How to Activate Union Bank Mobile Transfer and the USSD Code to Use

Banking in Nigeria is one of the busiest sectors in the economy. Banking halls are always filled with customers who are there to pay in or withdraw money while others come to lay some form of complaint or the other. The use of mobile transfers or USSD codes and internet banking have made jobs easier for bankers. Banking halls are not as congested as they used to be. Customers can now conveniently perform transactions in the comfort of their homes. The Union Bank mobile transfer (USSD) code is *826#. With this code, Union Bank customers can perform transactions with just a network charge of N6.98.

The Union Bank Mobile Transfer Code

The Union Bank mobile transfer code is *826#. To make deposits or withdraw from banks these days is very tedious. We are in the internet age and the world is going cashless by the day. Hence the need for a handy and faster way to perform bank transactions. The Union Bank USSD code is used to transfer money from one bank, or account to another. It may be from Union Bank to another Union Bank; or from Union Bank to another bank. The use of codes is more convenient where one does not have access to an internet connection just like in internet banking. The Union bank transfer code can be used on the go and it makes banking easier for customers.

In addition, the Union Bank mobile transfer code is used to perform other transactions than transferring money. It can be used to buy airtime for self and others; it can be used to pay utility bills like electricity bills; it can be used to renew TV subscriptions, and it can be used to generate pay codes and PINs for ATM cardless withdrawals.

Union Bank Mobile Transfer
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Procedure for Activating The Union Bank Transfer Code

The activation of the Union Bank mobile transfer code is free and does not require an internet connection. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to activate the union bank transfer code.

  • Dial *826# on your mobile phone
  • Input your bank account and ATM card details in the appropriate spaces
  • Generate a four-digit secret PIN that will be used for all your mobile transactions
  • Proceed and your activation is completed

How to Get Your PIN After the Activation

Once you have successfully activated your mobile transfer using the code, if you did not create your PIN immediately, then you can get your PIN by dialing *826*5#. The PIN is all you need to carry out transactions on mobile or USSD banking. In case you are careless about this code, it can be used to withdraw all the money in your account. As your private property, your PIN is very crucial and needs to be guarded carefully.

USSD banking has made banking easy. Just as it has numerous advantages, also disadvantages abound. Do not give away your PIN to fraudsters who pretend to be Union Bank mobile transfer representatives. In case you get any call about your account, verify by going straight to any Union Bank of Nigeria branch near you and lay your complaints. Because the use of USSD code is easy, do not expect easy solutions to your banking problems, except the ones the USSD banking can solve for you. Any other banking help should be gotten from the bank, not over a phone call.

Again, for security reasons, do not save your banking details like your account number and transaction PINs on your mobile phones. In case you lose your phone, these can be used to clear your account within seconds. Guard your banking details carefully so that you will not fall prey to these fraudsters.

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List of the Details Needed for the Activation Procedure

For you to successfully activate the mobile transfer code, you have to provide the following items.

  • Mobile Phone Number: This phone number must be the one linked to your bank account number. In case you don’t have access to that phone number anymore, visit the bank to change your mobile number.
  • Union Bank Account Number: Ensure you have the correct account number before you proceed with activating the code.
  • Other banks may ask for your ATM card details, therefore, keep it handy in case you are asked to enter your card number.

How To Transfer Money With The USSD Code

When you want to transfer money from a Union Bank account to another Union Bank account, the following process should be followed. In any of the processes, make sure you input the correct detail and confirm the name before entering your PIN to complete the transaction.

  • Dial *826#
    • Click 1 – transfer to Union Bank
    • Input the amount and account number in the appropriate spaces provided
    • Enter your PIN to complete and validate the transaction.
  • Or dial *826*1*amount*account number#
    • For example *826*1*N5,000*0123456789#
    • Enter your PIN to complete the transaction

More so, for transactions from Union Bank to other banks in Nigeria, the following process should be followed.

  • Dial *826#
    • Click 2– transfer to other banks
    • Select the bank
    • Input the amount and account number in the appropriate spaces provided
    • Enter your PIN to complete and validate the transaction.
  • Or dial *826*2*amount*account number#
    • For example *826*2*N5,000*0123456789#
    • Select the destination bank
    • Enter your PIN to complete the transaction

With the recent policy on N6.98 charge for using USSD code, when you dial *826#, the first thing to do is the accept to pay or reject the charge. If you accept, you then continue with the process as stated above. But if you decline, you will not be able to continue with the transaction. Moreover, the charge will be deducted from your bank account if you accept.

Union Bank Mobile Transfer
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Other Union Bank Mobile Banking Shortcodes

Just like there is a USSD shortcode for Union Bank mobile transfer, there are also other mobile banking shortcodes that make banking easier and swift. Below is a list of other Union Bank mobile banking shortcodes and what they are used for.

  • To check account balance, dial *826*4#.
  • To buy airtime for yourself, dial *826*amount#
  • If you want to buy airtime for others, dial *826*amount*phone number#
  • For payment of bills, dial *826*28*amount*userID#
  • If you want to capture your data after enrollment, dial *826*3*account number#
  • For cardless withdrawal, dial *826*7*amount#
  • To purchase mobile data, dial *826*9*amount#
  • For mCash, dial *826*22*merchant code*amount#
  • For limit increase, dial *826*8#
  • To request a loan, dial *826*41#
  • To request a debit card, and card management (block and unblock card), dial *826*21#
  • If you want to locate a Union Bank branch or a UnionDirect agent, dial *826*19#


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