The Lowdown on Stella Damasus’ First Marriage, Current Husband and Children

It seems as though the love for acting and drama tends to follow Nollywood actors into their private life as they tend to make headlines every day. Although this might not be intentional, the lives of most celebrities in the entertainment industry are filled with one drama or another, especially as regards their relationships and marriage. From what we have gathered, Stella Damasus knows this too well, and based on marriage scandals, Stella is one of the actresses that have faced a lot of drama. The talented actress and singer somehow managed to marry three husbands, a not-so-common story in the industry. However, she has broken up with her third husband, so she is currently not married to anyone.

Stella Damasus First Marriage was to Jaiye Aboderin

Stella Damasus started her journey into marriage with Jaiye Adoderin in 1999, at the age of 22. Both of them met at Jazzville in Onike, Yaba, Lagos. Jaiye was 29 years as at the time. He was a singer in a band called Synergy and also owned an equipment leasing company. Despite being a son to the founder of the Punch Newspaper, Chief Olu Aboderin, he gave his best to everything he did and was very happy doing them.

Jaiye was a good husband to Stella, as she revealed after his death. Other relations also testified that he loved her so dearly and that no other person could love her that much. Therefore, Stella Damasus and Jaiye had a happy marriage together, and their union was blessed with two daughters.

Stella Damasus and Jaiye Aboderin
Stella Damasus and Jaiye Aboderin

Jaiye Died of Heart Attack Four Years Into Their Marriage

Sadly, their marriage was short-lived as Jaiye passed away after four years. He slumped and died after one of his basketball games with his friends. He was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, he could not make it. Jaiye died of a heart attack in 2003 at the young age of 33. 

Life after Jaiye’s death was not easy for Stella as she was accused of killing her husband. Some of her husband’s relatives said that she was promiscuous and had an affair at the time. The said affair had given her late husband sleepless nights, which eventually led to a heart attack. 

However, there was no proof about this statement, and Stella had continuously mourned her husband even publicly. She made it a point of duty to mark his death day every year, even until 2021, when she marked it with her daughters, by wearing a commemorative T-shirt with his face and name. She also stated in one of her eulogies on Instagram to him that she can never forget him.

Her Marriage to Emeka Nzeribe Lasted Just 7 Months

Stella Damasus and Emeka Nzeribe
Stella Damasus and Emeka Nzeribe

After three years of mourning and grieving over her late husband, Stella thought it was time to move on with her life, so she married Emeka Nzeribe in 2007. Emeka was allegedly broke and depended on her a lot, to the point where he moved to stay with her in her house in Lekki.

It seems she wasn’t exactly with love this time, as her second marriage ended just seven months after it started. There are different stories as to why their marriage ended. While Emeka accused her of infidelity, Stella said Emeka had verbally abused her throughout their marriage. However, an anonymous source relayed that Stella had not known Emeka well enough before they got married. After their wedding, she realized he wasn’t the person he portrayed himself to be.

Stella Found Love Again with Daniel Ademinokan

Again, in 2014, Stella revealed that she was married to Nollywood director and producer Daniel Ademinokan. The two were said to have met on set and wedded privately in 2011. However, they had kept their relationship a secret because Daniel was still married to Doris Simeon, another Nollywood actress, although their marriage was not in the best state. 

When they finally made their relationship public, many people were disappointed in Stella and called her a husband snatcher. Rather than hiding in shame, Stella defended herself, saying that she was not a husband snatcher because she did not steal Daniel from anybody. She analyzed the word snatch and how it was impossible that she snatched an adult who had chosen to be with her. Besides, his marriage with Doris was already a mess.

Stella Damasus, and Daniel Ademinokan
Stella Damasus, and Daniel Ademinokan

Her Third Marriage Has Also Hit the Rocks

The couple later relocated to the US to avoid further drama, but you do not prevent drama by changing your location. In 2020, rumors started making the rounds that the couple had separated and lived in different cities in the US. Neither of them affirmed or denied the news even after unfollowing each other on Instagram, an act common among celebrity couples as a sign of an ended or troubled relationship.

 The stories continued until Christmas when Stella shared photos of herself and her daughters without Daniel’s son, who typically joined them in such family photos. This further confirmed that all was not well. Some sources reported that Daniel moved from their home in Dallas to Houston, where he lives with his son.

In more recent times, Daniel is said to have allegedly thrown shades at Stella after she made a post about narcissists, saying that they always demand loyalty and respect without giving the same in return. Daniel had posted what came across as a reply to her post, saying that people should take care while listening to motivational speakers as the speakers themselves may need that same motivation.

Although both parties have not affirmed or denied the news about their separation, there are clear indications that the couple is not together anymore. There is speculation that Stella was caught cheating on Daniel, and both decided to part silently. However, there is no confirmation yet. Their separation saga has caused fans to rejoice on behalf of Doris, saying that her God is fighting her battle. However, Stella and Daniel have not publicly declared a divorce.

Stella’s Marriage to Jaiye was Blessed With two Daughters

After the death of her first husband, Stella has not had any other child apart from her two daughters from the first marriage.

Isabel Aboderin is Art Inclined like Her Mum

  • Full name: Isabel Aboderin
  • Date of birth: 20th August 1999
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Occupation: Photographer and musician

Her first child Isabel Aboderin was born on 20th August 1999; she will turn 24 by August this year. Isabel is a photographer and vocalist. She obviously inherited her musical prowess from both parents. Currently, she lives with her mum in the US.

Angelica Aboderin Graduated from High School a Valedictorian

  • Full name: Angelica Aboderin
  • Date of birth: 13th October 2002
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Occupation: Student

Angelica has a striking resemblance to her mum. Born on 13th October 2002, the young lady has proven herself to be an epitome of “beauty with brains” after graduating high school as a valedictorian in 2020. She further won a scholarship to study at Columbia University in the United States, where she stays with her mother and older sister.

Stella never hesitates to share photos of her pretty daughters, a sign of a proud mother. However, there is limited information about their personal life, but they both appear to be doing well in their respective career paths.


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