How to Link and Unlink NIN Number to Airtel

You can use the USSD code *996# to link NIN to your Airtel number. You can also call customer care, use the Airtel website, or download the NIMC ID App to link NIN to your Airtel number. 

It is compulsory for every Airtel customer to link their numbers to their National Identification Number (NIN) in order to avoid being blocked from making calls. Interestingly, the service provider Airtel makes it possible for customers to link several numbers as well as unlink them at any time. However, to unlink your NIN, you will have to call the service’s customer care using 300 or use NIMC App.

How To Link Your NIN To Your Airtel Number

There are three major ways to link your NIN to your Airtel number. These processes include using the USSD code *996#, calling customer care service to walk you through the process, using Airtel’s official website, and through the NIMC ID App.

Here is a step-by-step guide to follow using all the processes mentioned.

Airtel Code for NIN

The Airtel code for NIN is *996#. It was previously *121# before it was changed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). You can follow the steps below:

  • Dial *996# using any type of mobile device
  • If you have not linked at any point, it will show you to link your Airtel number as an option
  • Otherwise, it will give you options such as Submit Virtual NIN, Get Enterprise  ID, Generate VNIN, View NIN Status, Update SIM Info, and Link corporate Line
  • If you are not certain, select 4 (View NIN Status)
  • Select 1 (Check Your NIN Status)
  • A message “Dear Customer NIN 00000000000 (your NIN) is linked to your number 00000000000 (your phone number); thank you, will appear.
  • You will also immediately receive a text message telling you if your NIN is successfully linked to your Airtel number.

How To Link Your NIN to Your Airtel Number Online

You can link NIN to your number using the Airtel website. This method is only available to those with an internet connection, and the following steps can be followed

  • Using an internet-enabled device, go to
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click Proceed to continue
  • An OTP will be sent to  the number you enter
  • Insert the OTP and proceed with your NIN

Link NIN With The Help of Customer Care Representatives

  • Dial 300 (formerly 111) using your Airtel number
  • Choose language
  • Listen to the voice prompt and choose accordingly to speak to a customer care representative
  • Ask the representative about ways to link your NIN to your number
  • You will need to answer a few personal questions for the representative to ascertain that you own the number

Link your NIN to your Mobile Number Using The NIMC Mobile ID App

You can link your NIN to your Airtel number using the NIMC Mobile app. You can get the app via the Google Play Store or using Apple Store. Follow this guide to download and link your NIN using an app.

  • Download the app on your mobile device
  • Open the app and log in with your security PIN
  • On the bottom right of the page, click My Device
  • Click Add Mobile Number
  • Insert your Airtel phone number
  • You will receive an OTP to the number you just inserted
  • Input the OTP and proceed

How to Link NIN to Airtel After Being Blocked

Your Airtel mobile number can be blocked for failure to link your NIN, incomplete NIN registration, error occurring at the time of linking, and mismatched data, among others. The good news is that you can still link your NIN and get your number unblocked.

Before trying to link your NIN to your blocked line, ensure that you have your NIN and follow these steps.

  • Dial *996# to link your number, or use NIMC App
  • You can also visit any Airtel office to retrieve your NIN and get assistance with linking your blocked line
  • At the office, meet a customer care representative
  • You will be required to undergo fingerprint verification to confirm your identity
  • Your information will be updated, and your NIN will be linked to your number
  • Your line will be reactivated after a short time

How To Register NIN On Airtel

Registration of NIN on Airtel is the same as linking your NIN to your Airtel number. As such, you can follow all the processes earlier mentioned, such as dialing *996#, calling the Airtel customer care line on 300 (previously 111), using the Airtel website, and through the NIMC ID App.

Before you start this process, ensure that you have a National Identity Number readily available. If not, you can get the number following this process

  • Dial *346#
  • Click 1 (NIN retreival)
  • You will be taken to a page where there is information that you will be charged 20 Naira for the service
  • Enter 1 to proceed
  • If you have ever registered your phone number with NIMC, your NIN will automatically pop up

You can also visit the NIMC website to check your NIN by entering your details. However, you have to be verified in order to get your NIN. You can visit to get verified.

How To Unlink NIN Number On Airtel

You can always unlink NIN on your Airtel using the NIMC Mobile ID App or by calling the Airtel customer care representative.

Before getting to the methods to achieve this, you should also be aware that there are reports of numbers that can secretly be added to your NIN. So, whether you want to unlink a NIN due to theft, misplacement of the SIM, or due to unwanted linking, this is the process to follow using the NIMC Mobile ID App.

  • Download the NIMC Mobile ID App or your Play Store or Apple Store
  • Keep tapping the forward arrow until you get to “get started”
  • Enter your NIN
  • Tap next to continue
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • The number you used to register with NIMC will automatically appear on your dashboard
  • Then check other numbers that are linked to the NIN
  • Go back and log in using the number you used to register NIN with
  • Tap I still use this number
  • You will receive an OTP to insert, or if the line is on the phone, the OTP will automatically upload
  • Create a PIN
  • It will restart, and you will reenter your PIN
  • Tap linked numbers
  • The numbers will display
  • Tap the number and select Report a number
  • There are different options to choose from as to why you are reporting a number
  • Submit Report
  • They will be disconnected


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