Where Is Victor Osimhen From In Nigeria and What Is His Tribe?

Victor Osimhen is from the Esan tribe (precisely South) in Edo State, Nigeria. He was born on December 29th 1998 and he is currently 25 years old.

The professional football player is one of Europe’s fiercest strikers and has made a name for himself in the history of football, becoming the first African to win the Ligue 1 Top Scorer award. In this article, we go through Osimhen’s life story in detail, including his family background and impressive career.

 Victor Osimhen’s State of Origin

Victor Osimhen hails from Esan South Local Government Area of Edo State. The Esan people are believed to be descendants of Bini migrants who fled the famous Bini Empire at the height of internal disorder between the 12th and 14th century A.D.

Edo state is a state located in the South–South geopolitical zone in the federal republic of Nigeria. The state, according to history, was formed in 1991 from the northern portion of Bendel State. The capital of Edo state is Benin and the state is well recognized for its proficiency in culture, sports, and athletics. Meanwhile, there are diverse ethnic groups in Edo state and they include Esans, Owans, Afemais, Edos and Akoko Edos.

Other top Nigerian celebrities who also hail from the Esan tribe include Dj Sose, Nancy Isime, Adesua Etomi, and, of course, the Nigerian professional football forward Odion Ighalo.

Although he hails from the South-southern part of Nigeria, Osimhen spends much of his time in the southwestern region. He visits his home state occasionally, but much of his investments, and career vacations are with his family who are based in Lagos state.  

Sometime in June 2023, the football striker visited his primary school in the Oregun area of Ikeja, where he bonded with his old teachers and entered his classroom. During most of his short holidays, the 54-year-old striker takes time to meet with his old schoolmates in Lagos. He even joins them to play friendly matches.

What Tribe is Victor Osimhen From?

Osimhen belongs to the Esan tribe and like the rest of the tribe, he speaks the Esan language which is a minor dialectical difference from the pure Bini language. Although his level of fluency in the language cannot be ascertained, considering his upbringing, there is no doubt that he communicates well with his Esan folks.

Aside from his dialect, Osimhen also speaks the Yoruba language. This is because of his long years of living in Lagos state where Yoruba language is predominant. There are also no doubt that during the course of his football career, the young athlete has learnt various other languages, including German and Italian languages.

Where Was Victor Osimhen Born?

Victor Osimhen was born in Lagos state to Patrick Osimhen and his late wife on December 29th, 1998 in Nigeria. There is no information on his parent’s occupation as the footballer has not been generous with information about his family background.

In terms of his childhood, Victor was groomed by his parents in Olusosun, a small neighbourhood near Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. He was born into a large family of six and had a tough childhood, as he and his siblings had to struggle to survive to feed every day. They had to hawk sachet water on the streets of Lagos just as their mother did. Things were so rough for his family that his elder brother dropped out of school. 

Speaking on his education, Victor attended Olusosun Primary School, and students and neighbourhood kids typically gather on the school field every evening. The school where he had his secondary education is not known and it is also not known if he acquired a university education considering his family background.


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