How to Check and Redeem MTN Pulse Point

To check your MTN pulse point, dial *406*7*4#, to redeem your pulse point, dial *406*7*1#. This is available for customers in MTN pulse tariff plan. Therefore, to migrate to MTN pulse tariff plan, dial *123*2*2# to migrate to MTN pulse.

The MTN pulse point is a marketing tool used by MTN to promote and encourage customer migration to the MTN pulse tariff plan. This strategy has had a positive impact as MTN Pulse now has the highest customer usage when compared with other tariff plans. The pulse point package was designed to meet the major needs of customers. Every customer is after a tariff plan with a low call rate and good data options, and MTN pulse came to fit the need with their pulse point.

What is MTN Pulse Point?

MTN Pulse point is a reward given to customers for airtime recharge or data subscription. There are several applications for MTN Pulse Point, and the quantity of pulse points deducted varies depending on the application. To begin with, you must be an MTN Pulse customer.

You can earn Pulse Points by purchasing and sharing data bundles (the larger the data bundle, the more points), recharging, subscribing to MTN Music Time, and using the myMTN app.

How Can I Earn MTN Pulse Point?

You can earn these points when you migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan for the first time or log in to the MyMTN app. Pulse points can be earned from airtime recharge and data subscriptions.

Pulse points can also be earned when one makes an accumulated call of more than 5 minutes. To earn these points on MTN, you must be on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. Once you leave the MTN pulse tariff plan, you lose all your accumulated pulse points.

How to Check MTN Pulse Points

One can easily check the pulse point by going through either of these two methods:

1. MTN Short Code

First, you can use the MTN pulse shortcode by dialing *406*7*4#. This is the fastest way of ascertaining your pulse point balance.

2. USSD Code Prompt

This is the second procedure for ascertaining your pulse point balance. It involves three quick steps after you dial *406# on your phone. Below are the required steps:

  • Dial *406#
  • Press 7 from the provided options to select a pulse point
  • Press 4 on the next option with a pulse point balance
  • At this point, your pulse balance will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device.

How to Use MTN Pulse Point

The pulse point can be used to purchase a data plan. Most of the time, as a customer, you may be in need of data and don’t have enough airtime to subscribe to a data plan, your pulse point can help you get a data subscription. Before requesting data using your pulse point, check your pulse balance with the code provided above. The following are the steps one can make use of to buy data with a pulse point:

  • Dial *406*7#
  • Press 1 for the ‘Data Bundle’ selection
  • From the provided options, Select the data bundle you know your available pulse point can cover
  • Choose deduction from pulse point

This will successfully grant you the requested data plan using your pulse point.

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Another way of doing this is by using *131#. This is the general USSD code to access MTN services. To use the pulse point and subscribe for data through *131#, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *131# using your MTN pulse tariff plan number
  • Press 1 to select a data plan.
  • Go through the list of data plans on the next page
  • After selecting your preferred data plan
  • Choose between the options of auto-renewal or one-time use
  • Select payment using pulse point as the payment type.

Can I Use My Pulse Point to Buy Data When the Airtime I Have is Insufficient?

Yes, it is very much possible to use part of your airtime and part of your pulse point to buy data. This is another reason why MTN Pulse is preferred by most MTN customers. For instance, you want to buy a data plan of 1 GB, which will cost N500. But you have N350 airtime balance and 150 pulse point balance. You can comfortably buy the data of N500 by using the two balances.


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