTN numbers or any other network using call settings. It is however worthy of note that not all phones have access to this method of hiding numbers.

Follow the steps below to hide numbers

  • Step 1: Open your phone’s settings
  • Step 2: Go to call settings
  • Step 3: Go to additional settings
  • Step 4: Select caller ID
  • Step 5: Click on hide number

Unlike the MTN hide code that gives you the opportunity to hide only a selected number when you dial the #31#phone number, this method automatically hides your number from all your callers.

For android phones that do not support hiding a number using this method, you can go to your call log and follow these processes:

  • Step 1: Search for settings
  • Step 2: Go to calling accounts
  • Step 3: Click on MTN
  • Step 4: Go to additional settings
  • Step 5: Go to caller ID
  • Step 6: Select Hide Number
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Despite the above, there are android mobile devices that give different options. Therefore, if the method above does not allow you to hide your number, check your phone and follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Visit the call log on your phone
  • Step 2: Check the right-hand side of the box to search for a name or number and click on the 3 dots that appear there
  • Step 3: The dots will show you options that include settings
  • Step 4: Click on the settings
  • Step 5: Go to supplementary services or call settings (depending on the option your device offers)
  • Step 6: Click on show caller ID
  • Step 7: Go to the hide number option

How to Hide Number on MTN Using IOS Settings

  • Step 1: Open settings on an IOS device
  • Step 2: Go to the phone
  • Step 3: Click on show my Caller ID
  • Step 4: Switch on the show my caller ID button

Use an App to Make Your MTN Number Appear Private

The burner app is one that has gotten several positive reviews in terms of hiding a number. However, the app works with the internet and makes provision for an alternate number to use to provide security on your MTN number or any other number you have.

Other apps that hide a number include Hushed, CoverMe Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting, and Cloud Sim.

How to Deactivate or Cancel Hide Number on MTN

How to Hide Number on MTN

For Nigerian MTN users, dial #31# to unblock your number after using the *31# method.

On the other hand, if you use a code to subscribe to the MTN hide number services in Ghana, you can send  STOP to 1333 as an SMS to stop the service.

How to Deactivate Hide Number on MTN Using Phone Settings (Android)

  • Step 1: Visit the call log space of your phone and click on setting
  • Step 2: Go to supplementary services or call settings (depending on which option your phone offers)
  • Step 3: Go to show caller ID
  • Step 4: Select the show number to deactivate the service

Some phones give a different option and entail the below process to be followed:

  • Step 1: Go to call log and click on the dots that appear on the top right-hand side beside the search box
  • Step 2: Click on setting
  • Step 3: Click on calling accounts
  • Step 3: Select MTN
  • Step 4: Go to additional settings
  • Step 5: Click on the show number to cancel the hide number option

How to Hide MTN Number When Texting

The code used to hide a number in terms of calling cannot be used when sending a text message on MTN. Although there are publications suggesting different ways to hide a number while sending text messages, reviews claim they do not work.

Regardless, there are apps and websites that offer to send text anonymously. While others are free, others are paid through the use of Master Cards and PayPal accounts to mention a few. Also, other sites that offer anonymous text messages remove airtime from the recipient of the text message while others are free.

In any case, some of these anonymous text message services do not text to the recipient early. Some of the most highly reviewed are the Cover Me app and the website.

The services allow you to hide your MTN number while giving an option for an international number to be seen by the recipient. For instance, Cover Me gives private numbers from Belgium, Canada, the United States, and England.


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