Who Is Charles Okocha? – 10 Things to Know About the Actor and Comedian

Charles Okocha (born 5th July 1976), is a Nigerian actor, comedian, singer, and rapper from Delta state. Popularly known as ‘Igwe 2pac’, he is famous for his roles in many Nollywood movies such as Wasted Years and Women & Lies among others.

The Nigerian movie industry has trained and produced some great men and women who are not just talented at what they do but also outstanding. One such personality is Charles Okocha. To many people, he is controversial, while he is comical, albeit in an unusual way, to others. Get to know him with these 10 facts below.

Biography and Profile Summary of Charles Okocha

  • Name: Charles Okocha
  • Date of birth: 5th July 1976
  • Age: 48 years
  • Country: Nigeria
  • State of origin: Delta State
  • Career: Actor, rapper, songwriter
  • Spouse: Unknown
  • Number of children: Two
  • Net worth: $800,000

Ten Things to Know About Charles Okocha

1. Charles Okocha Hails From Ughelli, Delta State

Charles Okocha was born in Ughelli, Delta State. However, some online sources say he is from Anambra State. He grew up in Lagos State, where he completed his primary and secondary education. The name of the schools he finished from is not public knowledge. Also, nothing is known about his higher institution. This is probably because he leads a private life. Some other sources have it that the movie star proceeded to the USA to continue his education after he rounded up his secondary education. No concrete information noted the name of the school and the certificate he obtained from alleged study abroad.

2. He is a Single Father of Two

The actor happens to be one of those in the industry who keep a low profile on their family, perhaps to keep prying eyes away from them. Nevertheless, he has two cute-looking children; a girl and a boy. The girl, who is the older one, is a teenager. Sources have it that she is 13 years of age. However, her pictorial representation places her between 15 and 16 years of age. She is her father’s carbon copy. On the other hand, his son appears to be either pre-teen or early teens.

Sources also have it that they are from different mothers. Even with that little hitch, their rapport is superb. More so, as for the issue of the actor being married, some sources claim that he is married. The actor hasn’t confirmed that or even made a social media post of any woman confirming her as the wife or ex-wife.

3. Charles Okocha Began Acting in 2001

Charles Okocha is one of Nollywood’s most successful, influential, and popular actors. He began his acting career in 2001 when he met the award-winning producer and director Teco Benson. He made his first appearance on the screen in a movie titled Wasted Years produced by Teco Benson. The movie made Charles Okocha a familiar face nationwide. He didn’t stop there.

After the movie, he went ahead to feature in some other prominent movies. Some of these movies were also directed by Teco Benson. From there, he grew from grace to grace non-stop. His most common role in movies when he began was the role of a criminal. However, the gaze tends to have shifted to comic relief, and he began to take and successfully execute comedy roles. He had appeared in over 200 movies. Also, his talent in acting had earned a list of awards and endorsements.

4. He Opines His Comedy Skits Heals People

Asides from the life of a Nollywood actor and a rapper, which makes him a familiar face on the screen, Charles Okocha is also talented as a comedian. He does his comedy with his Yankee accent. He has been in the comedy industry for more than five years. The movie star referred to his comedy as the type that brings healing to some people. He usually posts his comedy videos on his Instagram page and other social media platforms like YouTube.

The actor revealed the healing part of his comedy in an interview he had with Buzz Nigeria. He also added a list of the healing testimonies from his fans who had received healing through his comedy. He has done some comedy skits with the popular Broda Shaggi, which went viral, adding more to his level of fame.

5. Charles Okocha Released His First Song in 2016

The actor is not only talented in acting; he is also a talented musician. Charles is a songwriter, a rapper, and a recording artist. As his name goes, he is a Tupac in his way as most of his songs are rap music. His first song, Amo Shine, was released in 2016. That was followed by others like Shove it up to your ass, Police brutality, etc. He has also done the video coverage of the aforelisted songs.

Charles Okocha mainly his Instagram page to market his music. These songs can be classified as successful as they have many downloads and reactions, especially on social media. His YouTube space also speaks of large subscribers and viewers who visit his page to listen and download his songs.

6. How He Came About the Name Igwe Tupac

The famous actor is fondly referred to by his fans and colleagues as Igwe Tupac because he dresses and speaks like the late American rapper Tupac. Also, he has a Yankee accent like the famous rapper. Charles Okocha has landed some roles as an American returnee, where his Tupac accent played a major role in the movie industry.

7. The Actor was Shot at with 6 Bullets, and He Survived It

The Nigerian Tupac narrated how he got shot with six bullets, and he survived it. According to him, he had gone for an occasion at Asaba, Delta State, in December 2015 when the unfortunate incident took place. A police officer, who he assumed was a fan, had joined him and some of his fans at the point of discussion when, out of excitement due to being drunk, the officer began to release bullets in the air. The actor confirmed that he sustained 5 shots to his abdomen and one on the leg. However, he thanks God for saving him and keeping him alive. According to him, the unfortunate incident made him cautious and sometimes hostile around police officers with guns.

8. He has a Net Worth of $800,000

From the numerous endeavors he has carved out careers in, the actor has amassed a net worth of about $800,000 and counting. Though acting is his claim to fame, he has obviously grown beyond acting and can now be addressed as an all-around entertainer. Thus, his $800,000 net worth didn’t come entirely from acting but his comedy career and other business endeavors.

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9. CEO of Nunu Clothing Line

The rapper and actor is the CEO of Nunu Clothing Lines. This gives him off as not just talent-filled but also business-oriented. He never fails to advertise his wares on social media. He is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

10. He Received a Birthday Gift of N10 million

The Nigerian actor cum rapper confirmed this story in a recent interview. He noted that his fan transferred the aforementioned money to his account while he was at the club celebrating his birth. According to him, the fan, whose name he kept anonymous, has been generous in the past. He mentioned that he is a Nigerian with businesses abroad who have seen him and liked his works.


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