How to Buy Data on Airtel and the Recharge Code to Use

You can buy data on Airtel by using the code *312#, the uniform network USSD code in Nigeria. You can also buy data through your bank app, bank code, Airtel recharge, data bundle webpage and Airtel App.

Airtel data prices ranges from as low as 25 Naira to thousands of Naira, depending on the plan you want. The plans include prepaid, night plan, social bundles, daily, weekly, monthly, unlimited, and MiFi/Router. Here are all the processes and ways to buy and enjoy Airtel data bundles and the recharge code to use.

How to Buy Data from Airtel

On Airtel, there are several ways to buy data, ranging from the use of USSD or PIN code, through your bank account, as well as My Airtel App. The service provider has implemented methods convenient to serve and meet the needs of all their customers at all times.

Here is the breakdown of how to buy data from Airtel using all the methods available.

PIN Code to Buy Data on Airtel

*312# and *444# are the codes to buy data on Airtel. To get started, follow this process:

  • Dial *312#
  • Select Data Bundles (Option 2)
  • Select your preferred plan (whether daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Choose the bundle and amount
  • You’ll be given an option to choose from on how to browse when the data finishes
  • Select the mode of data payment
  • Immediately, you will receive a message on whether your data purchase was successful or not

To use *444# to buy data on your Airtel line, follow this process:

  • *444#
  • Select 2 (data plans)
  • Select the amount or bundle
  • To see more options, select 2 (data bundle)
  • Select plan
  • Select amount
  • Choose what you want to happen when you exhaust your data
  • Select payment option
  • Your data will be upgraded if you have funds

How to Buy Data on Airtel Online

There are many ways to buy Airtel data online. This means that you can use numerous payment platforms or use the Airtel App to proceed with data purchases.

However, you will have to verify these platforms as it will be required for you to enter your personal card and bank details.

Hence, the safest platform to use is the Airtel website, using its bundle page at Here are the steps to follow once on the page:

  • Once you’re on the page, enter the Airtel phone number (without the first zero (0)) you want to buy data with
  • Immediately, a list of data plans will show on your screen
  • Select either all, daily, monthly, weekly, or others
  • Choosing the “All” option will give you a broad option, including social bundles
  • Choose your payment method (Paystack or Flutterwave)
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Choose the option to pay with, either the use of bank USSD, debit card, transfer, or Visa QR
  • The USSD allows for only GTBank customers
  • Once your payment is made, you will receive a message showing that your transaction is a failure or that it was successful
  • You will receive an SMS through the mobile number you entered
  • You can return to the recharge or buy data bundle page or close the tab

How to Buy Airtel Data Using My Airtel App

My Airtel App is an easy avenue to buy data online on Airtel. To get started, download the My Airtel App on the App Store for iOS/iPad or Google Play Store for Android phones.

Register an active Airtel phone number on the app. Follow this by creating a password and username after inputting the One Time Password (OTP) sent from the network provider.

On successful login, many offers are displayed on the dashboard, one of which is named Buy Bundles.

  • Click on Buy Bundles
  • Input your Airtel phone number
  • Choose your data bundle plan – these data bundle plans vary from daily to weekly and monthly bundles.
  • Click Proceed/ complete transaction after choosing the plan to proceed and receive data on your phone. You will also receive an SMS giving a summary of your data bundle plan balance and expiry date.

How to Buy Airtel Airtime from a Bank Account

Connecting your Airtel phone number to your bank account lets you easily buy Airtel airtime or data straight from your account. Generally, Airtel operates bank account transactions using the USSD code *444#. However, there are individual bank codes to buy airtime and data.

Here is how to buy airtime from your bank account. If you intend to use your bank’s unique USSD code, you may want to check the different codes for banks in Nigeria.

