Uche Jombo Biography and Age Accomplishments

Uche Jombo is a famous Nigerian actress, producer, and screenwriter with a lot of achievements. The 44-year-old actress is the founder of Uche Jombo Studios, a movie production and distribution company. Since her debut in Nollywood, she is still active and very much involved in the movie industry.

Among the few Nigerian Actresses in Nollywood who have done tremendously well in terms of their artistic strength and passion is the actress, writer, and producer Uche Jombo, the industry’s A-list personality. Her commitment to acting over the years has naturally thrown her into the limelight, putting her on the list of prominent TV personalities of our time.

Profile Summary of Uche Jombo

  • Full Name: Uche Jombo Rodriguez
  • Date of Birth: December 28, 1979
  • Age: 44 years old
  • State of Origin: Abia State
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Education: The University of Calabar, Federal University of Technology, Minna
  • Occupation: Actress, Producer, and Scriptwriter
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 1

Uche Jombo Hails From Abiriba in Abia State, Nigeria

The Nigerian actress is from South-Eastern Nigeria, precisely, Abiriba in Abia State, Nigeria. She spent part of her life there and had her primary and secondary school education there. Life while growing up was a tough one for actress Jombo. She was raised by her mother, who enrolled her in their church drama group at a very young age.

Even while in her secondary school days, she always received the best drama student award. Her mother’s church had to fund her education during her secondary school days. Funny enough, she was consistently behaving like a boy, playing football with boys or climbing trees with her male peers.

The 44-year-old Actress is The Eldest of Three Siblings

The Nigerian superstar is currently 44 years old. She was born to Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Ngozi Jombo on December 28, 1979, in her hometown, Abiriba, Abia State. However, she is not the only child of her parents. The actress has two younger siblings, namely Nelson Jombo and Josephine Jombo.

Nelson Jombo is the younger brother of actress Uche Jumbo and the only son in their family. He is popular for being a writer, movie producer, and businessman. Nelson has a handful of successful movie projects under his belt, some of which he wrote and directed. Like his older sister, Nelson owns a movie production and distribution company called Nelson Jombo Productions. Some of his notable works include Good Home (2016), Caged Heart (2017), Hidden Truth (2017), and Heaven on My Mind (2018).

Nothing much is known about Uche’s younger sister, Josphine Jombo. According to the actress, she worked hard to make sure he saw her siblings through school. However, the details about the schools Josephine attended, what she does for a living, and what she is currently up to are unknown to the media.

Uche Jombo is a Graduate with Double Degrees

Uche Jombo attended her primary and secondary school education in her hometown. Further, she acquired two degrees from two different universities in Nigeria. She got her first degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Calabar. When she graduated from UNICAL, she went in for her second degree in Computer Programming at the Federal University of Technology, Minna. The star took her education seriously while she nursed the passion for becoming an actress.

Although Jombo did not study theater or performing arts in the university, the level of education she attained helped her in her career and earned her a respected position in the Nigerian movie industry. She also started producing and directing movies early due to her experience and exposure in the industry. Her career as a computer programmer helped her in movies production and her production company.

Her Acting Career Kicked off When She Was 20 Years Old

Uche Jombo made her debut as an actress in Nigerian movies in 1999 with the movie Visa to Hell. Over the years, the beautiful and talented actress has successfully evolved from an upcoming actress to a leading actress, a screenwriter, and a movie producer. As an actress, Uche Jombo has featured in over 200 movies. She starred in such hit movies as Games Men Play (also a co-scriptwriter), Girls in the Hood, A Time to Love, The Celebrity, etc.

Uche Jombo usually starred in some of her self-produced movies. Such Movies as Nollywood Hustlers, Damage, Holding Hope, Lies Men Tell, Keep my Will, Kiss and Tell, Darkest Night. In 2012, the versatile actress featured in Ebony Life TV reality show Screen Divas alongside other A-list actresses – Rita Dominic, Funke Akindele, and Kate Henshaw. Together the four ladies starred in a short movie, New Horizon. The movie, directed by Tope Oshin Ogun, was a piece that addressed women’s abuse and domestic violence.

