Beverly Osu Biography: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About This Actress and Model

Beverly Osu (born September 27, 1992, Age: 31 years old) is a Nigerian actress, video vixen, and model best known for appearing in the 8th season of Big Brother Africa and also for her roles in several films. Beverly won Model of the Year at the 2011 Dynamix All Youth Awards.

Beverly Adam Osu is among the famous fashion models in Nigeria. She has featured on many runways in the region working with top clothing lines. The model was born and raised in the city of Lagos on September 27th, 1992. She hails from Delta State. Besides the above information, the following are some interesting information you may not know about Beverly Osu:

Lesser Known Facts about Beverly Osu

 1. Beverly Osu is a Mass Communication Graduate

Ms Beverly Osu is well-known for being among the top models from the region. However, she did not actually study to become a model. She is a graduate of Babcock University where she studied Mass Communication.

Beverly Osu Films

Acting for Beverly began not long after she left the Big Brother show. She took her first film role in 2016 when she featured alongside Nollywood actor Ken Erics and Ebele Okaro-Onyiuke in the 2016 horror movie Curse Of The Seven. Beverly has since then been favourably receiving acting roles, sharing the screen with top actors in the industry like Omoni Oboli, Segun Arinze, and Sharon Ooja. Below is a list of Beverly Osu’s films

Beverly Osu Films Year
Course of the Seven 2016
Pepper Soup 2016
Chief Daddy 2018
4. Zena 2018
5. Black Men Rock  2018
6. Òlòtūré 2019
7 The Family 2019
8. Your Excellency 2019
9. A Soldier Story: Return From The Dead 2020
10. Nneka The Pretty Serpent 2020
11. Who’s the Boss? 2020
12. Come Alive 2021
13. Creepy Lives Here 2021
14, Progressive Tailors Club 2021
15. Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke 2022
16. Palava 2022
17. Weather For Two 2022
18. To Freedom 2023

 2. Modeling Came Much Later

As a child, Beverly Osu did not think much about modelling. She, just like many other Nigerians dreamt of other professions. Nonetheless, this changed much later in her life. Through the influence that came with spending time with her cousin, she developed an interest in modeling. She eventually decided to pursue the profession which ultimately made her quite famous in a short time span.

 3. She is Famous Video Vixen

Even before her Big Brother Africa (BBA) debut, Beverly was already a household name, especially among young people. Besides modeling for leading modeling agencies, she features in local artists’ music videos. Some of the artists who have featured her in their productions include Djinee in “Overkilling”, Timi and Black1 in “Yansh police”, Terry Rapman’s “Boys are not smiling”, “Oleku” by Ice Prince, Praiz’s ”A Woman’s needs” among many others.

 4. Beverly Became More Famous After BBA

Although the Nigeria top model was already in the spotlight, her popularity shot up during and after her Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ appearance, where she pulled off quite a contentious show, enough to leave viewers speechless. In fact, she was the only contestant who was never nominated for eviction until the final day where she, unfortunately, did not win the competition.

 5. She is Astute and Sharp

Despite her bad girl character and the love for mischief, those who know her better attest to the fact that she is a very smart and intelligent person. This is in contrast to what many people perceive especially from what is told or seen of her. Beverly Osu’s go-getter attitude has seen her feature in many top-notch events in the land.

 6. Beverly Osu is a Well known Socialite

Ms Osu is not only a prominent model and video vixen but also a popular socialite. She commands a large number of followers on social media platforms that she often features among the most followed personalities. Of course, the climax was during and immediately after her Big Brother Africa, The Chase appearance.

 7. Bad Girl Character

This 21-year-old beautiful model is an achiever. However, many people deem her a bad girl. This is fuelled by her outspoken nature hence she rarely holds back on any contentious issue. She frequently lets out information that makes her look bad in the public eye. For instance, recently she is said to have commented on having done an abortion.

 8. Controversial Lifestyle

One aspect that is certain is that controversy seems to follow Beverly Osu wherever she goes. This includes her being battered by an ex-boyfriend who is a famous Nigerian rapper, her intimate relationship with Angelo, South African’s BBA, The Chase representative, dating the “bad boys”, her abortion among many other stories.

Beverly Osu 4


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 9. Questionable Dressing

As a top model in the region, many people expect her to be rated as one of the best-dressed figures. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, many times surveys, people’s opinions, and reviews have classified her sense of style to be wanting. Such information has also been influenced by the pictures she posts online.

 10. Not There Yet

Despite her popularity and fame, Beverly Osu is yet to make her big break whether in modelling, mass communication, or in the music scene. This is true irrespective of the fact that she has worked for leading firms such as Clarion Chukwura, Concept Studios as well as Francis Moss.

From the above information, one can clearly tell that the gorgeous model is quite a popular figure in Nigeria. Additionally, she has also been gaining fame outside the country after her jaw-dropping activities in the recently concluded Big Brother Africa, The Chase reality TV Show held in South Africa. Although seeming very controversial, she is an outstanding model and the young diva is sure aiming to attain greater heights in showbiz.


Beverly Osu’s Endorsements Year / Description
Prestige Cosmetics Nigeria 2013
Ivie Hair 2014
Bare2beauty Cosmetics Brand Ambassador
Durex Nigeria Paid Partnership
Miss Tourism Nigeria Judge, 2019
Keexs Tribe Brand Ambassador


Awards and Nominations

Nigerian top Video Vixen

Model of the Year at the Dynamix Award – 2011.


 Who is Beverly Osu?

Beverly Osu is a Nigerian video vixen, model and actress. She is best known for her participation in the 8th season of Big Brother Africa and for winning the Model of the Year at the 2011 Dynamix All Youth Awards.

What state is Beverly Osu from?

Beverly Osu is from Delta State which is in South-South Nigeria, but she was born in Lagos State, in southwestern Nigeria.

How Old Is Beverly Osu?

Beverly Osu is 31 years old in 2024. She was born on September 27, 1992, in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Which University Did Beverly Osu Attend?

Beverly Osu attended  Babcock University to study Mass Communication. However, she transferred to the National Open University of Nigeria and earned a degree in Mass Communication.

Is Beverly Osu Married?

Beverly Osu is not yet married and she doesn’t reveal any information about her boyfriend

What is Beverly Osu’s Net Worth?

Beverly Osu’s net worth is estimated at $500,000 in 2024.


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