  • To buy Airtel airtime from your bank, dial your personal bank code or Airtel bank short code *444#
  • Select 6 (Buy the airtime from the bank)
  • Enter the amount you want to spend on data
  • Choose your bank name and proceed
  • You will receive a redirection code from Airtel as a text message (your bank’s USSD code)
  • Use the code to get direct access to your bank and buy data

How to Buy Data Directly with Recharge Card on Airtel

Besides recharging airtime or purchasing data through a bank account to an Airtel line, recharge cards are also used for the same purpose. To buy data from a recharge card, note a series of 16-digit PINs on the Airtel card purchased known as a recharge pin.

Open your phone (call) app and type *311*Recharge pin(bold numbers on the recharge card)#. For instance, *126*00000000000000# and call/send. Automatically, a message confirming the transaction’s success will be sent to your phone. To check and confirm the airtime balance on your phone, dial *310#.

With a successful purchase of airtime, you can now buy data from your account balance using the USSD code *312#. The code can be used for multiple transactions like data purchase, data gifting & sharing, and other bundle offers.

How to Buy Data on Airtel with Your Airtime Account Balance

When you recharge your line from your bank account or recharge card, you can proceed to buy data using airtime. To do this, follow the steps below:

Dial *312# and the next pop-up will be;

  • Airtel My Offer: This option offers a free service that offers customers a plan for both call and data at a discounted rate and allows them to purchase at lower rates than normal.
  • Data Bundles
  • Family Plan
  • Everyday On
  • Super Binge
  • Social Bundle
  • Hourly Plan
  • Gifting & Sharing
  • Trybe Data Plan
  • Data Balance

From these options, you can sample a variety of options to choose which best suits your needs.

Can you Buy Data on Airtel Monthly?

Yes, you can buy monthly data using your Airtel line. To achieve this, you can use your USSD codes *312# or *444#, or you can use your bank account.

To use any USSD code:

  • Dial *312#
  • Select 2 (Data bundle)
  • Select 3 (monthly data)
  • Select a bundle and amount
  • Choose an action that will happen when you finish your data
  • Select the mode of payment (whether through your bank account or airtime)
  • Your data will be added if you have airtime or bank funds worth the bundle you applied for

How to Buy Night Plan on Airtel

Before you can buy the Airtel Night plan, you have to be on the Airtel Smart Trybe tariff and use USSD code *312# or My Airtel App to continue with the process.

The night plan allows you to have cheaper data which can be used between 12 A.m. to 5 A.m. The plan also allows customers to make calls at 11k/sec and also get a 30% extra data bundle of 500 and above.

Interestingly, the price of Airtel night plan starts from as low as 25 Naira for 500MB and it goes higher, depending on the plan you intend to buy.

Note that to use the Airtel App to subscribe for a Night plan, you must first download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Then, launch the app to continue. However, you can use a smaller or any type of phone to navigate around the use of *312#.

Also, you stand a chance to enjoy Airtel’s unlimited night offer for as low as 200 Naira for 3 hours or 500 for 6 hours. To enjoy this, dial *481*2# (3 hours unlimited for 200) or *481*1# (6 hours for 500).

To use the general USSD code, *312# to get a night data bundle, see this step-by-step guide:

  • Dial *312#
  • Select * to go to the next menu
  • Select 13 (Trybe data plan)
  • Select 1 (500 for 1 GB) or 2 (Night Borrowing – 25 for 250MB)

How to Buy Data for a Friend on Airtel

To buy data for a friend on Airtel, you will also have to use the new Airtel code for data, *312#. Data sharing on Airtel is called Data Me2U or Data Share. Another form of sharing data with anyone is called Data Gifting.

This means that you can share data from your data account (data sharing) or buy a data bundle using your airtime or any other payment mode (data gifting).

How to Share Data (Data Me2U):

  • Dial *312#
  • Click * (next)
  • Select option 13 (gifting and sharing)
  • Select 2 (Data gifting)
  • Choose a bundle (monthly, weekly, daily, or mega bundle)
  • Choose amount
  • Select 1 to activate
  • Enter the phone number to continue

To use *321# to gift data, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *321#
  • Select 2 (Gift data bundle)
  • 2 (Data gifting)
  • Choose any bundle
  • Select Amount
  • 1 (activate)
  • Enter the phone number
  • Insert PIN
  • If you do not have a data-sharing PIN, go back to the main menu and select Change PIN to continue

How to buy 1 GB for 200 on Airtel

You can buy 1GB for 200 on Airtel by using the data USSD code *312#. This data is valid for 7 days. However, it is not available to everyone on the network.