List of Uche Jumbo’s Notable Movies

  • Thorns and Roses – 2021
  • Special Jollof – 2020
  • Black Bra – 2006
  • Prince of Fame – 2006
  • Girls Hostel – 2000
  • Fire Love – 2002
  • Darkest Night – 2005
  • Scout – 2004
  • Rush Hour – 2007
  • Greatest Harvest – 2007
  • Home in Exile – 2010
  • Entanglement – 2009
  • Kiss and Tell – 2011
  • Mrs. Somebody – 2012
  • Wives on Strike – 2016
  • After the Proposal – 2013
  • Banana Island Ghost – 2017
  • How I Saved my Marriage – 2018

A Look At Uche Jumbo’s Achievements So Far

Uche is one Nigerian actress who worked her way to the top. She has made commendable achievements as a Nollywood personality. Unlike some actors and actresses who are comfortable with acting alone, she ensured that even if she stopped working, she would still be practicing her career. Let’s take a look at some of her accomplishments at 44.

Uche Jombo Founded Her Production Company at the Age of 29

The actress who had a dream of remaining relevant in the movie industry, not only as an actress but a producer and director, started her own production company in 2008. The company came into existence in 2008, but it was not until 2011 that it produced its first movie. It was registered in 2013 with its office at Eti-Osalga, Lagos State. The company’s first movie production was Damage, which was produced in 2011. With this, other movies were produced by the studio.

Her production company, Uche Jombo Studios, has successfully seen the production of over 30 movies. As a scriptwriter, she has written and co-written over 30 screenplays. Uche Jumbo, who has a good eye for business judging from her production company’s successes, is believed to be among the richest Nollywood actresses in Nigeria. She says that the essence of producing these movies with domestic and human-relations themes is to drive social change in society.

As such, movies like Damage handled the ills of domestic violence. Although her movies contain political themes, the Nollywood star doesn’t interest in going into politics. Through her movie production company, she has created employment for talented art-inclined, skilled, and talented people.

List of Notable Movies Produced by Uche Jombo Studios

  • Heaven on My Mind – 2018
  • Damage – 2011
  • Nollywood Hustlers

The Actress Received Her First Award At 29

For her efforts and contributions to the Nigerian movie industry, she has received several nominations and awards. Uche received her first award as an actress in 2008, the same year she founded her production company. She also received several awards from international bodies, not just in Nigeria.

Awards won by Uche Jombo

Below is a list of the awards she has won so far.

  • Best Actress in the 2008 AfroHollywood Awards -UK
  • Best Supporting Actress in 2010 Best of Nollywood Awards
  • Nollywood Personality of the Year award in the 2010 Life Changers Award -UK
  • Merit Award for Charity Support in the 2010 5 Continents Awards -New York
  • Honor Award in the 2010 Abia State Awards Best Actress Leading Role in the 2011 ELOY awards
  • Best Actress Leading Role in the 2012 NAFCA awards
  • The 2013 Africa International Film Festival as Best Actress Leading Role
  • Female Viewers Choice of the year in the 2015 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards

She Has Also Had Several Award Nominations

Added to these awards are several nominations the actress has had since the inception of her career. Some of these nominations are;

  • Best Supporting Actress in the 2008 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards
  • Best Actress Leading Role, Best Screenplay, and Best Kiss in Damage, in 2011 Best of Nollywood Awards
  • Female Viewer’s Choice Awards in the 2012 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards
  • Best Actress Leading Role in 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards
  • Best Movie – Comedy in the 2014 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards

Uche Jombo Has Singed a Few Endorsement Deals

In addition to awards, the actress has signed a few endorsement deals with notable companies in Nigeria. Some of these deals are;

  • She became an ambassador of the New Nation project at the Dukwe headquarters in Port Harcourt in 2014.
  • She also signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with the telecom giant GLO in 2013.

Also, she runs an NGO, Uche Jombo & You. The organization is aimed at helping and nurturing Nigerian youths who are skilled and talented enough to become actors and writers. With that, she gives back to society. She also has other ways through which she helps the less privileged.

Beyond Her Career, Uche Jombo is Happily Married 

Uche Jombo
Uche Jombo and her husband (image source)

Celebrities’ lives and relationships are always the talk of the town. Uche Jombo has been in several relationships before finally getting married. One of those relationships was with Ikechukwu Uche. Clearing the air on her past romance with estranged boyfriend, Ikechukwu Uche, the actress who called it quit years ago had this to say:

“I have been working since I was 14 years old. I saw myself through school, not just me, even my younger ones. So, I have always been my person, I have never needed a man to define me and I have always known that whoever I ended up with is the lucky one.”

On May 16, 2012, the down-to-earth actress got married to her Puerto Rican spouse, Kenny Rodriguez, at a private beach wedding on the Island of Puerto Rico. She said that she had her dream wedding. However, she was criticized for not making her marriage with her newfound love public. In reply, she simply said it was an agreement she had with her husband to “savor the moment.” Together the couple has a son they named Matthew Chinedu Rodriguez.


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