How to Stop Auto Renewal on MTN

To stop the auto-renewal of data on MTN, dial *131# and follow the prompt.

MTN Auto-Renewal is useful for customers who are always using the data service and don’t wish to go offline for reasons like exhausted data or expired data plan. But despite its usefulness to some other customers, it is a thorn in the flesh of others.

This is because most of the time, their data tends to be auto-renewed without them requesting it. To curb this, MTN introduced a process in which customers can choose between auto-renewal and a one-time purchase.

How to Cancel Auto-Renewal on MTN

There are five important ways one can cancel or opt-out of MTN auto-renewal. They include the following processes:

  • USSD code
  • MyMTN app
  • MyMTN webpage
  • SMS
  • Customer Service Unit

How to Cancel Auto-renewal on MTN Via USSD Code

To activate a one-time data purchase in MTN, two different codes can be used. They both make use of prompt procedures since one must follow the instructions given by the customer representative.

Steps to Activate One-time Purchase Using 180

  • Dial 180 using your MTN number to connect to zigi
  • Press 1 to find out your auto-renewal status
  • Press 2 to activate or cancel auto-renewal
  • Press 2 to cancel the auto-renewal

At this point, your data renewal option will be canceled and the one-time purchase option activated.

Steps to Cancel Auto-Renewal Using 131

Auto-renewal cancellation can be achieved using the *131# code when the customer is about to purchase a data plan. This is a simple step that will require a one-time purchase or auto-renewal. Below are the required procedures:

  • Dial *131# with your MTN number
  • Press 1 to select ‘Data Plans’
  • Select from the list of available data plans
  • Press 2 to select ‘One-off’

This will not give approval for your data plan to activate the automatic renewal. To renew the data plan after exhausting it or on its expiry date. You will have to go through the steps above.

How to Activate One-Time Purchase Using MyMTN App

MyMTN app is a mobile app that offers numerous services to MTN customers. Among these services is the auto-renewal of data. Below are the required steps to activating one-time purchase or deactivation of data auto-renewal:

  • Download MyMTN app on your mobile device  and go through the installation process
  • Log in to the MyMTN app
  • Input your mobile phone number
  • Scroll to ‘My Subscription’
  • Click on ‘Toggle off Auto-Renewal’
  • Click on ‘Turn Off’

Once this is done, any data subscription done on the mobile app will not have data auto-renewal.

How to Activate One-Time Purchase Using MyMTN Web

MyMTN web is an online platform that is designed to render MTN services to customers. The web page can also be used to cancel subscription auto-renewals. Here are some of the processes customers can follow to achieve this using the platform:

  • Go to the MyMTN web platform or click here for quick access
  • Input the username and password
  • Enter your phone number
  • Input the OTP numbers that will be sent to your phone number
  • Scroll to my subscription
  • Select data bundle
  • Then toggle off the auto-renewal button

This process will automatically activate a one-off data purchase.

How to Stop Data Auto-Renewal on MTN via SMS

The SMS method of canceling subscription auto-renewal remains the fastest and easiest method. This process is very useful when you have subscribed to a data plan but mistakenly activated the auto-renewal.

To activate the one-off data subscription through SMS, simply send NoCODE to 131.

How to Cancel Auto-renewal on MTN Through Customer Service 

The customer service channels are open for customers who wish to stop their data auto-renewal. The customer representative will demand a few personal details to confirm if you are the owner of the number before going ahead to grant your request.

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Below are the quick steps to speaking with an MTN customer representative:

  • Dial 180 using your mobile phone
  • Wait for about 3 seconds and press 2
  • After about 3 seconds, press 9
  • In the next 3 seconds, press 6
  • Then press 0 to transfer to a customer care agent online

Then you can place your request for subscription auto-renewal cancellation.

How to Stop Daily Auto-Renewal on MTN

MTN daily subscription can be stopped using the steps provided above. For clarity, you can stop your daily auto-renewal by following the steps below:

  • Dial *131# on your MTN number
  • From the provided options, select the subscription you wish to activate
  • If you wish to activate the data plan, press 1
  • Press 8 to select ‘Manage Data’
  • Press 3 from the list of options to select Cancel Auto-Renewal.
  • Click on the daily subscription to cancel the auto-renewal

At this point, you are done with canceling the daily subscription plan auto-renewal.

How to Stop Auto-Renewal on MTN 100MB

Through the same step explained above, one can easily stop auto-renewal on any data plan, including the 100MB data bundle. For clarity, to stop auto-renewal on MTN 100MB, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *131#
  • Press 1 to select ‘Data Plan’
  • Press 8 to choose ‘Manage Data’
  • Press 3 to select ‘Cancel Auto Renewal’
  • Select 100 MB from the available data bundles to opt out of auto-renewal.

How to Stop Auto-Renewal on MTN Pulse Data

MTN Pulse is a tariff plan with lots of data bundles. One can make use of any of the steps shown above to stop auto-renewal on MTN pulse. The most commonly used method is the SMS method, which is very fast. To stop auto-renewal on any data bundle on MTN pulse, simply send NoCODE to 131.

List of MTN Data Plans and the Codes to Cancel Auto-Renewal

We have successfully outlined some of the MTN data plans and the shortcode to cancel auto-renewal through SMS.

  • To cancel auto-renewal on the 25MB daily data plan, send NO114 to 131
  • To cancel auto-renewal on the 75MB daily data plan, send NO114 to 131
  • To cancel auto-renewal on the 1GB daily data plan, send NO155 to 131
  • For 200MB for 2 days, send NO113 to 131
  • For 2GB for 2 days, send NO154 to 131
  • For 350MB for 7 days, send NO103 to 131
  • For 1.5GB for 30 days, send NO106 to 131
  • For 2GB for 30 days, send NO130 to 131
  • For 3GB for 30 days, send NO109 to 131
  • For 3.5GB for 30 days, send NO110 to 131
  • For 6.5GB for 30 days, send NO107 to 131

How to Stop Auto-Renewal on MTN Social Bundle

The problems of unwanted auto-renewals are mostly experienced by customers that subscribe to social bundles. To help you curb this, we have outlined some social media bundles and the codes to stop the auto-renewal. Below are some of these social media bundles and their cancellation codes:

  • For Facebook’s daily data plan, send STOPFBD to 131
  • For WhatsApp’s daily data plan, send STOPWAD to 131
  • For 2GB daily data plan, send STOP2GOD to 131
  • For Instagram’s daily plan, send STOPINSD to 131
  • For Eskimi daily data plan, send STOPESKD to 131
  • For WeChat’s daily data plan, send STOPWCD to 131
  • For Facebook’s monthly data plan, send STOPFBM to 131
  • For WhatsApp’s monthly data plan, send STOPWAM to 131
  • For 2GB monthly data plan, send STOP2GOM to 131
  • For Instagram’s monthly plan, send STOPINSM to 131
  • For Eskimi monthly plan, send STOPESKM to 131
  • For WeChat monthly plan, send STOPWCM to 131


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