Foreign School Fees

In the abstract, it is important to note that there is no such thing as easy course in the higher institutions for higher learning, though some seem more challenging than others, you shouldn’t be nerve frazzled about them, because they are also interesting. The ideal thing to do is to be dedicated and hardworking, that is the much it will take to get there.


The fact that it involves human life makes it even more challenging; it takes longer number of years than any other course in Nigeria before they are tagged qualified as it deals with human life, the students are compelled to read heavy-weighted textbooks and they engage in reading almost all the time. Passing MBBS is another ball game and includes courses like Anatomy, Biochemistry, physiology, this poses a lot of worry to medical students; most of them even go for thanksgiving when they eventually pass. Medicine as a course requires a lot of commitment from the student considering the length of the courses and examinations involved.


This may sound easy and more fun when viewed from practical sense but in a more academic sense it involves a lot of math and physics making it more challenging to study. It involves nomenclature, reactions, stoichiometry, molarity and thermochemistry and host of others.



As the name implies involves designing. “Engine students “as they are fondly called take wide range of courses in engineering faculty including petroleum engineering, civil engineering, electric and electronic engineering and host of others before they even get to the point of handling courses specified for their department, and of course there are lots of professional exams to go through before one is qualified as a professional engineer to practice in Nigeria.



This requires a lot of skills and hard work. Law students read a lot of written materials and must comprehend, and accurately recall legal provisions and use the relevant law in new situations. They must be able to take a logical approach and apply knowledge to factual situations. It also involves length of time, courses and examinations while in school and after school before one could practice as a professional.

law school

Mathematics and Statistics:

At first when applying for this course, you could think it will be easier to deal with, it will interest you to know that abstract maths is not that easy, it is not just about being good at calculations; it involves estimations, calculus, geometrics and host of others. It is important that you know that you may deal with calculations all through your stay in the institution.



This is one of the most complex courses in faculty of environmental sciences to study. A lot of time, people look at it as a very easy course involving only the act of drawing, it is important to know that it involves much more than mere drawing and designing. On graduation they are faced with lots of professional exams before they are able to practice as a professional.