Follow these steps to get 1 GB for 200 from Airtel.

  • Dial *312#
  • Select 1 (my offer)
  • Select the option for 200 1GB
  • Or choose 3 to show other bundles
  • If 200 is not a part of the displayed options, know that the bundle is not available on your SIM and you have to choose any cheaper bundle there or get a new SIM card to enjoy

How to buy Social Bundle on Airtel

There are different ways to buy social bundles on Airtel, such as the Airtel App, calling customer care for help, or using the USSD code *312#.

  • Dial *312#
  • Choose * (next)
  • Enter 11 (social bundle)
  • Select 1 All Social Bundle
  • Select daily, weekly, or month

Instead of selecting all social to buy social bundles as a whole, you can choose individual social bundles such as WhatsApp, Opera, TikTok, and Instagram.

Here are all the social bundles and how to buy data for each specification.

How to Buy YouTube Data on Airtel

Depending on the type of plan you want to purchase for YouTube, there are different codes to use. Here is a well-compiled list to help you

For YouTube Plus Pack, here are the codes and price

  • YouTube Plus 1.0: Dial *323*31# to enjoy up to 3GB of YouTube data for 1,000. It is valid for 30 days
  • YouTube Plus 2.0: Dial *323*32# for 6GB worth 2,000
  • YouTube Plus 2.5: Dial *323*33#  for 2,5000 for 10GB
  • YouTube Plus 3.5: The code to use is *323*34# to get a YouTube balance worth 10GB at 3,500
  • YouTube Plus 4.0: Use *323*35# to get 10GB for YouTube and it is worth 4,000.

Note that you will also get standard data and YouTube data. For instance, if you use this code, you will not only get 3GB for YouTube but also 1.5GB of standard data to use for other browsing. Also, when you buy 4,000 worth of data, you will get 9GB extra for other internet surfing.

For YouTube Weekly and Monthly Packs, use the following codes:

  • *323*12# for 300MB at 300 to last 7 days
  • *323*11# to buy 600MB for 400 and to last a month

For YouTube Night Packs

  • *323*22# for 300MB at 150 to last 7 days
  • *323*21# for 600MB for 200 and to last 30 days

How to Buy WhatsApp Data on Airtel

  • To buy WhatsApp Data on Airtel, the first step is to dial *312#
  • Enter * (next)
  • Select 11 (social bundle)
  • Choose option 2 (WhatsApp daily bundle)
  • Choose 3 (WhatsApp Plus)
  • Select again whether daily or plus (1 and 2)
  • Enter * (next) to select what happens when you run out of data
  • Choose 1 continue browsing from airtime
  • or 2 to stop my data after the WhatsApp data is finished
  • Select payment option (1 for airtime and 2 for Smartcash)
  • You will need to enter your PIN if you select Smartcash

How to Buy Data on Airtel MiFi

An Airtel MiFi or router allows you to connect wirelessly to your internet-enabled device. You can buy data on the MIFI using the USSD code *370# or through the internet using the Airtel broadband website.

  • Dial *370#
  • Select 2 (Buy router/MiFi plam)
  • Select 1 to activate from your airtime or 2 to activate from your bank account
  • Instert MiFi or Router umver

Note that you have to register your data line before you can gain access to buy data for MiFi. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *370#
  • Select 1 (Register data line)
  • Insert your data number to continue

How to Buy MiFi Data Online

  • Visit
  • Enter an Alternate Mobile Number
  • Enter password and click login to select plan
  • If you are new to the site, click on register
  • Enter the WiFi mobile number
  • Enter your primary number (the phone number you use for calls and other things)
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • You will receive a 6 digit one time password (OTP)
  • Click on register and enjoy buying data for your router or MiFi on the internet


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