10 Reasons Tiwa Savage May be the Best Female Nigerian Musician


Over the years, Nigeria has produced world-class musicians who have not only taken Nigeria by storm, but also the world in general.” Sade” is one of the well-known musicians to have achieved this feat. In the current music scene, one name stands out as one of the best in Nigeria. The musician we are talking about is Tiwatope Savage Balogun popularly known as Tiwa Savage. Among the 10 reasons Tiwa Savage may be the best female Nigerian musician; the following clearly tops the list:

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1. Cultural Diversity

Tiwa Savage can be said to be a child of many cultures. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 5th February 1980. On reaching the age of 11, the family relocated to city of London in the United Kingdom. Later on, she proceeded to the United States. This gave her a lot of cultural exposure allowing her to sharpen her singing skills.

2. All-Rounded Artist

One thing that makes a great musician is having diverse skills in the art. This is what can be said of Tiwa savage. She is an eloquent vocalist, lively performer, bright songwriter, brilliant recording artist, as well as a smart entrepreneur. All these aspects plus her flexibility in using Yoruba as well as English makes her a top Nigerian musician.

Tiwa Savage3

3. Early Exposure to Music

Tiwa savage started singing at quite an early stage. This played a crucial role in making her a prolific musician. While still in high school, she was playing a trombone. Later on at age 16, she became a backup singer for George Michael who is one of the acclaimed musicians in the world.

4. Proper Schooling

Other than having a passion and talent for music, the Nigerian songstress is well-trained in music. She attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music, which is revered for teaching top-notch musicians. Notable names include Keith Harris who is the drummer for “Black Eyed Peas, Radar Ellis, Scott Coleman” just to name a few.

 5. Signed With a Top Record Label

Tiwa Savage is signed with Sony ATV as a songwriter. She has worked alongside Chuck Harmony who does production for Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, as well as Warren Felder who is known for working with Jennifer Lopez as well as Chris Brown.