FRSC Plate Number Verification: How to Check and Verify Number Plate

The importance of FRSC plate number verification cannot be overemphasized, especially if you are a vehicle owner in Nigeria. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is responsible for designing and producing car number plates, after which they hand the numbers over to the States through the States Boards of Internal Revenue (SBIRs), and the SBIRs now sell to the public.

For the records, driving on Nigerian roads without a plate number is a legal offense. However, the fact remains that many car owners in Nigeria have fake plate numbers even without knowing it. Every day, FRSC discovers many fake number plates and faulty registrations. Hence, we bring you all the details you should know on how to proceed with your plate number verification.

Step by Step Procedure on How to Check and Verify Plate Number Owner in Nigeria

Knowing how important it is for you to verify your plate number, let us look at the steps to achieve that. Meanwhile, if the proper steps for registration are not followed, there are possibilities that a vehicle owner may fall victim to quack registration vendors.

The FRSC won’t take it lightly with you when caught on the road. So, in order not to fall a victim, check out the different methods through which you can check and verify your plate number to make sure they are valid

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How To Verify FRSC Plate Number Online

This is one of the easiest ways to carry out the FRSC plate number verification. All you have to do is visit the agency’s official portal, which is dedicated to the National Vehicle Identification system and follow the instructions.

  • Start by clicking the link and the web page will be displayed for you.
  • When the page finishes loading, click on the option “verify number plate,” and it will take you to a new page where you would be required to type in your number plate.
  • Enter the plate number you want to verify and click “submit.”
  • If the plate number has been properly registered with the FRSC, information about your vehicle will be displayed for you. But, if it is fake and the vehicle was not properly registered, the feedback that will be displayed for you is “null.”

How To Verify FRSC Plate Number Via SMS

SMS is another easy way to check or verify your FRSC plate number. However, this method is designed for those who cannot access the internet or cannot afford to go through the rigorous processes of navigating the FRSC portal. You can achieve this with any phone by just using the SMS service.

  • Open your phone messaging app and create a new message
  • Type “VerifyPlateNo” followed by the plate number you want to verify. For example, if your plate number is LAG634J2, type “VerifyPlateNo LAG634J2.” Ensure to type the numbers correctly; else, the process will not be successful
  • After typing, send it to the number 33324 via SMS
  • Within a few seconds after the SMS is successfully delivered, you will receive a message stating whether or not the plate number is authentic and properly registered.
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How To Verify FRSC Plate Number Via The Agency App

The FRSC has also designed an app that helps car owners register their plate numbers without stress. All you need is to have the app on your phone to help you carry out the verification.

  • First, install the FRSC app on your smartphone. For Android users, you can download it by visiting the Google PlayStore, while iPhone users can get it from the App Store.
  • After you have successfully downloaded and installed it, open the app and enter your plate number in a space made available for “Enter Plate No.”
  • Click on “Verify,” and then you will receive a prompt message that shows if your plate number is valid or not.

Does the FRSC Portal Verify Plate Number in Lagos?

Lagos State has created a website for plate number verification for its resident car owners. In conjunction with the Smart City initiative of the present administration, the Lagos State government announced the creation of a plate number verification website through the State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA).

The General Manager of MVAA, Lagos, Mr. Lateef Lawal, stated that the creation of the portal became highly essential to put an end to the unnecessary harassment of licenses by the Nigerian Police officials, FRSC, and other security agencies.

He expressed how the situation became embarrassing and worrisome to the State government as unending reports grew rampant that cars registered with Lagos State plate numbers were being held in custody by FRSC; hence, the creation of the site.

Therefore, Lagosian car owners are urged to always visit the site to confirm the authenticity of their plate numbers. The website is straightforward to navigate. Once you log in, type in the number plate you want to verify and wait for the confirmation details of the vehicle.

Other Reasons Why You Must Verify Your Plate Number

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Besides making sure your plate number is valid and not fake, there are also a couple of other reasons why you must verify your plate number.

  • In the case of armed robbery, if the robber’s plate number is sighted, people can immediately report it to the police for it to be traced.
  • Then in the case of theft, the owner of the stolen vehicle must submit the plate number for verification before the police can carry on with the investigation and tracing of the car. Without a valid plate number, it is impossible to do that.

Most significant to note, driving without a plate number or with a fake one attracts a fine outlined in the FRSC offense sheet under section 10(4), 28(2) of the establishment act 2007, and regulation 220 of NRTR, 2012

In conclusion, we have seen that one of the first and most important things to do immediately after you buy a car is to get a registered plate number. Also, note that there is no fixed duration of time it takes for you to get your plate number after registration. But, it usually takes between one and two weeks to get everything done.


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